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Friday, June 22, 2012

License to Chill

~ coffee cubes ~
Joining Ann Kroeker for Food Fridays...
Some may remember when I posted about making iced coffee and using coffee cubes. I dislike waste, although am as guilty as the next, but one way I found of being thrifty is making coffee cubes from left over coffee. Dave was a coffee drinker...make that a Coffee Drinker! He loved the stuff and would drink a pot, or more, every day. Invariably, there would always be a bit left over and I hated pouring it down the drain or on the ground. So, when I found these cute little ice cube trays on sale for, maybe fifty cents, I would pour the coffee into the trays, set them in the freezer and a while later, iced coffee! Generally, I use decaff coffee to make my iced coffee as I don't want, or need,   the extra caffeine? I like to sleep at night! -smile-
Do you like flavored coffee? For me, it's the best and easiest way to drink coffee. The Starbucks in the photo is a bag of coffee beans someone gave us. I save these beans for when they come to visit as it's a French Roast and much too strong for my stomach. I also like flavored cream but stopped drinking it when I, finally, got around to reading the ingredients. My motto is, if I can't pronounce it, I'm not sure I want to drink or eat it. Nestle got smart and now sells "Natural Bliss"; it's milk, cream, sugar, flavoring. I know some will decry the use of sugar but ,as little sugar as I use, I don't think it hurts.

Just recently, someone asked for a recipe but I'm one of those people who use a recipe only as a suggestion. In other words, I usually wing it. Hey, I've got five...count 'em...FIVE dogs and there are no mistakes in the kitchen; only happy accidents! So, my "recipe" for iced coffee is make a twelve cup pot of decaff coffee, let it cool and pour in a bottle of Natural Bliss creamer. Put some coffee cubes in a tall glass, pour the coffee over the cubes and enjoy. For once in life, it's easy and simple! Plus delicious smile. Sometimes I'll even eat store bought cookies...gasp! LOL

Yesterday morning I received a telephone call from Ashley; she's the wife of our Assistant Fire Chief. An up the valley neighbor's house was on fire, could I go? Yes, of course, although I was filthy from hoeing thistles, chasing calves and doing general farm work. All this, mind, before 11 in the morning! 
~ tamping down the flames ~
Mrs. Webb, her sixty year old daughter and a grand-daughter were sitting on the front porch when Mrs. Webb thought she smelled smoke. She went into the house to investigate and saw smoke coming from the second floor. She hustled her daughter off the porch and, in short order, firemen had responded to the call. Folks, this was a SIX ALARM FIRE! As you can see, it's a total loss; Mrs. Webb and her daughter got out with the clothes on their backs. Mrs. Webb didn't have time to grab her insulin medication or anything else and the daughter is special needs, mentally retarded. Mr. Webb, the father and husband, passed away earlier this year.
~ near the end ~
The Red Cross will put them up for three days, not the five days as I originally thought, and will give them a clothing allowance. Once again, the community is pulling together to give assistance in the form of household goods, clothing, food and finding shelter. Our local television station, about 35 miles away but local for us smile, is WVVA and they did a story on the fire. If you click on the link and look for "fire destroys a Tazewell County home" you'll see the interview. The Bluefield Daily Telegraph's reporter, Greg Jordan, did an excellent story and impressed me a great deal and then he called me twice last night to fact check! Now, there's a reporter who knows his business! If you read his report, you'll get more information and a better idea of what this family is up against.

Generally, I handle traffic and, since I'm in the road anyway, stop drivers, tell them a short version of what's happening and ask for a donation. Yesterday, people gave over $200 and that will be delivered today, when I go to town for errands. People are kind and want to help; asking them for specific help gives them a purpose and helps those in need. 

I'm so proud of our community! Ms. Shepherd, at the nearest convenience store, gave cases of bottled water so our firemen could quench their enormous thirst. Daniel Ingram, owner of Stanley Steemer, bought extra water for the same purpose; donations are being accepted at Crab Orchard Vet on Main Street. People rallied knowing " whom much is given, much is required...". Like Mother Teresa said, "if you can't feed a hundred, feed one." Don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed like me sometimes of the enormous needs of people. Focus on doing what you can do for the one before you and don't forget to ask God's blessings on the work of your hands and heart. Our Father hears the prayers of a righteous woman and man and if you've accepted His Son as your Savior, you're a righteous woman. 

Sobering thought, eh? 

Blessings ~ iced coffee ~ coffee cubes ~ water ~ firefighters ~ reporters ~ volunteers ~ 


  1. If I knew the size blouses they wear I have LOTS that I am giving away, I could send them. Same with shoes, nightgowns, sizes please.

    How sad the losses in her life ...
    it is so hard to give to a fire your entire life of belongings.

    Have a great weekend ~

  2. It's encouraging to read about good hearted folks, Sandra!
    Oh, I must try some Natural Bliss and make some decaf iced coffee. We are going to roast this weekend. It's SO hot!

  3. Think the ice cubes are great!
    Sweet Summer Blessings to you and many iced coffees to enjoy,

  4. I've never thought of freezing coffee cubes before but it's a good idea and I may just try it.
    That's the second sad fire you've told us about. Once it gets going, those houses don't last five minutes do they. How very sad for the mother and daughter.
    You must have wonderful community spirit.
    Let's hope they were insured!

  5. What a really awful story! I am so sorry for them. I have used the Bliss and like it, though I have never made iced coffee, I will have to try it. We have a Keurig and it has an iced setting, so it should work well.

  6. So sad to hear about another neighbor's fire. I'll send a donation next week when I get paid. Big hugs to you for helping them!

  7. Oh my goodness, fires are so scary. And so destructive but it's a relief to read that no one was seriously hurt.

    I'd not thought of coffee ice cubes! Very clever.

  8. Hi Marydon - I'll find out and THANK YOU!

    Hi Pom - it's nasty hot here and the t-storms are fierce! I may have to make iced coffee as well.

    Hi Deanna - thank you and will think of you when I drink iced coffee.

    Hi Star - iced coffee with frozen coffee cubes is a delightful drink; hope you enjoy if you make it. Yes, folks like to help, they just need to know how.

    Hi Ginny, I have a Keurig but have never used the iced setting, will have to try that -g>-

    Coffee cubes make iced coffee even better, Leigh. Hope you enjoy!

  9. Sandra, I cannot believe that you have another fire in your community. Is it hot weather related. As always, you are a lovely neighbor.

    I love iced coffee and think this ice cube idea is brilliant.

    ( I would have loved your Dave.)

  10. i'm sure you are the backbone of that
    generous community!

    your coffee ice cube idea is brilliant!

  11. Sandra, how can we help? Would even a small donation be useful?

    It's just heartbreaking...first to lose a husband and then to lose her home and every thing in it. Counting mercies, though: imagine if the fire had started at night.

    I hope Mrs. Webb and her family will find strength to put one foot in front of the other as they recover from this tremendous loss.

    Also, to all the firefighters? You folks are the BEST.

  12. You certainly are a servant of the Lord! God Bless always. ♥


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