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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Days of Reckoning

~ foggy sunrise ~
 We've had a foggy morning just about every day this month of June and we're sliding, quickly, into that day of reckoning, the 21st, when Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year precludes the time of lessoning light. I dislike days of shortened light but, even more, dislike man's tampering with sun time, aka daylight saving time. Pretty much, everything man has tampered with has been a complete and total failure and I fail to see why Ben Franklin thought he could improve upon sun time. Perhaps that electrical bolt of lightening sparked his brain when he was flying that kite, do you think? -grin-
  ~ foggy mountain morn ~

Rain continues to fall and hay still hasn't been cut. John, the young feller who usually cuts our hay, has had an equipment breakdown and he's unsure, exactly, when he'll be able to get here. We've someone else who is interested and, if the weather cooperates, we'll hopefully get hay cut first of the week. John is still our go-to guy but it's nice others want to cut on shares. We, meaning God and He lets us help, do grow some mighty fine hay and this first cutting will be made into 4x4 round bales. That means each round bale will be 4 feet x 4 feet; John bales a 5x5 bale so there's a tad bit of difference. Someone with a calculator and a mind for math want to work up what that difference is, please and thanks?
 ~ Lightly, looking a bit of a shadow of her former self ~
It's been a week of work and my mares, Peach and Lightly, are doing a lot better. They still aren't happy about the short rations and up in the morning Peach took a kick at Sadie. I've been trying to teach and train the dogs to stay out from under the horses' feet but, until this morning, the lesson didn't take. Peach gave a warning squeal and then kicked out with her right hind foot. She pulled back on her kick, it wasn't full force and didn't connect but it frightened Sadie half to death and I'm glad of it! Sadie ran behind me and stood there while I finished mucking out the barn. All the dogs seemed a tad opened eyed and wary; it's just a lesson that needs teaching and not an injury and I'm hoping this is a lesson learned. Like Daddy and Mother used to say and still say, "You'll learn the hard way or you'll learn the easy way but you will learn." As usual, they were right.
~ Sadie, ducking Peach ~
Carly is a Shetland sheep and one of my oldest ewes, somewhere north of ten, I believe. None of the girls need worry about pregnancy as all the rams are now wethers and everyone earns their keep by providing fleeces and love. She's as tame  as a puppy and one of the first to come for pets, nose kisses and corn. School children love her and she loves the attention.
~ Carly Shetland ~
~ teasel ~
Teasel is a mountain plant we see a lot around here. Someone told me in days gone by, women would use teasel to tease sheep fleeces into alignment so they could be spun into yarn and the mentioned linked site said the Romans were the first to so use teasel. I'm not really sure I believe this as the teasel I've seen doesn't seem to be strong enough to handle teasing fleeces. Like thistle, teasel is a bi-annual and its medicinal uses include treating warts, curing jaundice, a diuretic and made into wine. Thankfully, I've never had to find out if any of this is true. Still and all, it's a pretty plant albeit a prickly plant and will scratch blood if one isn't careful. It gets in the horses manes and tails and wrecks more than its share of havoc and it's a pain, literally, getting them out of the manes and tails.
~ Maiden Springs Fort ~
 Down the road is this sign at the site of the Anglo fort, Maiden Springs. Dave's family settled here a ways back and his cousins, the eighth and ninth R. Bowen's yet live at the home place. While we all have our place in history, it's nice, sometimes, knowing the lineage. It's nice being able to say, these were our kith and kin, they settled here and now, we are settled here, being stewards of what God has entrusted us as we make our mark for God and on the land.

Blessings ~ kith and kin ~ horses ~ sheep ~ dogs ~ family ~ hay season ~ birds of the air ~

Dei Gratia,


  1. I agree, DST is just silly and there have been enough studies to prove that it doesn't save one dime of electricity.

  2. Hi there!
    So agree about daylite time...wish it weren't so.

    Like your pics and so glad you share.

    God bless you and may you have a wonderful week-end,

  3. I like the lighter days and dislike the dark winter nights but I agree about DST! Anything these jerks claim is good for us cost us in the long run! The world is so full of wrong things!

    I love that little Carly. What a sweet pet she is! I was thinking that sheep provide wool and yet they do not have to give up their life to give us warmth!

    I like to stop by here! Have a good weekend! Anne

  4. Just read several posts and enjoyed you sharing your thoughts with us greatly! I loved your pictures, reading about medicinal qualities in plants, and agree about daylight savings time. Ick. Leave it be...but I don't agree enough to leave my beautiful Missouri and pack up for Arizona...:) I hope your LORD's day is lovely!
    Warmly, Debbie

  5. Oh I would just love to see that Carly. So happy she is like a wonderful friend pet; I think she's beautiful. As usual, I love everything you write & thank you for coming to the kitchen soiree today. I love the same kitchen as you. xx'x

  6. your life is full of bounteous goodness
    and good, old hard work!

    i loved the photos of horsed and sheep
    and the little history lesson.

    good luck getting the hay in. i've done
    some hay bailing myself and know how
    much work it is!

  7. Hi everyone...SO glad it's just not me!

    Hi Vicki, I'm not saving much of anything, including myself as I'm working myself from dawn to dark!

    Hi Deanna, it was a great weekend and full of R&R. Hope yours was as well.

    Hi Annesphamily, AMEN, sister; preach it!

    Hi Debbie, how are things with you and sis? You've been on my mind lately. I'm with you, don't want to live in AZ especially now with all the fires!

    Hi Marsha, yep, I'd love to have that kitchen although mine isn't shabby -grin-.

    Hi Lea, still raining so no hay cutting yet...God will provide.

  8. Love the photos of your farm and critters!
    Daddy has been trying to get hay mowed for weeks! We, like much of the country, have been having crazy T storms one after another. I suspect anyone having to buy their winter hay will pay a pretty penny this fall to fill their barns.

  9. Give me long summer days and cool summer nights...and a knack for pulling a post together the way that you do.......Joy is what we all feel after a visit to Thistle Cove Farm.....Beautful words and a continuation of sabbath ;o)

  10. Hi Penny - more storms yesterday and they were fierce! No hay cut...yet but God knows ours needs.

    Hi Nancy - absolutely, you've made my day. When things go off kilter today...and they will...your kind words will be a touchstone for me. THANK YOU!


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