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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Waffle Winner

 ~ Chef's Choice Belgian Waffle Iron ~
My apologies for being a day late; sometimes life gets in the way of living but then, you know how that goes, right?

Dave pulled Pattie's, xmaswoman at hotmail dot com, name out of the hat so as soon as I hear from her, we'll have it confirmed.

BTW, Dave tells me our waffle iron shown here, was purchased in 1970 so that makes it vintage but still working.

Blessings ~ hot waffles ~ new waffle iron ~ folks who entered ~ maple syrup ~ butter ~

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  1. "Life gets in the way of living", ha ha....isn't that true, but you can't say "life gets in the way of death" , fortunately, or unfortunately!

    Congratulations to the winner and may the winner wuv her waffles.

  2. Congratulations to the winner!

    Hope all went well with your visit to the hospital. I love the verse in Isaiah that you posted on Sunday with the picture of the fog over your land. Beautiful. And to think one day we will no longer need the sun to light our way. Beautiful!

  3. Hi Kathy - you know the other saying - Man plans, God laughs!

    Hi Walking on Sunshine - I go back Wednesday; will let you know. It pleases me you enjoyed the photo and won't it be a day when we no longer need the sun because we see the Son!


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