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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Vintage Thingies Thursday

~ 100% wool vintage bathrobe ~
It's time for Vintage Thingies Thursday hosted by Colorado Lady and my focus is on the bath. Bathrobes are so plebeian yet so extremely necessary, at least to my way of thinking and here in this cold farmhouse. Doubtless you'll remember the many times I've bored you to tears discussing the extreme cold we've endured this winter and I mean inside the house. The record low, this winter, for our bedroom is 42 degrees F above zero and that was when I went to bed; not during the wee hours. Only God knows what the low was that night, my head was under the covers and I wouldn't peek for fear of frostbite. However, that's not the coldest it's been; it was far colder that first winter of Jan 1996 but we didn't have walls...only R-19 insulation and 6 mm plastic...we didn't have windows...they were taken out so the weights and ropes could be re-hung...we didn't have heat...other than the one wood stove and one coal stove in the three rooms we were then using...we didn't have electricity...other than extension cords and the one bulb hanging lonely from the ceiling. Even with all that it was not the winter of our discontent; we were quite happy and proud of what we'd undertaken to accomplish. When we get the scanner fixed or replaced, I'll show photos and tell tales of fifteen years ago.

Meanwhile, outside the wool covers and heavy comforter, the one thing that keeps me toasty warm is my 100% wool bathrobe. It's a delight, warm but not heavy, just the right length and has two buttons to ensure body heat is kept close. There are no labels so I'm not sure if it began life as a robe for men or for women but it's mine now and I keep it at hand, always.

The rest of the year, my favorite is this little number: 
~ "Property of Republic Pictures" ~
It's 100% cotton, quite heavy and I use this, most of the time to wrap around me in lieu of a bath towel. I've found using a towel to rub dry, tends to dry the skin, but just wrapping cotton around me allows the moisture to be absorbed, leaving the skin less dry and not at all itchy. Sometimes I even forget to use lotion as cotton is simply that good!
 The wooden hanger is vintage as well and from the Ambassador Hotel in Washington, DC. That hotel is long gone, either absorbed by some chain or torn down for something else to be built. Probably not something as beautiful or sturdy either but, then, you'd know I'd feel that way seeing as how I live in a house that was finished in 1902.

I'm a fan of "lotions and potions" as Dave likes to say. Nothing makes me feel dressed like mascara, lipstick and perfume but to get there I like lots of goodies in bath and shower.
~ Bath powders ~
~ Ooooh LaLa! ~
~ Coty metal powder tin ~
The Johnson's and Coty containers are tin while the other two are glass.I don't use the above, except for the little Avon powder floral container on the right, but keep them in the bathroom so I can day dream about previous owners.

My favorite hand scrub is to pour a little olive oil into the palm of one hand, then top off with a couple of tablespoons of sugar. This mixture is used to exfoliate, moisten and rehydrate my hands and, when used, several times a week, keeps my hands from looking like a science experiment. Sometimes the best things are the least expensive!

What about you? What's your favorite bathrobe? Do you use lotions and potions?

Until next time,

Blessings ~ natural fibers! ~ lotions and potions ~ good memories, made and to come ~ a lovely soak in the tube ~ a brisk shower ~ warmth ~

Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm,


  1. What a great post! wow, you have really endured some cold, serious cold. I LOVE lotions and bath stuff...only all natural, the olive oil and sugar is a fantastic idea, my hands so need that, I am going to try that for sure. Thanks so much for sharing, I really enjoyed it! Peace, Stephanie

  2. Hi,
    Your bathrobes look cozy warm and comfy. I enjoyed your story about the cold winter of 1996. Your farm critters are delightful.

  3. Your winter of 1996 sounds much like ours of 1981 or so. Yikes! It was bad. A glass of tea froze on the living room floor... just for example. We did see some 50 degree evenings this winter, as registered on the living room floor. I knew there was a reason my feet were freezin'! :) I really hope we can eventually advance to staying in a more comfortable range year-round. It would be about time.. lol. Love the olive oil/sugar hand scrub. Thanks for reminding me! Nothing works better! Great post! -Tammy

  4. i LOVE that little floral container. so cute!! they sure don't make 'em like they used to!

