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Friday, June 08, 2012

Food With a View

~ supper on the porch ~
In conjunction with Food on Fridays, hosted by Ann Kroeker, I'm writing about my food with a view. At Thistle Cove Farm, meals revolve around porches...usually, breakfast in the sun room, lunch on the back porch and supper on the front porch. Dave and I used to do the same although breakfast in the sun room is a new beginning. I changed some furniture around, first time that's been done in fifteen years, and now have a table and two chairs set up in the sun room. It's delightful, no matter the weather, although when the sun casts its first glow over the far valley, it's doubly delightful. 

Breakfast is yogurt over granola and topped with blueberries or other fruit. Lunch is usually the heavy meal of the day and, when there's energy, a hamburger grilled. Supper is catch and energy level dictates which is to say, mostly, cheese and crackers but when given a quick melt in the microwave they are, almost, a meal. Other times a quick fry up is in order just because sometimes fat and salt do make a meal. -wry smile-

Dave enjoyed drinking white wine and we experimented a lot. Vinho Verde, literally, Green Wine, is a Portuguese wine from the Minho region in northwestern Portugal. That's the part of Portugal that's snugged up against Spain. The name Vinho Verde has come to mean young wine and gets the name because the wine is made from the first, green grapes of the season. All the Vinho Verde I've drank has a slight effervescent, or sparkling, quality and the lightness dances rather lightly on the tongue. This, combined with the light, very light, green coloration, as well as the price, makes this a wine that can be drunk "just because it's Tuesday". Dave and I did that a lot...we didn't believe in "saving for special occasions"; to us, each day was a cause for celebration, simply because we were together.

The other good news is, a decent bottle of Vinho Verde will cost under ten dollars; a great buy for a decent wine. This, mind, coming from someone who rather likes her full bodied whites - Conundrum and white burgundy comes to mind. 

If you take only one thing away with you today, take away today is special. It's specially special if you have someone you love to share it with. All those petty problems...forget them. Focus on the reason you married him or her in the first place. Focus on the friendship you have in each other; remember the good times, try to learn from, but forget, the bad times. Treat your loved one like a precious object, don't place your children before their father or mother. Oh, don't misunderstand, love your children but your marriage is holy. Treat it, and your mate, as such. Leave room in your day for your spouse even if it means setting the clocks ahead and tricking the children into going to bed early! You'll never get this particular chance again; take advantage of it NOW!

Blessings ~ good memories of Dave ~ Vinho Verde ~ Food on Fridays ~ food with a view ~


  1. Hello Sandra:
    We love the idea of 'Food with a View' and, how even more wonderful it is to have every meal of the day with a different view. Perfect!

    It is such a good idea to start the day with breakfast watching the sun rise in the sky from the delicious warmth of your sun room. Surely, nothing can lift the spirits so well as this, even in the gloomiest of weather.

    We are fortunate to have the most marvellous variety of Hungarian wines on our doorstep [and, in our cupboards]at less than $5!!!!!We do not have a drink problem yet....

    And, of course, you know that we are absolutely with you in seizing every moment of every day as if it is the last. Cheers!!!!

  2. We also eat on our front porch as do many of our country neighbors!
    I love this post. So many words of wisdom, Sandra. I am struggling to stay in the "now" and not worry about the future. So I needed this :)
    You speak to my heart!
    xo, misha

  3. Great post Sandra. Mixing something new with old sounds happy . . . New experiences and memories sitting together.

    I will think of your "Food With A View" when we eat together tonight . . .
    LOVE . . . , Lynne

  4. This is a very important post, because of your advice, it is So right!!!! I could not agree more!!! We need to treat our spouses like it is the last day...because one day it will be. I have always wanted a sun room, we don't even have a porch, just a stoop.

  5. Anonymous5:42 PM EDT

    Hi Sandra, Such a beautiful post today. You have some marvelous places to enjoy God's beauty while having a meal. Our pollen in Spring and heat in summer prevent us from enjoying meals in the yard/patio. Autumn we often have a light supper in the shade of the house. Every day is a gift and a special blessing, for sure. Just this week, my childhood friend's daughter, a 34 yr old mom of 2, was killed in an auto accident. We know she is in Heaven but it is so hard to understand. I'm taking some time away as I have outpatient surgery coming up. Feel free to email me and I'll be checking on on your blog also. Love you.

