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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sheep Shearing 2010

 ~ Derrick Spangler, Sheep Wrangler Extraordinaire ~
Mercy! Sheep Shearing Day at Thistle Cove Farm is over for another year. Derrick did himself proud and my sheep are now nekkid. Daniel and Tom helped with shearing, parking and any other chore thrown at them and did it all with grace and good humor. God blessed us with some of the Most Perfectly Beautiful weather we've ever had - warm, sunny, slight breeze and folks who truly appreciated the day in its entirety. I never heard a cross word but did hear some wonderful music and song as played by Charlie and his children, David and Emily.
~ Charlie, David and Emily playing heart rendering gospel and bluegrass ~
 ~ hand crafted dulcimers by Charlie Butcher ~
Charlie makes hand crafted traditional mountain dulcimers as well as mandolins and fiddles. The abalone shell shows what he uses for fret decoration and he has slabs of wood showing how he begins with the raw product. People are fascinated when they understand Charlie uses wood from his Daddy's farm and ends up with such a beautiful and sweet sounding instrument.
Leslie, Mary and Alice skirted again this year and Pat came and helped as well. Skirting isn't a difficult job and there are some...Leslie, Mary, Alice and myself...who don't think it a dirty job but we enjoy a good, clean smelling fleece. The fleeces weren't as clean as I'd like this year; some had a fair amount of VM, or vegetable matter, in them but it was a harsh winter and I've fed hay since November but the VM washes out quite nicely so there's no real harm done.
~ Leslie, Alice and Cassie skirting a Shetland fleece ~
~ Mary Martin's baskets ~
Mary Martin makes beautiful, ole timey baskets and her Daddy was a basket maker so she continues the family tradition. She even has three baskets her Daddy made for her and, rightfully, prizes them greatly.
 ~ Mary showing how she makes a basket ~
So many folks on this day, are carrying on family traditions. Leslie has one of her grandmother's spinning wheels, Gaynell comes from a family of quilters, Charlie has many musicians in his family and Bud has horse thieves in his family.
 ~ Gaynell's beautiful hand crafted quilts ~

Gotcha! You weren't really paying close attention, now were you? -smile-. Bud has family who have always had horses and he's continued the tradition with his own horses plus he's a farrier and blacksmith.
~ Bud Thompson, Story Teller Extraordinaire, Blacksmith Farrier ~

 ~ Leslie's lovely offerings from her shop, Greenberry House ~
~ home made food! ~
Has the food been mentioned? No, well...home made...for those who eat junk or fast food, home made food means food that was, lovingly, prepared at home by women who know how to cook. Judy made hot apple, peach and cherry pies, sausage biscuits, muffins of several varieties and other good things. 
~ Cove Community food table ~
Members of the Cove Community Association prepared ham biscuits and other delights to sell with the proceeds going toward educational programs. Their sign reads "250 years of agriculture" and the rest of the story is, all of those 250 years have included several of the same families. Our little valley has a rich agricultural history and we're, rightfully, proud of our history.
 ~ me, earlier in the week ~ 
Dave and I are grateful to each and every one who came and made this such a perfect day. It takes such an enormous amount of work to get the farm ready for Sheep Shearing Day but days like today make it all worthwhile. I met some wonderful folks - Blue Moon Mama and Nora come immediately to mind ~ as well as others from the Richmond, VA area, WV, NY, NC and others and loved, loved, loved having you all visit. I wanted to throw up some photos and blog update, today, on Sheep Shearing Day. Tomorrow is Sabbath Keeping and needed to get everything lined up in place. I'm exhausted, totally, but wanted you who came today to know words simply cannot express the sheer joy you brought into my life with the gift of your presence. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you and God's richest blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and hearts!

Blessings ~ another beautifully perfect day at Thistle Cove Farm ~ nekkid sheep ~ people who enjoyed the day ~ family ~ friends ~ happy dogs who are totally crashed out, snores loud and deep ~
Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm,


  1. it all looks so wonderful..i would have given anything to be there...and cherry pie favorite....


  2. Well, after reading all this I feel like a downright loafer who doesn't do anything. LOL. Congratulations. You have a splendid life.

  3. Karen Odle7:55 PM EDT

    My friend and I attended today and both bought one of yur lovely fleeces. It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time. You were the perfect hostess and I loved talking to you husband, the old curmugedon....

  4. Did you notice those little sheep are REALLY nekkid? Chuckle!

    Looks like your had a wonderful day, the food looks great, the music would be fun to hear ... love the picture of you.

    Have a lovely weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  5. I wished I lived a bit closer. I would have LOVED to attend and see the sheep sheared. Not to mention listen to that music. Looks like a wonderful day.

