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Monday, June 21, 2010


 ~ Samuel, son of Carly Shetland and Zacheous Romney ~
 The storms may now, officially, be called summer storms and our hay is still uncut. There's nothing for it and the feller we've retained to cut says it's still better than his hay. Tonight the weather called for "summer storms" with high winds of thirty mph and lighting strikes from cloud to ground. Fortunately, that's the storm, thus far, about fifty or sixty miles away. I'm good with just rain, ta very much! The sheep are suffering and that's one reason I wait until April to shear. It leaves them with a short coat but, even so, as the summer wears on, it's still a wool coat and it's still in the 80's and 90's. I don't even want to try to imagine wearing a wool coat on days that hot!
~ Mama Bird ~
Mama Bird has built her nest just to the upper right of the studio door. That means we have to be very quiet with no slamming of the door when we use the studio. By we, of course I mean Abbie, Sadie and Sam, my very artistic companions.  Right now, they are outside playing while Dave watches from the comfort of the back porch. That's where I need and want to be but also wanted to let you know about the latest orphan here on the farm.
~ studio door ~
You're right, this isn't a particularly great, not even good, photo but it, for whatever reason, pleases me. I haven't the slightest idea why it should, but it does.
~ Miss Feisty ~
Yesterday morning, this is what I found at the barn. She is a poor, pitiful scrap who fought me tooth and nail as I captured her and brought her to the house. Her eyes were matted shut so she was blind and couldn't see a thing; God alone knows how she managed to crawl up to and into the manger where I feed the barn cats. I haven't any idea if she's the only one in her litter and, sad to say, I generally can only catch the kittens if they are sick and can't run very fast. Then, it's a struggle to gentle them and get them to the healthy and well stage.
~ not too shy to eat ~
She's wrapped in a towel to keep her from scratching me bloody. We keep kitten milk replacement on hand and it only took a moment or two to mix with water and begin feeding. At first, she was a bit tentative but, once she tasted the milk, was a willing and eager partaker.
~ it's not Mother's but it will do ~
~ Abbie wants to help but I'm, kinda, afraid of her "help" ~
After she, or he, who knows when they are this young...eats, I take a washcloth that's been soaked in warm water and wash her face. She's almost purred, once, and when she does, that will mean a corner turned and she'll be on her way to accepting "captivity" and will settle down.

So, who wants a genuine, bona fide Thistle Cove Farm kitten?


Blessings ~ kitten seems to be growing stronger and healthier ~ summer rain ~ Samuel ~ Abbie ~ Mama Bird ~ Miss Feisty ~ kitten milk replacement formula ~

Dei Gratia,


  1. I like the way you say you "gentle" them. Wish I could help you with the kitten. Isn't a "colon" a girl and a "semi-colon" a boy? Used to have lots of kittens.

    How fun to visit the farm. Soltice today, yes. I've been watching the moon set at the lake the few nights when I couldn't sleep. Home now, so will look through the trees. How lucky the sheep are to have you.

  2. what a darling find. i live to far away to be of any help but bless you for coming to the rescue of this kitten. love your photos as always!

  3. Hi Sandra - wish I could help with the new baby - but alas, I live too far away, and also have 5 babies of my own - well, not really babies any longer, the youngest is now over a year old. How kind of you to take this baby in to nurse. I have also been watching the moon lately, and will check it out tonight since the night is clear. We're having the same weather here that you are there in VA. Have a great evening. Take care, from KY.

  4. May you have a super summer and Good Bless!

  5. That's God Bless...a good bless for sure.

  6. What a nice baby! Love little kittens.

  7. My daughter would like to have a little cat, but we live tooooo far...
    We have a very rainy and cold summer now, I hope yours will be better!

  8. I want her, I do! But as the others said, I live too far from Thistle Cove to make this practical. Maybe she should live there~ with you, her mama.

    Storms and rain. God does make weather always worthy of discussing and predicting, and reminding us there are just some things we can never, ever , truly predict or control. That makes me happy for some reason.

  9. She has the sweetest face!

  10. She is adorable wrapped in that towel. I have rescued a kitten or two when we were at the old house. They use to live under our deck and I didn't mind to much because they kept the mice and rabbits at bay. I don't know why their eyes get all matted up but I had to clean a few myself. It is sad to see them struggle but I guess we can't keep them all.

  11. I wish I could help you but what a blessing you are to this little scrap of a thing! God Bless You!

    I am sorry for that awful scam/spam (my name for the garbage)but it is scary that someone took over my Facebook account. I won't go over there anymore! I have heard Face Book is a virus waiting to happen. I am glad we have good protection on our computers. Hugs Anne

    Thanks also for your comments an dprayers for my phamily.

  12. Precious precious precious.

  13. What a sweet kitten. God Bless you for caring for His little creatures. I've helped a few orphans myself! I am amazed that I have had NO new kittens this spring/summer (so far)!

  14. Raising orphan kitties is a full time job! You have my sympathy on raising that wee kitty. Last year a feral mama cat had kittens on my back porch then disappeared when they were about a week old. I raised them on baby cereal and baby meats from a jar.
    Blessings to you all!

  15. OH do have a lot on your plate there now!I am willing to bet though, while you are struggling having yet another critter to care for, you KNOW that God said smiling,"oh I know thatshe can handle it!"

    Hmmm...a genine Thistle Cove Farm kitten need to think about that;o)
    Big hugs, Nancy and the menagerie!

  16. Oh my goodness - what a sweet little kitten!!


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