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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Extraordinarily Ordinary

 ~ spring, it's sprung ~
That's me, extraordinarily ordinary. I made peace, a couple a three decades ago, that I'd never be the prettiest, nor the ugliest; the smartest, nor the dumbest; the thinnest, nor the fattest; the wealthiest, nor the poorest; the shortest, nor the tallest; the best, nor the worst. In fact, I'm just somewhere in the middle of billions of people on God's good earth and happy to be here. When I figured out it wasn't my peace for which I was searching nor needed, I became a much happier person. It's God's peace, along with His grace, mercy, love and Christ's salvation, that keeps my feet firmly planted on terra firma with my head stretching toward the clouds in the heavens.

One thing I am is a child of God and that's what gives me peace when Uncle Screwtape is giving his nasty advice to Wormwood and, in turn, Wormwood is knocking at my door. The dual doors, actually, of my heart and mind. BTW, if you've not read The Screwtape Letters, you really should as it gives enormous insight on how, exactly, satan works his ill will in your life and mine. C. S. Lewis dedicated The Screwtape Letters to his good friend and fellow Inkling, J. R. R. Tolkien whom you may know as author of the Lord of the Rings series.

I'm not sure, perxactly, what lead me on that tangent because this is, essentially, a post of information. Oh wait. That's exactly what I've started with...information. Silly me!

Yes, I'm still wandering around the i-universe and finding things of delight, wonder and information with which to amaze and stagger you. Interested yet?

One site I found is from OH State College of Medicine and is a lengthy self-administered test of cognitive neurology to assist in determining dementia and Alzheimer's. It takes about fifteen minutes and is best if you download, find a quiet spot and get cracking. I've not taken the test as I'm waiting on other test results and am finding, today at least, I can focus on only one test at a time. No, you can't sue me or anyone else if you don't like the test results. Just get a grip and try to do better; that's all any of us can do.

There's a Baby Conference in Houston July 8-10 and looks to be Amazing! If you've read my blog any time atall, you know how Pro-Family I am and how much I believe families should strive to strengthen their members, their unit and their impact upon the world. Not by any great shakes either; simply by being a Christian light in a dark and frosty world.

Jim Bob and Michelle Dugger are going to be key note speakers and Michelle is hostessing a ladies tea that is just about sold out. The Dugger's are those folks who have had, and do parent, nineteen children! I dare say they didn't know, all those many years ago, they would find themselves "for such a time as this" being witnesses to the beauty of children and the family. They live, debt free, in Arkansas in a huge house they built and have their own reality television show which I saw once. It was an interesting show but I'm just not that much into television nor reality shows; my life is just about all the reality I can handle! -smile- I do admire them and marvel at their family; I also wish them well and look forward to seeing them beyond the veil.

The Noa's in Washington have a link to Joyfully At Home who has a give-away. She's giving away a DVD collection of her father's What He Must Be conference. I sure wish my Daddy had had these DVD's when I was a much younger woman! If you have a daughter, sister, niece or friend who is to be married, do two things...sign up for this giveaway and buy the DVD collection. Come to think of it, I think anyone, male or female, would benefit from What He Must Be. It used to be, boys learned from their fathers how to be Godly men and girls learned from their mothers how to be Godly women. That's still true but, unfortunately, the "Godly" part has been left out.

Monsanto. Ah yes, Monsanto. I have a love hate relationship with Monsanto. I love to hate them. Not fair, I know but, I'm not going into my anti-Monsanto politics now. What I do want to do is tell you about Monsanto's Farm Mom of the year. No, wait, I'm not telling you; if you want to know, look here. I'm funny about which dogs I lie down with so won't be applying; that and I'm not a Mom.

So, you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican, Independent or something else? Take this Political Quiz and amuse and amaze yourself. I'm all for self-government and feel the less government the better. But then, I'm not a fifth generation welfare check endorser nor do I believe the government knows what's best for me. Heck, most of those happy ejits don't even know what's best for them!

Jesus, the Name above all names.

Manhatten Declaration, support marriage.

Docker's advertisement, wear the pants.

