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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Feature

~ The lovely Christmas cactus hangs at the studio, blooming on God's time, not man's time. ~

Ahem...clearing throat. By now it's apparent I am not very good at group blog entries and, for that reason, I'm giving up the Friday Fiber Arts Carnival. I'm the weak link, have been from the start, and every Friday, to do a group blog entry is not something my brain is hard wired to do. Okay, perhaps you're thinking of Sabbath Keeping on Sunday. That's different for two reasons - it's my baby and I've made a deliberate choice in my life to keep the Sabbath. To have a "mini-vacation" at the end, and the beginning, of every week; to keep the Sabbath holy by allowing myself to renew, refresh, restore and focus on God, church, family and, sometimes, friends. That's God's gift to all of us and my gift to myself and my life would crash and burn should I neglect to "Sabbath Keep".

So, on Friday's I'm starting a "Friday Feature" where I say thanks to someone or introduce a blogger friend or talk about fiber folks. Perhaps, some Friday's, I'll include, or combine, all three.

Today, please meet KC Willis of Lipstick Ranch. Maybe you remember KC's name from another post or perhaps you've run across her on the i-net. She's a gifted textile artist who has, recently, discovered how much she loves teaching and has flung herself into teaching with the wild, but controlled, abandon, also evident in her art. KC sold me her first teaching DVD and I've used it extensively as both entertainment and for learning. Like all great teachers, KC is free and easy with her methods and holds nothing back; if I'm not learning, it's because I'm not paying attention.

She also gives stuff away! I missed out on her 53rd birthday package; mainly because I wasn't paying attention...note to self...MAKE NOTES RE. IMPORTANT STUFF!...and let her deadline get away from me. Stupid, stupid, stupid. She's given me, and you, another opportunity to win; this time a $300 shopping spree at her Colorado Lipstick Ranch but hurry, the drawing is September 5th.

BTW, other teachers will be teaching, specifically Joanna Pierotti and Sarah Fishburn, both gifted artists and instructors.

~ Another section of the Cove, where we live. ~

On my way to exercise class, I took the above photo of another section of the Cove. The morning light is beautiful as it pours across the hills and vales.

~ The southeast corner of our alfalfa field. ~

Tuesday, we baled dry hay...Thank You, God!...and I love this photo. The hay wagon is stacked almost as high as possible while the hay rows stretch out before and after. What a blessing, to have so many dry, square bales of excellent quality hay! On top of the 363 bales, we also baled 6 round bales.

~ Abigail, Von Rotten the Terror, ready for her close up ~

~ Maggie Mae curls up next to Sadie, but keeps a watchful eye on Sam. ~

~ Sadie, Maddie Lou, Maggie Mae, Sam, Granma Gracie ~

Most mornings begin with dogs and cats and me, seated on the sofa in the sun room, listening to Alistair Begg and others on XM radio. Usually, it's Abigail, Sadie, Sam and me but, sometimes the kittens want in on the action. Especially if they think the dogs are getting too much attention.

~ Keniba Thistle Cove Sadie and Sam P. Spade, Secret Agent Man, play roundabout chase in the front yard. ~

Being simple folks, Dave and I enjoy sitting on the porch watching the dogs romp and play. With frost just about two weeks hence, there aren't too many more porch sitting days so we enjoy them whilst we can.

~ Abigail and Sam P. Spade, Secret Agent Man, enjoying a "cigar" chewie ~

By choice, our lives are full yet, relatively, peaceful. We spend enormous amounts of time on the farm, in the company of each other and our animals. My time is spent in the studio where I quilt, spin, make mini-quilts, or in the kitchen where I bake and cook. I also tend to all the animals and almost every morning is spent in the sun room, watching the sun awaken the valley while I listen to XM radio preachers. Thursdays nights are my quilting bee nights and, generally, the only day of the week spent in the company of other women. Sundays are church then back home to enjoy peace, quiet and calm. Then, there are times of havoc...such as now, getting the house renovations accomplished before cold weather. We still have a ways to go but are getting it done, one step at a time.

