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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Over the Mountain or Where's Bossie?

 ~ Foggy mountain morn ~
Foggy mornings continue here in the Cove and this morning was exceptionally beautiful. We, meaning the dogs and I, went downstairs a bit before 6 and the madness started! The kitten is still living in Sadie's dog crate which frustrates Sadie no end, and she, the kitten, has decided she's had enough of jail.
 ~ Let me out...NOW! ~
Fabric has been hung so she'll play and start using her eye/paw coordination. She is let out, several times a day which is good for both she and I. She gets to interact with the family and I have to settle down and be the negotiator should conflict arise. After about thirty-six hours of captivity, she began purring and that was a sign she was beginning to trust; now, she's totally gentled. Little ones have such short memories at this age, it doesn't take long to "change their minds".
~ Sam, Sadie, Abigail ~
Sam, Sadie and Abigail stayed on the porch as I wandered into the side yard; I wanted to take the first picture you see and they didn't want to get their paws wet. Heavy fog means heavy dew and these little prima donas move but little except for food.

We needed groceries and that takes up the entire morning. There's no need to cross the mountain for one errand so I also went to the post office and mailed a package to my nephew serving in Afghanistan. Then Lowe's beckoned and I bought paint for the farm office bathroom and smaller officer; after, it was finally time to go to the big box grocery store.
~ Maiden Springs ~
Do you see Bossie? How about the ducks? Okay, do you see the heron? In the following three photographs, you'll see all three. This photograph is at the bridge at Maiden Springs and the beginning of the Little River where it springs from the underground cave.
~ Bossie at lone tree, upper left of center ~
 ~ M R 2 Ducks; No, 'em not ~
 ~ Heron ~
 ~ the long and winding road... ~
 It's not quite fifteen miles across the mountains and most of it is like the above...twisting, turning, curvy, U's and switchbacks. The first ten miles is two-lane road, notice the lack of painted lines, and today I saw a total of eleven vehicles both going and coming...busy day. If I drive the speed limit, it's about a twenty-five minute drive, unless, of course, there's a cattle, sheep or horse drive; then, it can take an hour to get across the mountain.
~ not real, doncha know? ~
 The first little while the homeowner put this stuffed bear up the tree, people just about drove off the mountain. At dusk and dawn it's especially hard to tell this isn't a real bear, even now.
~ Ditch Lilies ~
While it's true there are more spectacular flowers, to my mind, the ditch lily is among the happiest. It grows where other flowers are called weeds and, while its life is short, it is beautifully happy. Surely there's a life lesson, eh?
~ Volunteers...all ~
 On the way home, I stopped to chat with the folks who were picking up trash. The inmates volunteer to do this as it gets them out of the jail cell, into some fresh air and, sometimes a happy stop to pass the time of day and say thanks. The Deputy Sheriff was also a volunteer as this was his day off and he was driving the inmates around the valley so they could pick up trash. Thanks, Guys; you're appreciated!
~ almost home ~
All told, the trip took about three hours which is about normal for grocery shopping. If I go to town, the trip takes a bit longer as there are more errands to run. There's nothing ever easy or fast once I leave the farm.

Dave called from Bluefield and said Sam's had raspberries on sale for $1.50 for twelve ounces. He picked up enough to make a couple of turns of jam and that's on the stove now. Tonight is quilting but don't think I'll make it as the jam will take the next couple of hours. That's okay though, the jam will taste good when the snowballs fly.
~ kitten and Sadie ~
Shaddie, our first Ridgeback, had a very strong mothering instinct. She'd try to steal lambs from their mothers, she'd steal kittens; she simply loved to mother. I'm not sure if Sadie will have as strong a mothering instinct but, for now, it's enough they explore each other without injury.

Peace at Thistle Cove Farm...and all will be well.

Blessings ~ raspberries ~ groceries ~ my babies ~ volunteers ~ ditch lilies ~ a valley with a view ~

Dei Gratia,


  1. Oh, Sandra - what a wonderful post today. I'm glad you're keeping the kitten, and that he/she is doing so well now, and purring - that's always a good sign, and the dogs seem to have taken to him/her. I haven't seen ditch lilies in a long time, but remember that someone told me that you can pluck the petals and make a salad. But I think around here there is so much pesticide used in the ditch rows that it might not be that safe. Your place is beautiful, and I just get lost in the beauty of it all. Thanks for sharing, take care, from KY.

  2. i didn't know you could gentle a kitten
    that way!

    that might have worked on my kids!

  3. Lovely photo of the kitten and Sadie :o)!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your day. Sounds lovely, and so are the pictures. Have a wonderful afternoon.

  5. Hi Sandra - thanks for visiting my blog. I'm making bread today - just put it in the oven. I'm going to post the photos and recipe on my blog later on today when it's all finished baking, it's a no knead bread recipe, and pretty easy. I'll let you know how it turns out. Take care, from KY.

  6. This post is so very lovely and just what I needed to read after a long hectic day. I love all of your photos and the delightful story. Your kitten and dogs are delightful. Thanks for the joy you brought to me today! Blessings ~ Katie

  7. Hi Sandra - thanks for the email. I've got the bread done, cooled, and put in bread wrappers. The recipe and photos are now on my blog if you'd like to check out the recipe. It turned out well, and I'll probably make some sourdough bread on Sunday or Monday, depending on when I get the starter going. Take care, and hope you have a good weekend, from KY.

  8. Life on Thistle Cove is full of wonders. I am always so grateful you share these wonders with us Sandra.

    The winding roads are so pretty, but I do imagine they take a lot of time to maneuver and can also be dangerous in bad weather.

    Making jam, bet the house smells lovely and are you making scones to go with that jam? Save some for me.

    BTW, I do wish I could have your little kitten. Kittens just bring out the tenderness in me, even if they are not too gentle.

  9. wonderful running errands with you and gave me a better sense of your countryside. Fun seeing the ducks and cow - we have a few herons around here. I put cinder blocks in our troughs so the goldfish could hide from hungry herons. I agree - county inmates are much better off picking up trash along the roads and mowing than sitting in a cell. Sheriff here in Texas has a number of work details which perform needed services and give inmates a positive use of energy.
    Raspberry jam - Oh MY!

  10. Ready your guest room! I'm coming for a visit!
    Everything sounds so serene and relaxed.....I love it. :)

  11. I am become so happy when I read your posts. Really. It's crazy...a citified uptown girl who wishes she were where you are. Got a giveaway going, come see ... of course, you probably wouldn't ever wear this "green" green necklace but what the heck! xx's

  12. It's been a while between visits for me hasn't it? But I finally got here.
    What an amazing life you seem to lead Sandra! Loved reading your post today, and it shows how isolated you are doesn't it? Bet you love living there though. :)
    That little sweetie has certainly landed on her feet! I took in a stray mother and her kitten just last year(you might have even read about them in a post of mine way back then), but thankfully they didn't take as much looking after as your little one has. I haven't read all your posts about her, but I assume you're keeping her? What a wonderful thing for you to do.
    Thanks for your visit and sweet commentlast week. Always lovely to have you drop by. Have a great week. x

  13. Whaaat?
    You put the little kitten in jail?

    ♥ Alice Maria-Thérèse Afiori in a Swedish wonderland


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