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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oogles of Gifts

 ~ Sam P. Spade says, "want to see what Mom won?" ~
Some years ago, we had a friend, Clyde, who used the word "oogles" when he meant a bunch of something. It's a great word, always loved the way it rolled off the tongue and the visual it brought to mind so let me tell you about the oogles of gifts sent my way since November.
Sew, Mama, Sew! had a Handmade Holiday in November, ending with folks ponying up to give stuff away so other folks could win some stuff. I won Barbara Campbell's beautiful hand crafted wall quilt and it's so perfect for both me and Thistle Cove Farm.
 ~ quilt center ~
 The horses in the quilt center are contained within a star and the quilt measures, roughly, 2.5 x 2.5 feet. Just as soon as I make a tab for the back, it will be hung on the wall behind my computer. 
~ quilt back ~
Barb signed the back and also said why the gift was won - the SMS Giveaway 2009. That's so wonderful and brings home why all quilters, indeed all artists, crafters and those who make gifts of their heart using their hands, need to tag their gifts. Once day, someone will wonder about this little art quilt and due to Barbara's thoughtfulness, part of the story, at least, will be known. Barb, thank you so very much; this quilt will be a treasure always.

Lisa Swifka, A Whimsical Bohemian, sponsors One World One Heart each January February. This blog tour has gone from a few participants to 1,088 this year, representing 40 countries! She now has them listed in alpha order and with country of participant. It's an amazing job and, very likely, keeps her aware more hours than she'd like. Lisa is a artist and her blog is full of wonder and wonderful things.
Angie Hall Haviland, from Texas, made this incredible piece and is quite a prolific artist. That's a nice way of saying she puts herself in her studio and cranks out the art. I should live and learn as I'm way too guilty of saying yes to too many people other than myself. I know full well about JOY - Jesus first, others second, yourself third - but when there's too little of me to give, I tend not to give either at all or very well and neither are good things. As the Bible says, moderation in all things and I take that to mean balance as well.

This piece is incredible! The sparkly tulle skirt, the floral body, the glittery wings, the tiny chain encircling the waist with the flower at side, the fabric "ribbon" touches and the word DREAM holding it all together. If a woman can't get inspired by this piece, then the woman might not have any breath left in her body. DREAM will have a place of honour but first, she'll travel around with me from office to studio to bedroom to sun room and will remind me of the good, and good people, in this frosty ole world as well as remind me to DREAM. Angie, thank you from the bottom of my heart; you'll always be in my thoughts as I carry DREAM from room to room to room.
 ~ listen ~
This beauty was lovingly made by Cindy Ashplant, living in the United Kingdom, and I love the quote. I've always said the sound of silence was the ultimate white noise and I now believe the quote: "The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach. The mermaid, with starfish anchor, reminds me to listen. Cindy calls herself a "craftholic" and has beautiful work on her blog; she also has a lovely giveaway so hurry along now as it ends soon. Cindy, thank you for this beautiful bookmark. I took the liberty of writing your contact information on the back so you'll always be remembered.
~ listen ~
~ magazines from Down Under ~
 Okay...for the life of me I can't remember where I wrote the woman's name who sent these wonderful Australian magazines. I am so sorry. These were won as well and all just too perfect! I get to see a bit of Australian life, gardening, cooking and cool is that?! Thank you so much! Even though my memory has decided to vacation without the rest of me, please know God knows your name and when I remember you to Him, He'll say, "Oh, yes...she's a favorite of mine."

