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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Good Morning, Tuesday!

~ Sam P. Spade, getting bolder as he wanders amongst the sheep ~

Cooler morning weather has arrived, until Indian Summer that is, and puppies are responding by being more energetic than ever. They play like the world is going to end this afternoon, perhaps we should live our lives the same way, eh? Coming home from exercise classes yesterday, I picked up this intact male by the side of the road. As you can see, he's starved but we've given him three meals, water and some bones so he is now a happy camper. He's part hound and we discussed keeping him but I just can't take on the added responsibility. Larry N., our Animal Control Specialist, is supposed to retrieve him today and, usually, Larry is able to find homes especially in the northeast where, I'm told, it's against the law to have an intact male or un-spayed female unless one has a breeder's license. Hello Big Brother! I don't believe indiscriminate breeding is a good thing but I think government intrusion into our lives is a Very Bad Thing. I tend to be a Libertarian when it comes to government...the less, the better and, almost, none is best. Frankly, I think politicians should, by law, not accept "campaign contributions"...I've heard some call it "bribes" and who is really right or wrong as isn't this a matter of opinion based upon perspective? If politicians can't be moral and legal because they are gentlemen and ladies then it should be forced upon them. Just like they force upon us such stupid laws as "you can't hang an elephant", a law still on the books in Tennessee. Please don't think I'm picking on Tennessee as each state has their own share of stupid laws and ejiits in office.

~ He's a Sweet Ole Hound ~

Did you hear about the Nevada Senator who told a newspaper, "I hope you go out of business!" And why, you may very well ask, did a person elected by the people, supposedly serving the people, say such a thing? Because said newspaper dared to call into question the Senator's politics. Although the Senator is no gentlemen, he is the Senate Majority Leader; God have mercy! Elections are coming up in 2010, perhaps the good people of Nevada will prove to be smarter, Much Smarter, than their elected Senator. Let us hope so. In the meantime, Sherman Frederick has dressed down the Senator, rightfully so, but, like so many in the 'inner circle'...also known here as 'inside the beltway' he appears to believe he's a law unto himself. Sir, I say to you, "it's time to exchange your short breeches for big boy trousers and, if you can't act as a gentleman, then try to act in a manner that reflects well upon the Honorable position of Senate Majority Leader. Please stave off sullying the position. If you want to act like a boor, then please do so in private. Remember the old adage, "it's best to keep one's mouth shut and have people think you're a fool than open it and remove all doubt!"

~ Peaches looks like she's called a meeting -smile-. ~

The horses and sheep live together in peace...most of the time. The only time things get tense is when the horses get on a rampage and race across the pastures and the sheep scatter like raindrops on a windshield. In all our years of having both, I've never had one injure the other; indeed, I've never had a farm animal injure another farm animal, no matter the species. I believe this is due to two things with the first being God's grace and mercy overshadowing Thistle Cove Farm. The second is due to everyone knowing they will be fed and fed well. No one has to worry about ending up on the dinner plate, everyone has a job, no matter folks think it's silly of me to keep sheep until they die of old age. The sheep give beautiful fleeces and I truly believe, "Happy Sheep Make Beautiful Wool"; even unto old age the sheep fleeces are beautiful, strong and healthy.

~ Black face Shetland whethers find shade inside the old water reservoir. ~

Mama Cat moved her kittens which is an Amazing Feat! She had born them at the bottom of a fifty gallon barrel littered with straw. She waited until they were about four weeks old and then, picking each one up by the scruff of the neck, she jumped to the top of said barrel and then carried them to a new location, again on straw. I don't know if she moved the straw or if it was already there...another mystery. I am in awe at God's creation and the abilities He gave them. Mama Cat is a smallish cat and the kittens each weigh about half a pound so to jump that distance, carrying a goodly portion of your own weight in your mouth...defies anything I can do!
~ New kittens, moved out of the barrel and onto floor ~

