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Monday, August 31, 2009


While it's true the blog sphere does have pitfalls and nasty stuff, it's also true it serves to bring positives and good into people's lives. It's sure done that to my life and there is much to be thankful for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Some kind folks have given me some delightful awards and they are all greatly appreciated.

A Joyful Chaos
has an award free blog and "your comments are reward enough". I do understand and also love to read your comments, here, on my blog. Some days, your comments lighten my heart and I keep putting one foot in front of the other, so thank you from my heart. A Joyful Chaos says on her blog she's "former Amish" and I enjoy reading her take on life and find we're not that dissimilar. I started reading her blog because I loved the name; I keep reading her blog because it's interesting and full of Life. She passed along the Friendship Award; thank you, Joyful Chaos and, for some reason, I cannot download the award so, please, visit "Chaos" to see.

Woolgatherings' Jen has several nice blogs and the one I like most is Learning the Art of Slow. She has excellent information on all her blogs but, guess why...haha, the Slow blog speaks best to me. She passed along the Kreative Bloggers Award and I'm in excellent company, again! I'm supposed to tell you seven things you may not know about me. Also, if you're a writer, she has a list of some pretty amazing and informational writer's sites you should check out.
*Dave and I met when I bought the house next door to his house in Richmond, VA.
*I used to sell space...container space on ocean going vessels between USA, Europe and Far East.
*I'm the oldest child with two siblings.
*I've known I wanted to be a farmer since I was six years old.
*At Thistle Cove Farm, I tend to more than fifty animals, twice daily.
*I'm a wretched housekeeper, the clutter is absolutely awesome at our clean house.
*I'm an excellent cook and baker. At least, no one has ever complained -grin-.

Other bloggers who deserve this award more than I:


Remember Cherie? She's the beautiful woman I met in Raleigh earlier this month. She's passed along the One Lovely Blog Award. I'm to pass along the One Lovely Blog Award to:*Jen
*Spot On Cedar Pond
*Mid-Life Job Hunter
*I Heart Polaroid

Now, if you're still with me and you're a blogger to whom I've given an award...listen up! Should you choose to NOT accept an award...that's okay. Life is too short to live stressed out. Awards take an enormous amount of time to respond with thanks, to update my blog, to download then upload the buttons, to send to other folks...and, as much as I truly appreciate the kindness given to me in the form of an award, there are times when I simply cannot keep up. With life, much less the i-net! -smile- Then, there's the problem of slow connection, both with the computer and in my brain.

In closing...finally! you're thinking...thank you for reading my blog. THANK YOU for your comments and the gift of your time. This is a hurry up, busy, frantic ole world and any time you choose to spend with me is a gift from your heart...I am grateful.

Until next time,

Blessings ~ bloggers ~ blogland ~ awards ~ YOU ~ gifts of time ~ deep breathing ~ the i-net not dropping my post ~


  1. Sandra, thank-you for the award. I will attempt to put it on my blog and respond. I am afraid I have become forgetful of some things, not deliberately, though I would prefer my forgetfulness to be so.Guess this means my brain is cluttered!

    I will be checking out the blogs you referred to, thanks.

    I was so happy to read your answers because I keep meaning to ask how you and Dave met. Would you elaborate, please? How long were you neighbors before you were not JUST neighbors? Selling space? I want to know more. And your amazing travels, more, more, more!!!

    Thank-you Sandra, and Dave!

  2. ms. sandy, you make my heart sing (grin)! thank you heaps for my award! will be 'harvesting; it soon! huge hugs!!

    my congratulations to the other winners! will visit your blogs SOON!

  3. There are so many wonderful people in the blogging world. I'm so glad to find all these God-connections, it's a real blessing. I just love to come here and look at the beautiful picture of your farm!

  4. Sandra, you're kind words make my face break into a great big grin! Thank you, thank you! I shall post that little award on my blog! Your blog always makes me pause, think deep, and realize there's more to life than all those little things I tend to stress over. It's an honor and a joy to know you :)


  5. Congrats on all of your awards. You have a top notch blog and deserve every single one of them.

    To be honest, I could sit and stare at your header all day long!

  6. Just had to come and see my new follower! What a delightful blog you have. I am so glad to see scripture to encourage us all. I also love the name of your farm.
    I am going to come back and look at our yarn later tonight. It looks beautiful I made these sweet little mittens last year as a decoration representing each grand child and put it into a garland with Christmas lights. It turned out to cute. The yarn was a cream, some of the yard was thin and then it kind got thicker and so on. I just loved it. I want to see if yours is like what I bought. I'll come back
    Blessings, Linda

  7. Sandra, congrats on your well deserved awards and also to those you've passed them on to! And....
    the saints gone on before made their share of boo boo's too! :)

  8. Thank you for visiting me at 100 Elizabeth Lane.
    I do hope I prove to be handy at all this homeowner/restoration stuff. Time will tell -- and so will my blog.
    Like you, I plan to admit my mistakes. :D

  9. Hi Kathy - you're welcome and most deserving! Don't feel obligated as it takes huge amounts of time or, at least it takes me huge amounts of time! -smile-
    Dave and I were neighbors for several years but Before Knowing Each Other. I lived across the street in a huge Victorian house turned into apartments. I bought the little house, next door to Dave, and then met him as I was moving in. We knew each other about a week before we started dating and then neither of us ever dated anyone else after that. That was back in 1989, we dated for six years before buying Thistle Cove Farm in May '95, each selling our homes, moving and them marrying in July '95.
    Space story will be told another time -smile-.

    Welcome Cherie - you well deserve this award!

    Welcome Deborah Ann - yes, I do too love the God-connections; He uses the i-net for good!

    Welcome Jen - Well Gal, Right Back At Ya! We live close enough, sorta, we should meet in the middle one year.

    Welcome Katherine - I sit too many days and stare down the valley; so peaceful and restful! Thank you for your kind words, they are so appreciated.

    Welcome Linda - I did see those cute little mittens; you're SO talented!

    Welcome Carol - thank you for that reminder, I needed it! -smile-

    Welcome Lishka - about mistakes - they are 'out there' for all to see anyway, might as well tell all and laugh about it -smile-. Thanks for visiting and for your advice.


Thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm; may God bless you, yours and the work of your hands and heart. My goal is to respond, here, to your comments although it may take a while.

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