  5. Brr!! Your story makes me cold just thinking about it. It got so cold here in January that the water in our toilet froze. I had no idea that was even possible!!

  6. I feel cold anytime its below 72°. I like chenille bathrobes best.

  7. The container with the flowers is my very favorite, for some reason it sorta sparks a memory of someone having one like if I could only remember who! Have a great VTT!

  8. You had an interesting variety of vintage things today. I wish I had one of those robes. I have a very cold nature. Very nice VTT post.

  9. I have a Pendleton 100 % wool robe ( for men) I bought at a garage sale for a dollar, I don't think it had ever been used. I wear it around Christmas, the colors are perfect. I also love very think terry cloth robes and since they don't wear out I dye them when they appear shabby. I had one thick robe that became so frayed I gave it to my dogs to sleep on and they loved it!

    I wear my robe as long as possible during the day since it is like wearing a cozy and warm blanket. I gather eggs in my robe pockets and soak up the sun shine and drink a cup of coffee on the porch while wearing my robe. I too have a cool cotton number for hot summer days.

    Good idea , the oil and sugar scrub! Thanks.

  10. I'm not normally a lotion and potions gal but I like the idea of the olive oil and sugar scrub - going to try it when I get home from work today. My hands are always the most abused and driest part of me. Thanks for the recipe!!

  11. ok now I need a robe. I've wanted one, but always forget to look for one. thanks for the motivation :)

    -brightest blessings-

  12. i am with Whimsey Creations on the olive oil and sugar scrub as one of my hometown bloggers say WASTE NOT, love her. Thanks for the scrub recipe, too.

  13. you DO live in a very cold environment!

    we live in colorado part of the year, and the
    extreme dryness does a number on my skin.
    after 5 days, i have little itchy bumps all over
    my legs.

    your olive oil/sugar recipe should do the
    trick for me.

    thank you for all the lovely ideas.


  14. Anonymous5:08 PM EST

    Thank you for stopping by for my give away.

    Love stopping by for a visit at your little farm.

    Karen Eileen

  15. Great post! I love lotions and potions, too. I used to make some but it's been a few years.

  16. Hi Stephanie - hope you enjoy the oil sugar scrub; it's wonderful especially if you heat the olive oil.

    Hi Tammy - warm and cozy is what works in this ole farmhouse.

    Hi Tammy - two words...wool socks!

    Hi Lora - nope, nothing is made like it used to be made, sorrowfully.

    Hi Vintage Whimsy - oh yeah. Every morning I would have to go outside, fire up the gas powered burner heater, push it under the bathroom crawl space and thaw out the toilet. sigh. Can't say I miss those days!

    Hi Postcardy - I sure hope you live in a warmer climate than do I.

    Hi Coloradolady - glad to have brought back a memory.

    Hi LV - many thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm! Come back soon.

    Hi KathyB - Wearing a robe, wandering around the farm is bliss, especially in the warmer months!

    Hi Whimsey Creations - hope you enjoyed the olive oil and sugar scrub; warm up the oil a bit as it pampers the hands beautifully!

    Hi Karina - hope you found a robe you'll enjoy for years.

    Hi Diana - hope you enjoyed the scrub, warm up the oil a tad and really pamper your hands!

    Hi Lea - try one of those net scrubbies and bath wash...most of what sells for soap...isn't. It's detergent and terribly dries the skin.

    Hi Karen Eileen - you're welcome and thank for returning the favor.

    Hi Deborah - thanks and come back soon, you're always welcome here.

  17. Oh no! With the cold you just described I think I'd need a couple dozen of those bathrobes and I'd just walk around looking like a massive snow boulder. But at least it would be breathable cotton, right?


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