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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm Sturbed Up! Plenty!

 ~ Sam P. Spade vows to fight Obamacare! ~

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This past Sunday during children service, a little boy declared he was, "sturbed up!" Meaning, he was very disturbed, over what I'm not sure, but he was indeed, "sturbed up!"

I am STURBED UP! Plenty!

It's not enough Congress is finagling a way to cram Obamacare down our throats, they are finagling a way to do it without actually taking a vote! Dave and I have already called our "representative" who, frequently, acts as if he works for Obama and not "we, the people"...come to think of it, if his voting record is any indication, maybe he does work for Obama!...and, if you live in Ms Pelosi or Mr. Reid's district, all I can say is, "God help you."

According to this article in the Washington Post, Ms Pelosi "may use tactic allowing members to vote on measure that presumes bill has already passed."  This "procedural sleight of hand" means "...the House would vote on a more popular package of fixes to the Senate bill; under the House rule for that vote, passage would signify that lawmakers "deem" the health-care bill to be passed".

Dear God. I wonder if her husband thinks she can be trusted any less than I think she can be trusted? Than she's proven she can be trusted is more like it.

Read more of what Rep. David Dreier, California, the ranking Republican on the House Rules Committee, said about being "resigned to letting congressional Democrats make the Senate health-care bill the law of the land without ever holding a vote on it in the House of Representatives by passing a rule governing debate on another bill, the budget reconciliation, that "deems" the health care bill as passed."

I urge you to contact your representative NOW and tell them you're not against health care reform, you're against having it shoved down your throat! Look here to obtain your representatives contact information.

Did you know if this latest 2,000 plus page, up from 1,000 plus pages, version passes there are all sorts of oink, oink added? YO! President Obama: I thought you said you'd have "transparency and open government" and "no bribes, iow, pork" oink, oink.

For example, a person will be forced to keep their child on their health insurance policy until said child is 26 years of age. Don't you think that should be your decision based upon your circumstances? If you own a small business, it's doubtful your small business will survive. Extremely doubtful. As in won't and simply because you won't be able to afford to pay the government mandated health care insurance.

After the government's version of "health care" is passed, if you find yourself needing health care and you don't have insurance, you'll be fined $5,000. Okay, let me see if I understand...I can't afford health care insurance, after you pass the bill, I'll be fined $5,000 because I can't afford health care insurance. Hmmm...and you're thinking $300 a month is a lot for health insurance now?

More oink:

Nearly one-third of doctors could leave medicine...
Street lights, jungle gyms, farmers' markets...
Side walks and bike paths...

While I'm rolling...AARP. It's your parents' organization but no longer seem to represents them nor anyone else. Did you know AARP totally supports Obamacare? Do you know why? It's because AARP is a huge provider of "Medigap" plans and made more than a half-billion dollars in 2008 on their Medigap plan. If obamapelosireidcare passes, more seniors will be forced to buy such supplemental insurance. Hmmm. I wonder who benefits from close association?

The mind reels and the little gray cells are dizzy!

Please understand, I am not against health care reform. I am against the government butting in and fixing the health care problem as well as they have fixed Medicare and Medicaid, both of which are somewhere north of SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS in fraud each and every year! CBS says Medicare and Medicaid are one of the best paying most profitable crimes in the USA each and every year!

If Obamapelosireid, et. al., want to fix health care, why not start with Medicare and Medicaid? HELLLLOOOO!!!

Yep. I'm sturbed up, plenty! I've already called my Congressional rep so all of you...take a deep breath, plug in your zip code, get that telephone number and CALL YOUR REP TODAY...NOW! It probably won't do any good but at least you can hold your head up when the pasture piles hit the fan.

As my friend Sharon says, " the job of government is to protect life. Nothing more...that is all government should do, guide, guard and govern = protect. It's what God told Adam and it is still true."

AMEN, Sharon, AMEN!

Blessings ~  a fighting chance ~ 

Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm - now go make that call!


  1. Anonymous5:48 PM EDT

    oBAMA is an arrogant, small man in a big job. I fear for the Republic.

  2. I feel like I should take my five year old and have her file for bankrupcy right now!!!!

    Future?? What future, it is being sold down the river. I hope everyone is learning Chinese. We will be speaking it soon.

    God help us.

  3. All I know is that they're fiddling on the deck of the Titanic while it sinks....they literally HAVE RUINED our country. The Chinese are most likely rubbing their hands together in glee, unable to believe their dumb luck: the American people put a man hellbent on RUINING us in the WHITE HOUSE! This bill is an impeachable offense: the whole method of it is a HIGH CRIME! I'm 'sturbed up too! In Michigan, we don't have much hope of representation: a democrat bunch to be sure, voted in by the big unions that have been sold down the river by their democrat representatives in DC. Anyone want a clue where you're headed? Look at MI. A vast wasteland of SOCIALISM.
    Off to do more emailing...thanks Sandra, for being brave enough to speak out!

  4. Excellent post!!!
    Thanks for all the links you added in the post.
    I live on the left coast and we've been putting up with liberals running our state for a long time. It's no wonder California is about to go bankrupt! And by the way The Terminator Arnold is just a liberal with a "R" behind his name. I hope voters in our state wake up and kick out a bunch of tax and spend liberals this November!!!

  5. The fact that the Democrats are about to use "deem and Pass" tactic on the healthcare bill is just more evidence of the fact that they’re using every single device that they can to overcome the 60-vote threshold in the Senate!

    I am so very worn out over all this. But, we are still fighting!

    We are also probably the only Republicans in this Dem county!
    This is one of the poorest counties in east Tn. Generations of Welfare dollars.

    J wrote a letter to the editor of our county newspaper a couple of months ago. It was very cut and dry on what citizens needed to understand about the Healthcare Bill.

    The next week the letters to the editor were aimed at J, stating he (J) "didn't care about those in need, and he didn't want want those with "less than him" on Welfare to qualify for any healthcare insurance to be able to better themselves." WHAT???

    Good golly!

    We (like many others) pay out of pocket totally for our health ins. And I most certainley want it stay this way! In the future, should he be employed with a company that offers healthcare as a benefit, so be it. But, for now as a Farmer and a student, we pay.

    I pray that Obama is a one term president. Right up there with Jimmy Carter. But, by the time these four years are over, fixing the country will take decades.

    Thanks for the post, Sandra.


  6. Agree, agree, agree, agree.....with you and all the comments so far. Can we NOT be living in the last days???

  7. Ditto! I was "sturbed up" about this before I read your post. I just watched the news....I simply do not have the words for the arrogance and complete disregard the Democrats have for the American people they proclaim to represent and I am so suspicious of what is really behind this...because the actions of the democrats tell me they truly care NOT for the people, so I ask again, what is truly behind this?

  8. Anonymous8:31 AM EDT

    The Manchurian President.

    I'm not suspicious - I'm convinced.

  9. I echo KathyB's comments and want to add - even more incensed at the so called moderates, independents and Republicans who are refusing to stand firm. The people do NOT want a bad bill - start over - do something else but do NOT burden our country with yet another invasive bureaucrazy.

  10. Sandra,
    I contacted by representatives yesterday, but I emailed them again a personal message this time. I even emailed the White House. This is appaling. And pathetic.

    Thank you for being 'sturbed enough to bring all this to our attention. I had not heard about the doctors proposing to leave the practice if this bill gets passed. Wow! Just wow...


  11. Thank you, Sandra, for this mind-blowing insanity information. I am on my to the phone right now....

  12. . I hope everyone is learning Chinese. We will be speaking it soon.
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