Dear Misha, my next door state of Tennessee neighbor, sent me a box absolutely crammed full of her largess and goodness! The spring colours are grand, seeing as how there aren't too many of them on the farm. At least, not yet. We had snow yesterday followed by ice and I stayed on the farm all day. Dave had to go to the office and he said the roads were a bit treacherous; good thing I didn't find out for myself.
~ boxes and ribbons and mags, OH MY! ~
 As I've written before, I am a creature of delayed gratification; it took me a week to get to the bottom of this wonderful box! I took my own sweet time and thoroughly enjoyed every single moment.
~ new, to me, tea cup and saucer ~
This lovely, vintage tea cup and saucer is Indian Tree Pattern by Johnson Brothers of England. As it happens, Johnson Brothers is one of my favorite makers of china. They have such lovely patterns, so gracious and well made. The cup is the perfect size to enjoy a cup of tea before it's gone cold and the saucer can just hold a cookie or two. Unfortunately, at least I believe so, in 2003, production was ceased in England and moved to China. Johnson Brothers began china production in 1883 with an Earthenware pattern called "White Granite" and brothers Henry, Robert, Alfred and Fred Johnson made china and was at one time, says Pottery and Glass in a 1946 publication, "probably the largest firm of earthenware manufacturers in the world, controlling a number of factories in England and abroad." Alas, no longer.
~ ready for service ~
The acrylic tray was purchased at an after Valentine sale and, perfectly, holds things ready for tea. Of course, the Indian Pattern cup and saucer with spicy Constant Comment tea, the Williams and Sonoma dish holding individually wrapped chocolates from the Greenbrier and all laid on a beautifully hand embroidered tea towel. The little rabbit in back watches over the goods and I'm almost positive he'll step in should one of the monkeys puppies get too close. Ya think?! BTW, Constant Comment makes a mighty fine apple pie should you find yourself with all the pie makings except the spices. That's a nice trick to know.
~ Flea Market Style and ME's Home Companion! ~
I am such a fan of flea markets, thrift stores, consignment shops...virtually anything with a Flea Market Style was made for moi, doncha think? You too, of course and Misha's husband, J, being the Fine Gentleman and Loving Husband, sought out and found Flea Market Style for Misha. I think one thing a lot of "us" don't know when we're younger is, love isn't a noun, it's a verb and it's a verb in action. It's bringing someone a cup of coffee or tea without them asking; it's having the oil changed in the car without being reminded; it's putting clean sheets straight from the sun drenched clothes line on the bed because someone we love isn't feeling their best; it's searching out and buying Flea Market Style because a loved one keeps going on and on about this new magazine. Like I said, love is a verb and a verb in action; if you get my drift. Like the Gift of the Magi, but with better results, Misha and J bought their copies the same day so Misha decided to give one away and my heart is grateful. Many thanks, Misha, and to you also, J, because I get to share, in a tiny way, in your love for each other.

I've been reading, in very small bites, Flea Market Style and am taking it with me today. I've got to continued on my health care journey and am sure to have a lot, too much probably, down time as I wait for this one and that one to fit me into their schedule. FMS will be my constant companion and will divert my attention from worrisome things. I'm sure to see a good lot of my home and farm in FMS as I tend to "decorate"...I'm sure Dave will laugh to see that found objects that are new to me.

Please visit all the folks mentioned above. Consider it my gift to you. I'm giving you permission to sit down for as much time as it takes to restore your soul by visiting Misha, Cindy, Ashley and Flea Market Style. Go on, do it. You'll not only be glad you did, you'll be a better person as well; trust me on this.

Blessings ~ Misha ~ Cindy ~ Ashley ~ God's friend in Australia ~ packages of goodies ~ One World One Heart ~ Sew, Mama, Sew! ~ Flea Market Style ~

Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm,


  1. This was a wonderful entry that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Blessing and prayers to you on your health journey. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Pat.

  2. How very interesting. You are blessed to be surrounded by these people in your life. Prayers to you. "The prayer of faith shall health the sick." I believe it. Have a blessed day!

  3. Such nice gifts...

    ...we say oodles...

  4. What beautiful gifts you got!!! I mean oogles of gifts..:o))

  5. Wow, you sure raked in the blessings! What beautiful treasures. I won several times in OWOH. So cool to get homemade gifts from around the world!

  6. Oh wonderful to receive all these treasures! Things like this just brighten my day :)


  7. What marvelous goodies! I love it when wonders find their way to a home that will love them. You've had a parade of them!

