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Thursday, June 03, 2010

"I Send You Wings"

 ~ the Cove ~
Fantastic news: the weekend of September 24-25, 2010, here at Thistle Cove Farm, we're hosting the fabulous KC Willis and her workshop, I Send You Wings! For those of you who are new to fabric and textile work, KC's workshop will introduce you to the realms of beauty and possibility. For those who are old hands, you'll be inspired not only by her immense talent but by the beautiful surroundings of Thistle Cove Farm, snugged in the Cove, where Lassie was filmed a few years ago. If you've ever seen a copy of the video, the boy and Lassie are tramping the hills with Thistle Cove Farm in the background.

As KC puts it, "And at what better place than a remote farm nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia can you remove yourself from the fast-paced world and immerse yourself in art and "flying." You will be moved, motivated and entertained by KC's storytelling and you will learn all her secrets for creating worn and wonderful pieces of textured art.

Here you and 7 other artistic souls will immerse yourself in the wonderful "vibe" of this very special place and you will leave with a changed attitude and a renewed motivation for art and for life."

Do I hear an "Amen"?!

I understand she already has two participants signed up so that means there are only six spaces left. The workshop price also includes snacks and lunch so there's no precious time lost from learning, being creative, exploring and having a marvelous time.

KC's Colorado studio is featured in the May/June issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors Summer 2010 issue.  If you're not familiar with this magazine, quite's the bomb. Her blog has more of her amazing work and all the links listed here will give you more information either about KC, her workshops, studio, the magazine or Thistle Cove Farm. Well worth your time to visit all of them.

As to the remote comment; yep, we're remote, rural, mountain and pretty darn secluded! You'll have to drive about twenty minutes to hotel and restaurant locations but once you get to the farm, you'll have to be forced to leave -grin-. Our choral cacophony includes bird song, horses, donkeys, cattle and sheep; dogs and cats round out the mix. What you won't hear is man made noise such as television and radio.  Why? you may ask. Because at the TCF workshop building, there's no reception! There will be nothing between you, KC and your own inner creativeness as you broaden your horizons and expand your world and mind. If you're of a mind to, there will be time to visit on the porches and soak up God's beauty; talk is optional -grin-.

If you're interested in observing the Sabbath with us, you're more than welcome to share in worship services at our little country church. And, if you do stay for worship service, you're invited back to the farm for lunch!

Please join us; it won't be the same without YOU!

Blessings ~ KC ~ I Send You Wings ~ TCF ~ a little country church ~ the Cove ~

Dei Gratia,


  1. How perfect! I've seen KC's work before.. just awesome. And of course I know from your pictures what a lovely place TCF is (and how wonderful that Lassie was filmed there.. didn't know that!). Wish I lived closer, darn it. Enjoy!! -Tammy

  2. Hi Sweet Sandra~

    I am trying to catch up on my Blog visits today. I have been battling pneumonia in both lungs for over two weeks so I have a lot a catching up to do.

    How wonderful you are hosting a class at your beautiful farm!


  3. It sounds wonderful! I wish I lived closer, too!

  4. what a wonderful opportunity for
    those who artistically gifted. alas,
    i am NOT.

    but i look forward to the photos!

  5. Thanks for all the links on this post!

    Previous posts:
    That parrot tulip is absolutely gorgeous!

    Re: Memorial Day..Yes, we are grateful for our service men and women..God bless them.

  6. I would almost be tempted to begin booking a spot and a flight if I was not already committed to sharing my sheep in the Exotic Animal Barn at the Puyallup Fair for the week. Sandra, you and Dave have one amazing adventure after another!

  7. Sandra, I have no clue who KC is and I don't know anything about textured art, but you have me SOLD girlfriend...I could definitely be so content on your farm and never want to leave. You are quite the salesperson.

  8. I'm not a textile artist, but I want to come!!! It sounds wonderful, not only for the fabulous class, but the idea of spending time on your farm sounds like just the relaxation I'm craving. I always visit in my daydreams when I see your beautiful header :)

    Happy Weekend!

  9. I am so jealous of the lucky people attending! One of these days I will make it work to come that direction. Thistle Cove sounds like such a delightful place and I enjoy KC's work. Thanks for making us drool again...

  10. What a dream that would be! And you have been holding out on us about Lassie! How sweet is that!

    Someday I will be there, at Thistle Cove Farm :) I just need a babysitter for a small herd!

    So nice to have you back! xo, misha

  11. Oh My goodness Sandra! What a fabulous opportunity! I love to do textiles, fibers, ephemera, and paper crafting along with anything else I can throw in.

    I hate that I am so broke and that you are so far away. Your farm would be so wonderful to see along with the added bonus of a class with KC Willis.

    I hope you will share many memories with us and photos of your makings!

    September will be here before you know it! I will be watching!

    Smiles, Cyndi

  12. It looks like a wonderful place to live, we spent a few months in Belfast NY a few years ago, and it looked much like this, just so beautiful, thank you for stopping by my blog, hugs my new friend, and plan on stopping by regular now, Barbara

  13. Hi Tammy, wish you lived closer too!

    Hi Lulu, hope you're feeling all well.

    Hi Deborah, wish you lived closer too!

    Hi Lea, I'm not all that artistic but I do have the craving -smile-.

    Hi Carol, you're welcome and the parrot tulip is one of my favorites.

    Hi Kathy, have fun at the fair.

    Hi Katherine, you are SO kind! Thank YOU!

    Hi Jen, header is getting ready to change to summer...stay tuned...

    Hi Jules, you come on any ole time.

    Hi Misha, it's good to be back and farm sitters are priceless!

    Hi Cyndi, you're welcome to visit any time you're able.

    Hi Barbara, it's the best place to live and we're blessed to live here.
    Thanks for visiting and look forward to more visits.


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