  6. what a splendid day - love the smiling picture of you and oh my cherry pie - indeed one of my favorites. Thrilling to think of people being able to carry on family traditions. In our family - 'tis just faith of our fathers living still.

  7. A lot of preparation but worth it in the end by the look of it. You look so happy in the picture taken earlier in the week. Love the hat!
    Uplifting post, thank you very much.
    Blessings, Star

  8. Anonymous9:44 PM EDT

    That looks like a wonderful time. I would love to attend an "event" like that, too bad I am on the other side of the continent. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed Lord's Day!

  9. Thank you, thank you for posting pics so fast! J and I spoke of you today and wondered how the festivities were going. I think it looks like it was an outstanding day!
    Love your peach hat. Perfect on you :)
    Get some rest. You both deserve it!
    xo, misha

  10. I was really hoping I could get down there for that, but instead I'm on the other end of Tennessee (Memphis) traveling with Rick for his work. Maybe next year....I would have absolutely loved it!!

  11. I had such a wonderful time today & only wish I could have stayed longer :D

  12. What a perfect day! Now I really wish I lived a whole lot closer so I could attend your fun events. You and yours really know how to do it up right! Love your picture at the end, and that apron is divine. Here's to many more fun-filled days at Thistle Cove Farm. Thank you for sharing! -Tammy

  13. Oh you have to know that in my heart we were there! What a wonderful day you had...picture perfect weather and much fun....what a blessing...maybe next year we can be there!
    Hugz, Nancy & Gussy

  14. Man , I would LOVE a sheep shearing day like this! The hammered dulcimers always fascinate me and the rest of the activities around your day also add to the appeal, not to mention the tummy!

    Sandra, that is a very good picture of you at the end. Rest up Sister, now you have wool to wash and spin!

  15. It looks like we missed a really good time..I could have helped in the food department. That is the kind of day I would have cherished for a long time ..such good people and hard workers.

  16. Sorry that my daughter and I couldn't attend this year. We did talk about it, but other plans got in the way. Glad that things went well for you. We sure enjoyed the trip last year.

  17. It was an awesome day and we had SO much fun! Thanks for having us. There's no place more beautiful than Thistle Cove Farm!

  18. I really enjoyed this post and seeing all the pictures! LOL @ the nekkid sheep!!

    I hope you have a beautiful week!


  19. I really enjoyed this post and seeing all the pictures! LOL @ the nekkid sheep!!

    I hope you have a beautiful week!


  20. Thanks Sandra for a great day and great fun. As always I enjoy comint to the farm to skirt and show my baskets. Loved the music, food and all. Really a peaceful day. Thanks for having me,
    The Basket Case

  21. Oh, I want a bit of everything your great community offers! And, of course to sit down and chat with you, Sandra.

  22. Wonderful photos! I wish I could have been there!

  23. Hi Sandra,
    When you plan your next sheep shearing festival please let us know. I think it would be a great time to visit WV.

  24. Hi Kary, it was a great day, you would have enjoyed it.

    Hi Splenderosa - this week I've been the slackard; not doing much but doing it rather well!

    Hi Karen, thanks for coming but I didn't recognize you; please accept my apologies. Glad you were here, it was a great day.

    Hi Marydon, I know your weekend has been wonderful, can't wait to read all about it.

    Hi Farmchick, you would have loved every wonderful moment!

    Hi LindaSue - faith of our fathers, indeed!

    Hi Star - I wear hats a lot because I can't wear sunglasses. I'm the only woman at church wearing a hat, it's funny -grin-.

    Hi Lanita - it was a wonderful day and you would have had a wonderful time.

    Hi Misha - Dave told me he snuck away at noon and came up to the house for a nap; just like a man! -grin-

    Hi Becky - I loved Pickens this year, it was a fabulous time and so was sheep shearing.

    Hi Cassie - so glad you came, you'll have to come back and we'll do something fibery and fun.

    Hi Tammy - Yep, I'm the woman who wears aprons, hats and bakes pies; everyone knows me for those three things -smile-.

    Hi Nancy, you would have loved the day, it was just about perfect.

    Hi KathyB - I give away a fleece to everyone who stands there and skirts all day. I try and make it worthwhile to have such great help.

    Hi Woebegone - the food was wonderful but I didn't eat nearly enough.

    Hi June - you were missed!

    Hi Leslie - thank you for coming, you're always welcome here and thank you for your help. Enjoy the fleeces!

    Hi LuLu - nekkid sheep are the best, at least this time of year.

    Hi Mary - thank you for coming and helping, it couldn't have been done without you!

    Hi Moo - come on down!

    Hi Deborah, it was a grand time and a beautiful day. Perfect in every way.

    Hi Kelly - we generally shear in April but we're in VA and not WV. Close enough though, we're only 35 miles from WV -smile-.


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