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Tuesday, June 15, 2010




Click on JOY!

Please, pass it on.......

Blessings ~ JOY! ~

Dei Gratia,


  1. beautiful title for that photo! Joy and peace.

  2. Dear One,
    Blessings and JOY to you as well!
    I'm passing it on,

  3. yes, ma'am! and right back at ya'!

  4. well, that will teach me to pay better
    attention next time.

    what a glorious, joyful video! i posted
    it on my facebook page.

    thank you for giving me another chance
    to watch this, because it really did bring
    me joy.

    i love your psalm 116, especially the verse
    that says "the Lord protects the simple
    hearted; when i was in great need, He
    saved me."


    ps. i finished "the inklings" and thoroughly
    enjoyed it. thank you, again.

  5. :o)))
    Have you seen this one?
    It's the same church, but in another place...

  6. Absolutely fabulous! TY for sharing.

    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  7. Hello Sandra,

    I'm sorry all my changes have been rather jarring. I had to cut back on the blogs for a while due to stress and lack of time. I am, however, preparing to bring back Sagewood and the Slow blog will become a part of it. It's a slow going process, but it's coming along quite nicely. Thanks for bearing with me! And thank you for the compliments on the new blog design. It should be the same address (jstanton-chandler.blogspot) but I've been tweaking the design off and on for weeks!

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  8. I really enjoyed the YouTube video! How wonderful.....fills you with hope.

  9. Hi Life is Good, I thought it was perfect as well. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Deanna, we never hear enough good news!

    Hi Lea, don't forget to click on the word JOY and see/hear the message.

    Hi Lea, see you did and glad you did. Glad you enjoyed the Inklings as well.

    Hi Timi, thanks for letting me know about the other video; I need to go to town so I can use the library's band width.

    Hi Marydon, so glad it touched you too!

    Hi Jen, no, it's me who is the low tech geek and trying to get used to something new. Your blog is fabulous and love the new template; just will take me a while to catch up -grin-.

    Hi Carol, so glad you liked the video and yes, fills one with TRUE hope!


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