Want to turn your blog into a book? Blog2Print

Slow Cloth - a lot like slow living or slow cooking or slow parenting get the drift. I am amused at folks who have come up with "slow...". I am also grateful to them because there are gazillions of folks who don't do anything, much, slow. I'm not one of 'em. Generally, I'm not in a hurry nor in a rush and enjoy living my life that way. Right now, I've got a pan of shortbread in the oven and when that one comes out, will have another ready to bake. I'm doing a marathon baking so I'll have plenty of shortbread to take to folks who need a bit of encouragement or thanks. We ate pork chops, rice and brussel sprouts last night for supper -not dinner because as any farmer knows, dinner is lunch- and will eat something slow tonight as well. I've talked for years about joy in the journey and Lainie calls it "joy in the process"; same thing, just said differently.

For me, slow anything is exactly like Christianity. We live in the moment, preparing for eternity or, as Alistair Begg says, "we live between the now and the not yet."

"Every day you must do something that frightens you." Eleanor Roosevelt

Blessings ~ encouragement ~ slow ~ dinner and supper ~ marriage and children, in that order ~ the Dugger's ~ The Screwtape Letters ~
Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm,


  1. Oh my goodness! Where to begin? The Screwtape Letters years ago. As applicable now as it was when Lewis write it, eh?
    The only test I should be taking is a hearing test! It is a running joke around here that mom can't hardly hear herself think!
    Love the Duggars...have watched their show a few times....Michelle amazes me! Always slow to speak...
    Monsanto....I also love to hate them. I tell anyone who will listen to watch Food, INC. And, in fact, it is on PBS tomorrow night...for free!
    How cool is that Docker's ad? Love it!
    Politics? Used to say I was a Republican. Now, not so much. I guess I might call myself a Constitutionalist.
    And Jesus? He is my all in all. I thank God for the precious gift of salvation He led me to over 32 years ago.


  2. wow, that was a feast of a piece!

    i adore lewis and tolkien! have read
    the hobbit and the trilogy numerous
    times and held my breath before the
    first movie. it held as close to the
    books as any movie i know.

    we have always been a very strong
    pro-family, pro-life family and i
    love meeting like minded ones.

    blessings on your sweet, sweet

  3. Well you are indeed finding treasure troves of goodies on the world wide internet~

    I have watched the Duggars' show and it is STILL a good show for family to watch. I am amazed though when I talk to "secular folk" at the wrath and ridicule many throw at the Duggars for having so many children. Why is is so wrong to have children I ask? Seems that is considered selfish and inconsiderate in "the world". Hmm, have the Duggars' critics bothered to take a look-see at what consumes their time amd resources? Nuff ranting on that for now. One of our little granddaughters watches their show and is praying daily for baby Josie, along with praying for many others God has placed on her tender little heart....she LOVES the Duggars.

    Slow cloth, I will check that out after I finish warping my loom, now weaving is definitely "slow cloth"!

  4. I like ordinary:) Monsanto..aren't they trying to take over every farm in america? making it hard for the small family farms to survive just so they can have more profit???

  5. Dearest Sandra,
    What a neat post you're sharing.
    Enjoy knowing you through blogging.
    God Bless,

  6. Hi Sandra,
    Thank you for your info blog. I used the Blog2print and ordered our blog by year. I can't wait to see it. Thanks for the info.

  7. Wow - you are far from ordinary - look at the fascinating company you draw to your blog! I am not a mom nor do I play one on tv - I admire families who raise Godly, purposeful children who love the Lord and one another. Mary Ostyn over at Owlhaven is another parent to admire. by the way - trivia - forsythia is one of my favorite heralds of spring.

  8. Anonymous6:55 PM EDT

    I liked the political quiz. 100% libertarian here.

    I enjoy your blog.

  9. Hi Cyndi - I re-read The Screwtape Letters about once a year; probably should read it more often -grin-.

    Hi leterstoemily - you are so kind and your words so gracious; God's blessings upon you and yours...always.

    Hi Kathy - why do folks think tolerance is ONLY when one is agreeing with THEM? Arrogance! Sheer arrogance!

    Hi Woebegone - Monsanto and obama want to rule the world.

    Hi Deanna - thanks for visiting, I'll be over soon.

    Hi Kelly - that's so wonderful, please let me know how your blog into book turns out.

    Hi LindaSue - oh, I am ordinary but I like to think I do extraordinary things -grin-. As to the wonderful folks who come here and leave notes, they are exceptional, and I thank you!

    Hi A Nony Mouse - I know who you are, I know who you are...silly grin!


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