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Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Troubles and Give-Away News

Oh dear. I'm having computer difficulties and the computer has been taken to the computer doctor who says, "a few days...". In the meantime, my posts will be short and sweet but you may look forward to the next post about meeting Cherie in Raleigh this past weekend. What a delightful time we had! I met Cherie, Aris her husband and Matthew and AJ, their sons.

More about that when the computer doc brings back my computer parts.

Right now, the big news is picked number 13 as the winner. That's Becky in North Caroline and I've sent her a note asking for her snail mail information. Indeed, asking if she wants the little quilt hanging as she didn't mention it in her comment. If Becky wants the little quilted wall hanging, I'll mail it this week; if she does not, I'll go back to Not to fret if you didn't win; you're still a winner and I'll make another quilted wall hanging to giveaway. Life is too short not to share, eh?

Take care all, be safe and, hopefully, I'll be back soon in the form of photos and posts.

Blessings ~ computer docs ~ quilted wall hangings ~ Cherie ~ Aris ~ Matthew ~ AJ ~


  1. Oh! a life without a 'puter ... hmmmm! not gonna happen! Hope yours comes back quickly ... TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Nothing like the computer on the fritz to remind us there is life to be enjoyed without it, and also remember how much we enjoy life with it!

  3. Well, I hope Becky comes forth but if not, I AM STILL HERE, LOL!
    I love quilt hangings and your header also is so tranquil feeling! Thanks for the blog comment and I can't wait to hear and see of your Raleigh visit with Cherie. I just know it will be a beautiful memory.

    My down computer time gets me back to the old everyday when I cleaned my house and so on,...

    Smiles, Cyndi

  4. Sorry for the pc issues. When they run they are a glorious thing, when they don't heartache. LOL Look forward to hearing about your friendship hookup.

  5. ms. sandy! just getting to to sit down myself - arrghh! a lot of catching up i have to do and then some! ps. i was really worried about you when we parted because MY BLADDER WAS ABOUT TO BURST from all that coffee! hahaha! okay, interested to kno: how far away does mr. computer doc live from you? i'm giggling no end again! hugs and love!

  6. Hello Marydon - yep, life w/out a 'puter means no photos, just words and I'm not that good a writer -smile-.

    Hello Kathy - so much to do so there's a blessing in being w/out a computer. I've gotten 4 baby quilts sewn together, thus far.

    Hello Angela - isn't that the truth?! And I look forward to telling everyone about Cherie, new i-net friend met.

    Hello Cherie - FUNNY! I did find a bathroom on my way out of the mall so it all turned out all right.
    Computer doc picks up and delivers...God love the young man! And so do I! -smile-

  7. Hello Cyndi - you're still in the running! How long should I give someone to respond? I never considered having a deadline but it's only fair from now on.
    Perhaps 3 days??? What say you?
    I look down that valley...header photo... every single day...several times a day! I never tire of the view.
    W/O having a computer has meant a lot has been done. Yesterday I sewn 4 baby quilts and have more to do today, after lunch. So, life without a computer is Productive! -grin-

  8. Oh dear, an ill computer is never a pleasant thing to deal with. Fingers crossed that it's nothing too serious and that you'll be able to be up and blogging again very soon!

    Thank you sweetly for all of your wonderful comments, my dear. Have a beautiful Thursday!
    ♥ Jessica


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