I'd love to keep all four kittens as barn cats and take all but two of the barn cats I now have to the animal shelter. A year or two ago, a woman moved in down the road, stayed a few weeks and moved out. That wasn't the end of the story however. When she moved in, the story is she brought many, many, Many cats with her as well as dogs and horses. One dog was so wild, his collar was choking him because the dog couldn't be caught so the collar could be adjusted. I think animal control finally was able to pop it with a tranquilizer, adjusted the collar and then put the dog in a kennel until it could be gentled. Anyway, when the woman moved out, she left the cats; some say upwards of fifty but I don't really know. I do know some of those cats ended up in my barn, feral as feral can be, diseased with God alone knows what. I've been trying to gentle them and have two I can actually get my hands on; the rest are whisps of imagination whenever I'm around. As an aside, the Feral Tribune used to be a newspaper in Split, Croatia which is one country I'd love to visit. I'm afraid I'll have to not feed the barn cats for a few days...which I hate to do because that means the just as well as the unjust suffer...but it's, more than likely, the only way I can catch them. I'll wait until colder weather when they are hungrier and need more calories. I'd rather have them put down humanely than starved to death or die of disease. So, full circle here, that's why I picked up the stray dog. If he does die at the shelter, he'll die a much easier death than how he was headed when I found him.

I'm burning daylight, so, until next time ~

Blessings ~ an empty dog kennel ready to be used for strays ~ healthy animals ~ Mama Cat, who takes better care of her kittens than some women do of their babies ~ daylight ~ a kind, ole hound who came along peacefully ~ elections, vote intelligently! ~


  1. Your photograph of Peaches looking like she has called a meeting looks like it could illustrate one of Susan Wittig Alberts' 'Hilltop' books! Beautiful photographs.

    I love kittens, and yours look so sweet. It is a shame about the dog and all the feral cats, but they do seem to have found a nice place, YOURS!

    As to politics, Libertarian is my way of thinking too! I have lots of strong opinions on the way our government is going.....but I intend to enjoy my day today, starting with this morning and I'll spare you. ( ha ha)

  2. Oh, what fun I just had reading your post. Hope someone adopts the dog. How kind of you to offer refuge to so many. What a site you have before you each morning.

  3. What a lovely caring post. I enjoyed your humanitarian heart for the 'little ones'. My heart melts for the animals that are mistreated.

    I agree with Kathy B ... I'll enjoy my day rather than give my strong opinions re the mess our government is creating, without its employers (we the citizens) approval.

    Have a beautiful week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Just stopping in to let you know we're playing a game on my blog next week. You can stop in anytime before then and sign up. Hope to see you there!


  5. Very Happy Tuesday to you.
    You must have a heart of gold when it comes to these sweet animals.
    The kittens are adorable.
    God bless,

  6. As usual great post & photos. I love animals and would take them all in, but I don't have an ark or money *giggle*!
    As for the people in Congress, I always said that "we the people," need to be even more careful who we vote in. They are like there forever, where as the President(s) come and go.
    Just my thoughts...and have a blessed day too!

  7. Anonymous11:59 AM EDT

    Good Morning Sandra,

    I found you through Debbie's Of His Pasture. What a loving heart you have...I adore the little kitties photo, too. Our newest family member is Bella, who just turned 6 mos old.

    I love crocheting with natural fibers~~love the photos of your flock! What beautiful scenery you have before you everyday!

    Have a fabulous Wednesday!

    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  8. Welcome Kathy - I'm still chuckling over your comment about the animals finding a place...MINE! How funny and how true. I'm so glad you like the photo of Peaches and what a nice compliment it could be in one of SAW's books.

    Welcome Midlife Job Hunter - the dog will probably be adopted; most shelters, around here anyway, are no kill.

    Welcome blushing rose - there are too many "unwanted" animals; people too for that matter. So sad.

    Welcome Deborah Ann - I've signed up even though I'm terrible at games.

    Welcome Deanna - I can't seem to pass up someone in need.

    Welcome Diane - yes, and we keep voting in the same ole fools every election! We deserve the ejiits.

    Welcome Lynns Lovelies - thanks for visiting, loved having you here. It is beautiful here, never tired of the views.


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