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Sunday, April 18, 2010

 ~ Amen! ~
 "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord." ~ Psalms 150:6 ~

"As long as rivers shall run down to the sea, or shadows touch the mountain slopes, or stars graze in the vault of heaven, so long shall your honour, your name, your praises endure." ~ Virgil ~

"Take away, O Lord, the veil of my heart while I read the scriptures. Blessed art thou, O Lord: O teach me thy statures! Give me a word, O Word of the Father: touch my heart: enlighten the understandings of my heart: open my lips and fill them with thy praise." ~ Bishop Lancelot Andrewes ~

"O to continue to drink deep of the streams of the great salvation, until I wholly lose the thirst for the passing things of earth, to live watching for my Lord, to b wide awake when he comes, to open to him quickly and enjoy his likeness to the full." ~ Ann Griffiths ~

"I have loved Thee with two loves-
a selfish love and a love that is worthy of Thee.
As for the love which is selfish,
Therein I occupy myself with Thee, 
to the exclusion of all others.
But in the love which is worthy of Thee,
Thou does raise the veil that I may see Thee.
Yet is the priase not mine in this or that,
But that priase is to Thee in both that and this."
~ Rabi'a ~

"Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord!" ~ Philippians 3:1 ~

 Blessings ~ a beautiful day ~ sunshine ~ quiet ~ solitude ~ companionship ~  church services ~

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  1. Thank you for the encouraging post. I needed that! No matter what, we must praise Him.

  2. i love your sunday quotes, all so precious
    and reflective of sweet devotion.

  3. Hi Sandra

    Let everything that has breath praise the Lord

    I am still able to breathe today and I say, PRAISE THE LORD! And even after I draw my last breath here on earth my next words in heaven will be PRAISE THE LORD!

    God bless you, Ron

  4. Lovely post. And I love that C.S Lewis quote. So very true!


  5. Ready to nod off here ...thankfully, I remembered that I had not taken time for my trip to "Bountiful"

    ....thanking you once again are forever making me dig deeper into my union with God,via the Farm :o)

    Beautiful thoughts & passages onced again!

  6. Welcome Angela, we all need it and that's why I have Sabbath Keeping; I need it a lot -smile-.

    Welcome myletterstoemily, thank you and don't you love Sunday? A mini-vacation each and every week!

    Welcome Ron, praise the Lord indeed and then we get to praise Him in eternity, together, with one happy voice.

    Welcome Lisa, CSLewis was one very wise and learned man.

    Welcome Strawberry, thank you for your kind words and hoping you had a restful, restorative sleep. If the only thing we accomplish in this frosty world is salvation and encouragement, we've lived successful lives and make Our Father happy. Dig deep, plant strong roots and when the winds of life prevail upon you, you'll stand strong because you're rooted in Him and His word.


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