  6. Such good advice, all the way 'round. --And the views from your window, gorgeous as always.

  7. What sweet memories you shared! We have a front and back porch but only eat on the back porch. It is very lovely there as well!

  8. What a nice view!

    ~Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Lunch on the porch, good wine shared with your beloved just because!Thank-you Sandra, your sharing of what is truly important and worthwhile is what I love about you. I would love to share a meal or snack with you in person one day before we meet in Heaven, and your porch is where i would most like to share it.

  10. This post is WAY better than our friend, Alexandra Stoddard. I love every word.

  11. Thank you for your encouraging words, Sandra! You ALWAYS know, what to write...what I need to know...and I am very thankful to God for You!♥

    I love your photo!!! It's fantastic!!!

  12. sweet joy was found this morning, in taking time to read a few posts here at your little online cottage. my heart needed to be reminded (by another human's encouragement) that our Lord is merciful and able, that we can rest in His divine appointment for our day(s). i found such encouragement here. thank you, oh so much.


  13. Prudence3:21 PM EDT

    Sandra - you are indeed a wise woman. We love your posts and LivingBetter is so blessed to have you. Can't wait to meet you in person!


  14. ouch...that last paragraph hurt. It is all things i need to be doing...and I am getting there. I thought today...what happens if he suddenly dies? I want no regrets what that day finally does come.
    Pete like a cold beer and I am the wine drinker, though the past few years it has to come from a box! Just a small glass every night with is a good thing.

  15. beautiful post and photo, Sandra ~ and glad that you've rearranged the sunroom to suit you :)

  16. Found you again! The move put so many things on hold and the new computer did also. Not to mention kidding season! Glad to know you are well my friend.

  17. Thanks again Sandra for your wise words that make me think for a while.
    I'm putting forth an effort to not get too bogged down in the details of building our house so that I lose track of the blessings that have gotten me to this wonderful time and place.
    .... and I'd never heard of Vinho Verde! In fact the only Portuguese wine I know is my old favorite from high school days... Lancers! I haven't had that in ages!

  18. I would absolutely love to have a porch worthy of dining on. Not one packed to the gills with stuff, or the other that faces the street and gets the heat of the afternoon sun, LOL. Your breakfasts sound like ours, and thanks for the recommendation on the wine.

  19. I've been catching up on blog-reading this morning, and was happy to see several posts from you, Sandra - thank you for sharing so many thoughts and stories and pictures :)

    I am so sorry about Emma...

    Thank you for keeping my dad, Roland, in your prayers. I feel like I should knock on wood before saying: he is doing so much better than he was only a few months ago.

    I drank vinho verde in Portugal, but I drink Portuguese red (vinho tinto) here, and if you like robust wines, I encourage you to explore the many Portuguese reds available. Each part of Portugal produces very different wines, due to the specific soil and climate of each region. Most imports are very inexpensive...I have paid as little as three dollars per bottle (on sale) and almost never more than 12.

  20. Bravo for you that there are no regrets with your precious Dave.
    I too have wanted to say these very words on my blog to my friends and have here lately been saying it to my friends that I have lived by for years.
    My reason for not putting it out like this is because my husband left me for his high school sweetheart and since I thought we had the prefect marriage doing all the things you mentioned and I put him first spoiling him rotten and he was my best friend but yet he still left so you can see why I have not said these words like you can.
    I truly believe that if I had it to do all over again I would do the same. I have special memories and no regrets for the way I loved him.
    I am so glad you don't either.
    Your a lovely woman and I love coming by here to visit.
    Eating in our sunroom is something I do miss since I know longer live in my home in town. But you have made me realize I can sit out here myself on ole farm porch and enjoy sunrises and sunsets.
    Let's keep in touch more I do love coming over here.

  21. Such a beautiful view and wise words! Unfortunately this time of year if we sat outside on our back porch for any meal - the mosquitoes would feast on us instead. LOL Good old Gawga in the summertime!

  22. Anonymous10:00 PM EDT


  23. This post made me smile, Sandra. You know why. :)


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