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Monday, April 05, 2010

Hey YOU! Get Dressed!

Sarah Mae, over at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee is beautifying the world, one woman at a time.

Let me explain. This morning, as almost every morning, the dogs and I are up at 6 a.m. That first hour is taken up with making sure everyone has a visit outside, cat dish filled with kibble, coffee pot readied for the humans, dogs have treats, straightening up from night before and by 7 a.m. I'm settled in the sun room, XM Radio tuned to  Michael Youssef to be followed by Alistair Begg at 7:30. At 8 a.m. I'm ready to head back upstairs and tend to my own needs and getting dressed.

Lately, I've been dressing in either a dress or capri's and tee shirt but today I decided to wear khaki pants with a cotton shirt and slipped my feet into leather mocs but later I changed to sandals because the mocs became a trifle toasty. I did put on female war paint, otherwise known as make-up, brushed my hair and noted again how badly I need a hair cut and headed back downstairs to go do barn chores. Re. the hair cut...I have called for an appointment and am, still, waiting for a call back; meanwhile, time marches forward and the golden locks look dreadful. And not in a Rastafarian way either.

Dave meets me in the kitchen and says, "You look really nice; are you going somewhere today?"
Say WHAT?!

So, don't tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor, okay? He does and when He wants to share His laughter with me, He'll, often, use me as the point of target. In a nice and gentle way, you know, but still, He manages to get His point across.

Frankly, I've not thought I looked like the dog's dinner lately but...hmmm...

Back to Sarah Mae. Yep, you guessed it - there are a few "rules" but I'm calling them guidelines. She wants us dressed, hair brushed, cosmetics applied, etc. at 8:00 a.m. That's not happening here but 8:30 is doable, easy peasy. Photos of us Every Day, dressed and looking good, ta very much. Ugh. Um, I mean okay, sure fine. Finally, a link to her so everyone can visit everyone else and be encouraging, complimentary, etc.

There you have it. Go Get Dressed. Yeah, you. You know who I mean; you're still in night clothes or sweat pants or clothes you'd be ashamed to send to the mission field or the thrift store.
Go get purty. NOW!

Blessings ~ laughter ~ sense of humor ~ nice clothes so why are we still wearing sad togs? ~ iron and ironing board ~ washer and dryer ~ Sarah Mae ~ 

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  1. Now that's a great challenge! I am guilty of hanging out in my work out clothes!! I may have to go get purdy too!

    Sandra, have a great and looking purdy day!


  2. Gracious! What an interesting challenge. I'm up and ready for work by 630 am every, freaking day of the week--ugh, ugh, ugh. I can't even imagine a world where I'm still in my jammies at 8 a.m.--wow---that would be sweet!

  3. I'm typically up early, have my coffee, read the Word, then get dressed, brush hair, a bit of blush and lipstick, then go take care of the chickens. Not that they care what I look like, but hubby is also up, and I care what HE thinks!

  4. This is my first stop at your beautiful blog. Your header is breathtaking! I'm doing the 'challenge' as well - found you on the list.
    I love the, 'are you going somewhere?' response.
    Have a great week! I'll return - good stuff here.

  5. Out of bed, brush teeth, put on anything that will make skin look better, then eyebrows, eyelashes & a touch of lip gloss, pretty top, dressy slacks or jeans ... THEN I come downstairs ... & not one minute before.

    Love your write ... went to hair dressers twice in one week & my DH never even noticed. At least yours commented ... chuckle!

    Hope you had a wonderful & joyful Easter.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  6. Hmm, not goin' to happen here. There is still way too much mud and slush and rain gear and mud boots need to be put on easily with me not worrying about smashing my hair, smearing my make-up or dirtying a pair of pants.Besides, there is no one home but me and the critters until late in the day and they don't care about my appearance, just the appearance of their meals.

    I remember doing this when my husband, myself, and my children were young. I wonder if there will come a time I am content to be clean, kempt , and sweet-smelling just as my husband is? Have you ever pondered that our eye-sight lessons as we age and maybe that is an act of mercy from God?

    This being said, I do make myself quite presentable before my husband comes home or before I venture into town or the public eye... funny post Sandra!

  7. i don't get it done by 8:30 but i do try to do it before hubbie gets home from work...
    this is a great idea.

  8. Great idea! Now if I could just figure out how to fix my hair.

  9. THANK YOU for posting this. I really like your blog!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange???

  10. Sandra, Liked your post!
    I envy a woman that gets up early in the morning.

    I'm still working at getting up at 6am.

    It's not an easy thing for me and I am praying for God's help with this. Prayers appreciated!!!!

    May you have a fantastic week,

  11. good thing no one can see me...sitting here in my husbands long ski underwear...i call them my santa pants...his vest with a lake tahoe logo on it, hair hanging down..and not in a good make-up, and wearing felt clogs on my feet...

    unless i need food..this is it for the day here on the farm....

    good thing my pets love me for the way i am....

  12. i just saw this..april 10th
    sheep shearing day...oh how i wish i could go....sigh...heavy sigh.

  13. I enjoyed this post and although I have a pretty good routine in the morning, I get it that if you don't get your groove on (and war paint...loved that line!!!) early, the day is a goner and you with it!

  14. You know, most mornings (lately) I ask myself, why am I putting this make up on? Why am I so concerned about my hair? My hubby is halfway around the world!!! But I do it anyway because I know he enjoys it. It's a struggle sometimes for me to even get out of bed after the kids leave for school and to get dressed lately. But I do it because I have to.

    Great post and a great reminder! Thanks!

  15. I'm so glad to see Thistle Cove Farm in the stages of spring! It warms my heart.

    A picture? At the break of day? Not! I'll take some of that coffee for humans, though...

  16. Hey Sandra~~~~~
    Happy Spring!! Great post! I may have to try this challenge!I'm an earlybird already! XOXO :)

  17. So where's the picture of you all dressed and purtied up?

  18. Blue moon mama7:38 PM EDT

    The hubby, baby and I are going to try and make it for your sheep shearing day tomorrow. We've never visited your part of Virginia before. Looking forward to it!

  19. Oh Sandra,

    I loved this post!! When hubby & I met (online) I told him not to expect me in stilettos with war paint very often as the horses & cattle weren't impressed by me wobbling down the barn aisle in pointy heels.

    I'm not good in the mornings, but I try to spruce up before he comes back home from the ranch most days. I'm off to check out Sarah Mae's challenge.

    Thanks as always for making me smile!


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