    Thank you so much for the link to the blog meet up! I won't be able to attend, but it's good to know there are things like that close by. This is the first time I've seen one in Georgia! Huzzah!

    Happy Wednesday,

  8. The gifts are all lovely and so thoughtful. Your descriptions were very nice! Have a beautiful day!

  9. Oh Sandra! What lovely things you have received! How much fun to get a package in the mail, eh?

  10. Ahhhh...
    So nice to see all goodies made it in one piece!
    J and I read your post together; so very nice of you to mention us! And, yes, Love is a verb!

    My heart and prayers will be with you on your health journey :)

    Be safe in your travels! misha

  11. Sam P. Spade has a very serious look in his eyes. I've seen that look before when I take my daily walk around our neighborhood and some of our local dogs try to tear down the fence so they can eat up The Old Geezer for lunch! I'll bet he's a good guard dog.

  12. Wow! You sure hit the jackpot, didn't you? Lovely gifts expressing so much creativity Sandra. Kind of inspiring, hey?

  13. Goodness..........the jackpot, the lottery and the door prize as well...did I see Constant Comment Tea? Oh talk about memorie...I remember Mom and her lady friends sipping that when I was a little girl!

    Congrats to you angel!

    Hugs, Nancy and Gussy Dog

  14. Wonderful gifts indeed! And they all seem just right for you and Thistle Cove Farm!

  15. goodness, such treasures!

    what lovely friends you have.

    and i'm sure they are grateful
    for your friendship.

  16. What delightful treasures! I am sure each and every item will be enjoyed to the fullest. Oogles of gifts - indeed! :) Many blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  17. Thanks for the comment Sandra -- your view in your header is absolutely beautiful... I haven't seen the mag Flea Market Style but it is now on my list since it has been recommended twice I can't go wrong! I see I am already a follower and after some housecleaning I'm not sure I have you showing up on my sidebar (Noted -- and I'll fix it) I'd love to visit more! Have a great day!

  18. Holy Tamoly, Sandra ~ You have received such a bounty of beauties to enjoy.

    Have a beautiful Palm Sunday!
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  19. Hi Pat - it pleases me you enjoyed the post; thank you and thank you also for your prayers, they are most welcome in my heart.

    Hi Down on the Farm - thank you for your prayers; God has blessed us greatly.

    Hi affectioknit - we say oodles also; oogles was a new one for me.

    Hi Timi - welcome back, galfriend; you've been missed!

    Hi Deborah Ann - so glad you won as well; OWOH is such FUN!

    Hi LuLu - we need all the day brighteners we can get; it's been rather sunless lately.

    Hi Jen - you're welcome. I know nothing about the gathering, just ran across it on the web. Looked like a bunch of fun though.

    Hi Leslie - thank you, that was so nice of you to say!

    Hi Farmgirl Cyn - aren't our days simple Better when we get something nice in the mail!?

    Hi Misha - of course you and J were mentioned; how could I not?! Health journey still on-going; will know something Wednesday when I return to NC or so they say.

    Hi Ron - Sam is an excellent watch dog but not sure he'd bite unless you had a steak in your pocket.

    Hi KathyB - yeah, I need to get into the studio more often!

    Hi Nancy - Constant Comment makes a wonderful apple pie should you run out of spices.

    Hi Leslie - I'm sure enjoying them!

    Hi myletterstoemily - my life is blessed due to God's provision of friends.

    Hi Tammy - thanks for stopping by and "sharing" in the largess -grin.

    Hi Country Girl - I'm going to fix my sidebar as well...need to do some blog layout work, thanks for reminding me. I so enjoy your blog!

    Hi Marydon - an embarrassment of riches, eh? I am SO blessed!

  20. What a lovely description of the acrylic tray and all of its tea-related items! I can almost smell the Constant Comment wafting out of the cup and saucer! (And using it for apple pie sounds like a fabulous idea!)
    -Deb for Bigelow Tea

  21. Those Australian magazines sound so fun! I was looking at an Australian blog today and marveling at the difference in seasons. It would be so strange to see fall foliage in April...


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