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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


why am I out of sorts today? You may read all about it here.

Blessings ~ other people's words because mine so often fail ~ all the time I've got coming ~ struggles, they make us stronger if we depend upon Him ~ prayer ~ the work of my hands when my mind fails to render comfort ~ prayer ~


  1. ms. sandy, that IS one thought-provoking, touching, and sad post. i think i'm in that kind of mood these days, too. i need more prayer time myself. i'll join the link after i organize my thoughts better and come up with a nice article. hope you get out of the blues soon!

  2. oh that post is true! the only time i can feel totally at peace is when i am on my knees in prayer!
    hope all is well!

  3. Well written ... TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Most, if not ALL of Ann's posts leave me feeling like this. Her's today was especially thought provoking. I am glad I am not alone.

  5. I needed this...YES GOD works in mysterious ways. THANK YOU for this beautiful post.

  6. Boy oh boy did I need her post, and thank-you !

  7. Hi Cherie, Ann, of A Holy Experience, always makes me think, ponder and, sometimes, weep either tears of joy, sorrow or remorse. She has a way with words that pricks the heart, makes the cloudy way clear and restores joys. Well worth the daily read!

    Hi Life is Good, yep, life is good!

    Hi Marydon, Ann truly has a WAY with words!

    Hi Farmgirl Cyn, no, you're never along when reading Ann's words -smile-. She always provokes thought.

    Hi Diane, so glad it ministered to you; I think, perhaps, it did to us all.

    Hi Kathy, I do think we all needed it -smile-; it was timely!


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