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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

So, this is why it takes me so stinkin' long to do virtually anything at the computer. The Awards post isn't supposed to be up until Monday, tomorrow, but I forgot to do a delayed post option to that effect. Now, I cannot change it without losing all my hard work of the past few hours!

I apologize. I hate using my voice on Sabbath Keeping. Sabbath Keeping is to be the voice of others much wiser; saints gone on before, as it were, but I did want you to know why you're reading the Awards post today, even though it's dated tomorrow.


Blessings ~ being able to laugh at my mistakes...once I finish crying ~


  1. Sandra, sometimes blogger can be a little bit cruel and unexplainable things happen with it! I have sometimes conquered its stubbornness, but not always! Sorry you got so frustrated today!

  2. This just reassures me Blogger quirks are not personal, anyone can be frustrated by them. But as Linda Sue from Buhlaland once said, it's free and she hates to complain. And really, the joy of blogging far outweighs the frustrations! Blogging and Blogger allow me to read your blog.

  3. hahah- take it easy, ms. s!

  4. You may have tried this already -- but if it happens again you can try this:
    Go to edit posts, choose to edit the mistakenly posted post, and then click to "save as draft" -- that should pull it off the blog but doesn't delete it.
    Then you change the publish date, select "publish post" and it should pop up on the scheduled day like normal.

  5. All this computer stuff can be complicated...and frustrating. You're doing fine, though!

  6. No worries, Sandra! Blogger tends to act up every single time I try to post pictures! In fact, I had to stop posting pictures of my trip to India because the blogger gremlin kept eating them!


  7. Welcome Joni - thank you and it will all be better by and by -smile-.

    Welcome Angela - thanks, grinning at self here. Please forgive me for whining.

    Welcome Kathy - good points all! Obviously it didn't bother me to apologies. Your blog is a good read and always enjoyable; Blogger is a Good Thing.

    Welcome Cherie - you're right! I'm taking it easier today.

    Welcome Lishka - you're brilliant! So many thanks for this great advice.

    Welcome Leslie - thank you; you know how far I've come -grin-.

    Welcome Jen - a trip to India?! Please tell all!!!


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