Until next time,

Blessings ~ the Christian i-net family of artisans and crafters ~ morning light ~ preaching on the air waves, what a mystery! ~ a full life ~ God's timing ~ each other ~


  1. OH! Such beauty where you live. Thank you for this lovely post. Our lives are similar but mine is much more on a smaller scale. I would do more or change somethings around here to suit me...but it's my son's/family place so I honor their way of doing things *sigh*. Love you pets...and yes I can just imagine you on your porch. *smiling*
    Have a super Friday & Sunday is a comin'!

  2. Is there another sofa for people or do you have to sit on the floor? I want to come back as one of your pets!

  3. AWE!
    I really enjoyed my visit with you today.
    Lovely pictures of this beautiful place you call home.
    God bless,

  4. Sandra...I LOVE the photos of all your pets! Tonight I had all 4 cats on my bed with me(which is a miracle in itself as they do not all get along...some better than others), and our golden retriever on the floor right next to the bed. They are so entertaining!
    As for Julie and Julia and the politics...I agree. I get hit over the head enough just watching the news. is what it is, and I think it was a big part of their lives. I particularly did not like the McCarthy insinuations. The rest of the movie was awesome tho!

  5. Sandra- I showed J the pics of your beautiful animals on the sofa; and we agreed that it looks just like our home in the morning! Dogs and cats everywhere!
    I love Lipstick ranch. I just purchased a greeting card designed by her at a tiny drugstore here in the mountains :)
    have a wonderful Saturday. I am looking forward to your Sunday post!
    Blessings, Misha

  6. The pictures of your view are causing my heart to yearn for more property on which to gaze....and pasture my flock. However, I am reminded I am abundantly blessed and happy you blog and show me YOUR pastures and hay.

    I have often liked the idea of Sabbath Keeping, and am going to pray about actually making it part of our lives.Because my husband has worked 2 jobs most of our married life, the weekends have been our 'catch-up' and 'get-together and everything else' days. Of course there is always fellowship and worship, but most of our lives we have both been in charge of or responsible for so many of the activities involved in that too. I am yearning for more outward peace in our lives...(inner peace comes from God and even in the midst of chaos)

    Yes, porch sitting weather is almost over here too. We had rain tonight ( yay) and a few nights this week have been down right Autumn , my favorite season, is on the way!

  7. Welcome Diane - it is beautiful here and I love it; God has blessed us with a short time on this farm. I am SO thankful for His Gift and gifts.

    Welcome Vicki - there are 4 chairs in the sun room but the sofa belongs to the dogs and I. As soon as the parlor is liveable, I'll move something out of the sun room and move in a couple more chairs or a couple of rockers...not sure yet. You know, a LOT of people tell me they want to "come back" as one of my animals -grin-!

    Welcome Deanna - so glad you visited and I'm still searching for a box large enough to mail your mini quilted wall hanging. I'm sorry to be so slow!

    Welcome Farmgirl Cyn - love the head picture of your cats on the bed -smile-. Yes, I do know what you mean about movies and politics and thank you for understanding what I meant. I did enjoy the movie, at least I Really enjoyed almost all the part about Julia Child. I thought Julie was such a whiner but then, she's young and will hopefully grow up or out of it. God bless her husband -grin-.

    Welcome Misha - I am so jealous! I didn't know KC's work was sold at stores! Under what label, do you know? Maybe I can't afford her artwork but I can surely afford a card. -smile-

    Welcome Kathy - I do know what you mean about the heart yearning. I've felt that way about being childless these past couple of weeks. Most times I'm good with it but, sometimes, I feel the loss.
    About keeping the Sabbath...I don't know how but God always makes my time come out "just right" when I observe the Sabbath. The work and the time seems to merge seamlessly and I've found when I honor Him, He blesses me most.
    Bless His name forever.

  8. I always love your blog and photos. It feels like home.

    The photo of all the "kids" on the couch is exactly like here. The hound takes up half of it and the cats just curl up on and around him.

    At one point we really did have a seperate small couch that was just for the beasties. The things we do for our furry ones!!!

  9. oh wow, i didn't realize we have the same title for a blog. hope you're having a nice weekend, ms. sandy.

  10. Your farm fields are so Awesome! I would delight with you in your mornings while your have your radio and loved animals surrounding you. I know Emma would love to run and play in those fields too. We just need more room for her to have more dog friendsbut she gets along with the cats very well, still, it doesn;t take the place of dog friends.

    You photos are fabulous, I so appreciate your sharing them. You are pure joy!
    Smiles, Cyndi


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