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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Standing in the Gap

 ~ the Happy Family ~
Do you know people who, quietly and routinely, go about their lives simply Doing The Right Thing? Sure you do and, probably, you're one of those people. My friends M. and D. are those people and last year, they adopted his grandchildren and find themselves as parents, now in their fifth decade, to three children, then ages five to eight. Those babies have seen more horror in their short lives than I've seen in a lifetime and being adopted by M. and D. is the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to them.

They invited me to the adoption ceremony and it tickled me beyond delight. The children were Over the Moon at being "wanted" and said with great assurance, "Yes, Mam!" when the judge asked if they understood they were being adopted and would now have a new Mom and Dad. Cheshire cats couldn't have grinned more largely or proudly.

The children now have routines, do homework, eat nutritious meals, drink milk, have regular bedtimes with safe sleeping hours, receive support, go to church and, when needed, gentle correction and will grow to be men and women after God's own heart.

M. and D. are standing in the gap and if that's not walking in the will of God, I'm not sure what is; wouldn't you agree?

"We turn not older with years, but newer every day." ~ Emily Dickinson ~
Until next time,

Blessings ~ folks everywhere who will stand in the gap ~ M., D., D., D., and K. ~ a happy home ~ a wise judge ~ a good lawyer ~
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  1. What A Beautiful Ending !!! and a Beautiful New Beginning !!! May God Bless their endeavors and the goodness of their hearts ..May he bless them with Long and Healthy Years and may he bless them with Much wisdom and Great Love bestow upon 3 Beautiful Gifts !!!!

    blessings ..Sara

  2. Oh my - definitely a perfect example of doing God's work - caring for a child pretty much defines showing the fruits of the Spirit. Those children are receiving a gift so few children have - consistency and love in a stable environment. Thank you for sharing with us -

  3. Sandra ~ I love this write today ... how blessed they all are to have one another.

    Re~ gathering of we blog gals in April ... send me your email to mine,

    When the date is firmed up by Sherry, I'll notify everyone. We'd be tickled pink to have you join us, sweet lady.

    Hugs, Marydon

  4. What a heart-warming story!

  5. That is wonderful! My dd is adopted and nothing was so great as the day her papers were signed and she was officially our's.

  6. This post made my day :) You will be a witness in watching them grow in their lives. How exciting!

    By the way, you WON the giveaway!!

    email me at

    Thanks, misha

  7. Oh how this post filled me with joy! I always feelso refreshed after visiting with you, "in spirit."
    Congratulations to the family for adopting each other!

    Hugs, Nancy & Angus

  8. Hi - Misha sent me this way.... this is a very touching story... I see many sad and troubling stories it is nice to see a happy one! I'll be visiting often.

  9. This brought tears of happiness to my eyes and joy to my heart. For so many years I took for granted most children had the simple things you mentioned, good food, a healthy routine, parents who love them enough to do them good and not evil.What an answer to prayer and blessing beyond measure these children have been given and it seems they know it. I can tell the grandparents feel blessed too.

    Thank-you for posting this, and you have been praying for them for quite awhile, haven't you? Answered prayer!!

  10. what an inspiring story about a selfless and
    loving couple.

    how special for you to be part of this


  11. I've heard one of the most surprising things for children adopted or fostered is the consistency of a meal. Surprised me. My ignorance at something I take for granted.

    My sincere best wishes for this new family.

  12. That's a lovely picture of a happy family. I hope those grandparents live long and healthy lives. They deserve it.
    Blessings, Star

  13. After having both of my grandchildren yesterday ( age 6 months and 19 months) I really have to admire them. I am wore out but then our little fella is very active. That is a big resposibility to take on and they must be very special people. I am sure I would do the same if given those circumstances but I still admire their sacrifice.What a nice time for your to share with them

  14. Hi Sara - yes, M and D are wonderful people and fabulous parents. D's daughter, mother of the grands, lived with her wicked mother and that's why the daughter turned out to be wicked as well. That and her own personal choices as an adult!

    Hi LindaSue - wouldn't it be grand if all children had such love and consistency in their lives?

    Hi Marydon - yes, they are all blessed and are blessings as well.

    Hi Vicki W - it continues to be such a story.

    Hi Angela - you know the joy!

    Hi Misha - a witness and a prayer warrior for the family. WOW! Your giveaway was SO fabulous; I'm excited and thank you SO MUCH! Will send you a PM now.

    Hi Nancy and Angus - you are so kind and your words of encouragement so welcome, thank you!

    Welcome Country Girl - thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm and come back often; I'm headed to your place and will follow you as well...thanks for your kindness.

    Hi Kathy - praying for some time now and prayers were answered in God's perfect time. You know whereof I speak, don't you? May it ever be so with this little family and with yours.

    Hi Lea - the blessing was mine as I've prayed and watched over the years; God is ever so good.

    Hi Midlife - yes, such things we take for granted are, seemingly, unobtainable in some lives. Not because they are unobtainable but because some folks have no idea such wonderful things exist! Food, love, milk, clothing, restful sleep are foreign to some folks; it breaks a bodies heart!

    Hi Star - your words are comforting, God bless you.

    Hi Alice - give your little ones a big hug for me, will ya, please?

  15. What a lovely couple, and lucky children. So wonderful to have a good home for these children. It sounds like the kids were so happy too. Your header picture is so beautiful.

  16. This is so wonderful beyond words. Very refreshing to hear good news and about people doing right especially by children.

  17. Hubby and I had to raise our grandkids for the first 5 years. It's definitely harder the second time around. You're slower, more tired, and running out of patience. But God surely supplies what is needed, and it's a real blessing to love the children who are direly in need of it!


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