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Friday, September 25, 2009

Ocean for Mountains and Hand Crank Singer

~ Surfside Beach, SC sand dunes ~

~ Beach at Surfside Beach, SC ~

~ Condo away from home, lower right ~

We've been missing from the farm for a few days; we're in Surfside Beach, SC and having a lovely time. It's been splendid to sleep past the sun's awakening, to wander at will, find shells on the beach, eat delicious seafood, find bargains, and, best of all, visit with friend Sandra. Mom always told me if a person died with a handful of True Friends, they would die the most fortunate of folks. I've got just a bit fewer than a handful and all distant but these women make up for any loss I might think I have. Sandra is one of those friends and sometime later this week I'll blog about her amazing life and artwork.

When Dave and I travel, we usually find accommodations via VRBO or Holiday Lettings. We've found some incredible places to stay and have never, Thank God, been ripped off. We stayed at a 14th century apartment in Tarifa, Spain and never met nor spoke with the owner; every bit of our business was accomplished via i-net and Paypal. Our keys were left under the mat although we did have a "go to gal" in Tarifa should any problems arise. This time, we did speak with the owner as she lives in Ohio but we've never met her. We retrieved our keys from a rental agency so it's been just as pleasant but different. A good thing as the a.c. broke the second day and we had to have an emergency fix.

Sandra and I have a number of interests in common and one of the most exciting is frequenting thrift, consignment and antique stores. We both value old things and love to drag home our latest finds to, lovingly, restore to use and loveliness. Thus far this trip my Find has been this old Singer sewing machine. The box has some sadness but is still in, relatively, good shape considering it was made in either the late 1800's or early 1900's. I'm still not sure because I've done only preliminary research but did find a similar machine, circa early 1900's with rather dear price of $1200. OUCH!

~ Hand crank Singer Sewing Machine ~

~ Side view, showing hand crank and original attachment box ~

~ Original box of attachments including extra bobbins ~

~ Oil can held in slot in box top ~

~ Back view ~

This sewing machine is in excellent condition; the box has a bit of damage, probably due to heat as the wood is veneer and has popped loose a bit. Nothing that can't be fixed with a bit of glue. The gold detailing isn't worn at all and the silver plate on the back is practically pristine. I'm over the moon with my Find especially as it cost $30! The gent at the consignment shop was grateful to be rid of it, tried to sell me a few others as well, including a wonderful little Featherweight and metal table but, for me, this hand crank Singer was the one that needed to go home with me. Thank You, God!

Until next time,

Blessings ~ friends ~ sewing machines ~ vacations ~ ocean ~ sea shells ~ slow living ~ seafood ~


  1. Hey Sandra
    Looks like we are related...we have the same Singer...LOL!
    Great minds think alike! lol!

  2. Fantastic find!
    So glad you were blessed with a sweing machine at a much better price.
    Can't wait to see what you create with this.

  3. The Singer reminds me of my mom. I am glad you had a wonderful trip and yes it is nice to get away.

  4. I just love the Carolinas. We visited the area when my son was in the Marines and was coming back from the first phase of the war in Iraq. I sold a machine like that on ebay but it was damageed and I had no idea how to fix came from my mother-in-law. Have a nice weekend.

  5. WOW! What a find and what fun, it seems, to be on the search with a dear friend! I hope you have a wonderful rest at the beach and go home refreshed!

  6. All I can do is echo the WOW many times! What a fantastic find and to get to share the excitement with your friend who is present and all of us who are drooling on our screens right now..

    Enjoy your well-deserved getaway...

  7. Terrific find! Those old sewing machines are lovely. Glad you're getting the seaside rest!

  8. My mother-in-law, (Alice of Woebegone Cottage's mother )had a sewing machine like that, and her mother and father gave it to me when I was first married. It had all those attachments you showed, with it and I learned to sew on that machine. I also used ALL the attachments. Later on my grandmother gave me her old Kenmore, made the same year I was born and I gave the old Singer to Alice and my husband's youngest sister who lives next door.

    I had a sewing machine repair guy service the machines and he said not to get rid of them because they were made to last, and sewing machines are not made as well any more. I use my old Kenmore all the time. Great find and you are spending your days off as my Hubby and I many as possible at the ocean, only we are on the Pacific Coast. Happy days!

  9. I love the beach pics. Do you stay in other people's houses, and let them stay in yours? Is that what VRBO is? I've heard of that. I'm tempted to do it, but I'm afraid some people may be disappointed with our house. It's nice and all, but after looking at some pictures on one of those sites, I'm blown away by how some people live. No comparison, lol.

    Glad you had a nice vacation!

  10. What a pleasant way to spend time - we don't get away and the idea of wandering without a specific task ON a beach- wow! The sewing machine is a fabulous find - meant to be yours obviously.

  11. Tourism is one of the best sectors of the Romanian economy .

  12. Welcome Katmom, I need to figure out how old the machine is; haven't finished researching. It's a cool machine, glad we're of a like mind. -smile-

    Welcome Deanna, not sure I'll actually make something with it but still nice to have -smile-.

    Welcome Diane, yes, we're enjoying ourselves and our visit w/Sandra; just lovely!

    Welcome Woebegone Cottage, next time you visit the Carolinas, stop by Thistle Cove Farm.

    Welcome Joni, think I'll go home ready to work; this lazing around has been good for the spirit but hard on the rear -smile-.

    Welcome Jules, you made me chuckle! I'm loving this vacation!

    Welcome Leslie, love the sea with the sights, smells and noise.

    Welcome KathyB, my head isn't up to the task right now...are you and Woebegone married to brothers? How nice "your" machine found a new home w/in the family. There's a circularity that's rather pleasing in that.

    Welcome Deborah Ann, this time we're renting a condo but in Spain we rented an apartment. In other places we've rented homes. Just depends on what we've found that we liked. No, we don't rent our home because we don't want to disrupt the dogs and cats lives -smile-.
    VRBO is Vacation Rental By Owner and is where people rent their homes, condos or apartments. Some of them live there full time and others were bought for investments; Holiday Lettings is the same.

    Welcome LindaSue - we get away when Dave says we get away -smile- so it was fun when he said "beach"!

    Welcome Romania - loved visiting your country, would love to return.

  13. Such an amazing sewing machine. One can't help but look at it's time-honoured curves, deep jet hue and gold accenting and not ponder all the garments, household linens and other practical and creative treasures that may have come out of it over the decades.

    Thank you deeply for your lovely comments, my friend, I truly hope your week is off to a wonderful start!
    ♥ Jessica

  14. ohhh how nice to have the singer crank machine ... I too have one of these but with no attachments like yours ... and a featherweight how lucky are you ... I do have plenty of machines so should not be envious really ;)
    thanks for following my blog

  15. Oh it's beautiful! I have my great-grandmothers 1921 White sewing machine. The bill of laden and all the accessories that came with it are intact. Such a gift!
    I know you cannot wait to get home and play with it :)
    Have a wonderful time for the rest of your holiday. Bet you miss the kids!

  16. Welcome Sandy - thanks for visiting and yes I am blessed to have this and other machines. All of a sudden, it seems a lot of sewing machines have come to live wtih me. -smile-

    Welcome Misha - how wonderful to have your Great Grand's sewing machine and all the extras. What a blessing to have this part of your heritage.


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