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Thursday, April 29, 2010

INKLINGS Book Review, Giveaway

 ~ The Oxford Chronicles - INKLINGS ~
 Hello. My names is Sandra and I'm a reader.

A voracious reader. It's as if my eyesight won't last long and I have to cram in as many words and as much beauty as possible before the roll is called up yonder. Like C. S. Lewis once said, "You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me."

My hero! There have been words, just as true, spoken but these resonate within me; they chime delicately as if struck with a tuning fork.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I read a book that gently elevates me beyond the daily grind, transports me to another time and place and let's me revel in the well written word. Naturally, C. S. Lewis does that. So does Frances Mayes, although I always feel a bit of ennui when reading her books. She writes beautifully, tenderly, extremely rich books but she's not a Christian Believer and the sense of loss, of expectation not realized, of hopes not dared, of always wondering "why is all this not enough" are subtle, but there, in the background, faintly tainting what are otherwise, sublime pieces of work. I hate we're not going to share Heaven.

Yes, there are other such authors, perhaps too numerous to mention but the latest is Melanie M. Jeschke. She wrote INKLINGS, a fine and enjoyable read. It's listed as a Romance novel and, generally, I tend to stay away from romance novels. They tend to be a bit sticky sweet for me and I'm one of those women who would rather see love in action as opposed to hear about it. After all, talk is cheap.

Inklings is a bit sticky sweet takes place in Oxford and there are tidbits of C. S. Lewis, Tolkien and the Inklings woven amongst the primary love story. American girl goes to Oxford and is woed by two very different men...and so forth. It's a good read, I enjoyed it but think dire romantics, love struck young women and those for whom life has not yet reared it's ugly head and struck will, especially, enjoy this book.

Intentions is her latest in The Oxford Chronicles.

Giveaway: If you'd like an opportunity to win Inklings, shipping included, please leave me a comment.

P. S. duh. A little more information should be forthcoming, doncha tink?  Today is Thursday so I'll take comments until Monday morning at 9 a.m. I'll contact you sometime Monday evening so make sure you leave your e-mail or blog information.

Blessings ~ great authors ~ giveaways ~ C. S. Lewis ~ Frances Mayes ~ Melanie M. Jeschke ~ books ~ good reads ~

Dei Gertia,


  1. I just recently discovered your blog and love your posts - especially the Sabbath Keepings. I'm a huge fan of C. S. Lewis and feel the same about reading as you -- addicted! Would love to read Inklings. Many blessings.

  2. Sounds like a good read! I'd love to give it a go.

  3. First of all, I love that quote by Lewis and have it set aside for use on my blog someday. Second, I would LOVE a chance to win this book. I am a voracious reader too, and I have read Tolkein and Lewis. Although I shy away from romance novels, this does sound like a good read, especially if there is a pot of tea and a warm spot by the fireplace to read it !

  4. I think I'll be heading out to get it! Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it so very much.


  5. I would love to read anything you enjoyed. xx's

  6. I always enjoy reading your blog and a good book to boot! This one sounds sweet and since my husband and I got engaged in Oxford, it would be lovely to win.
    Thank-you for having this give-away.

  7. I would love the opportunity to read this book.

    deborah150 at

  8. thank you for the great book review. i, too,
    am a voracious reader and have been since
    i read "black beauty" in fifth grade!

    like you, i detest romance fiction, however,
    if it is encased in an interesting story with
    wonderful figures like c. s. on oxford's
    campus, i'm ALL in!

    have you read any dorothy sayers? she was
    the only woman allowed in the lewis, tolkien
    clan and wrote delicious mysteries.

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  10. Hi Dawn, thanks for visiting and yes, love C. S. Lewis and his fellow Inklings, all wonderful!

    Hi Becky, it's a bit sappy but I've enjoyed it.

    Hi Kathy, I've yet to read a Lewis quote that wasn't worth repeating!

    Hi Nancy, go to BAM. I found it there for $1! A great read at a great price!

    Hi Splenderosa, it's a good read but a bit sappy, but I've said that before -grin-.

    Hi BritChickNY, I'd love to visit Oxford! Is it as wonderful as I want to believe?

    Hi Deb, sounds good to me.

    Hi myletterstoemily - you won! picked #8.

    Hi Zaib, it's a good read and hope you enjoy.

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  12. Hi! I love your header photo!!! It is beautiful and amazing...did you take the photo? and is it of your farm?
    I just found you thru letterstoemily... I also am a reader but when it comes to reading I'm not very picky...I used to read the World Book when I was a kid...and cereal boxes...I love a book and absolutely adore a good book!!!

  13. a few days ago i posted about your sweet
    gift to me. i linked over here but forgot
    to tell you.


    are you ok, by the way?


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