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Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Feature

~ Vicki's beautiful hand crafted textile post card...sent through the mail! ~

Vicki, from Field Trips in Fiber, sent me this beautiful hand crafted textile post card. She made these as part of a swap and, kindness itself, sent me one of them. Textile post cards amaze me. I've made a few but, to my eye, they aren't ever as beautiful as the ones I see others make. Notice the edges neatly machine sewn. She used the zig-zag stitch to sew down the yarn but I'm not sure about the edges.

Vicki lives in Richmond and it's been a pleasure getting to know her; hopefully, we'll met in person one day. I travel to Richmond to visit family and friends and am always glad to add another name to the friend list. Vicki, thank you for your delightful gift; it goes in the studio where it can be enjoy full time.

To another topic...if you would allow me to give a bit of advice...if any of you use Picasa as your photo storage, you can also put a "watermark" on your photos. A watermark is what you see on my photos; simply, it says and allows people to know from whence they "lifted" the photo. I know my photos, before watermark, have been "lifted" and put on other people's blogs and other than carping about it, what can really be done? Probably nothing can be done but when I started putting a watermark on each and every photo, I felt a lot better about downloading photos to my blog. There's a hefty fine, $10,000, for stealing photos but who has the money to go after someone? Not me so I do what I can do and that's put my blog name on each one. At one point, I put my name but decided the blog address is better. Another thing I do is keep the resolution very low, around 300 dpi so the quality isn't going to be good if someone takes the photo and increases the size.

~ This would be me ~

~ And, this would be Dave ~

For the first time, Dave and I have vanity license plates. It's silly but also fun and, perhaps more importantly of all, it allows me to remember to play nice. Oh yeah. It's a lot more difficult, and dangerous, to rant and rave at another driver cutting me off when I've got vanity plates. I do not want some geezer showing up in my driveway because I've, temporarily, forgotten my Christianity. I need all the help I can get and vanity plates have proven to be, yet another, source of help.

Who knew?! -smile-

~ Dandy, my "in your pocket" gelding; he loves people second only to his Mother. ~

So much for trying to be clever -smile-. I was trying to get these photos of Dandy Man side by side but it's not working out so you'll have to use your imagination. I took them separately, of course, but when they were downloaded, I was struck by how well they seemed to fit.

Dave and I are running away for the day; enjoy yours and be safe. Until next time,

Blessings ~ Vicki ~ textile post cards ~ Dandy ~ help ~ running away ~ coming home ~


  1. LOL! Love the horse photos! Glad you enjoyed the card.

  2. Dear Sandra,
    Enjoy your blog.
    May you have a blessed week-end!
    God Bless,

  3. I admire the talents of others...your friend has some. Enjoy this last official summer holiday weekend...blessings

  4. Beautiful cards like that cry for a handwritten letter or poem of quality, or framing!

    Thank-you for the advice about water-marking. I will have to figure that out now. I have wondered about how you do that!

    You are running away for the day? Sounds romantic!Are you riding your beautiful Dandy off into the sunset?

  5. That card is wonderful. Hadn't seen one like this before.

    We are popping off a couple days for just sheer leisure & picking up more feedsacks.

    Enjoy you weekend holiday.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. Sandra,
    I'm looking forward to the gift. It would be alright with me if you mailed it and when I get it, I could put a twig in it.
    I'm excited to be the winner!!!
    Will post about this neat hanger when I receive her with information about your blog.
    God Bless and have a sweet week-end,

  7. have had the cahnce to admire your vanity plate personally, i remember that! well, enjoy your time off together! be safe, ms. sandy!

  8. Welcome Vicki - you the post card and look at it every day. It's hanging in my studio -smile-.

    Welcome Deanna - weekend was quiet, just like I like 'em -smile-.

    Welcome Diane - yes, Vicki is extremely talented!

    Welcome Kathy - we ran away to Bristol VA/TN; will have to blog about it as it's one of our towns that's shared w/another state. One side of the street is VA, the other is TN.

    Welcome Blushing Rose - so, tell all about the feed sacks; love those feed sacks!

    Welcome Cherie - that dang vanity plate sure help keeps me honest!


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