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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Gardening, Mowing and Waiting for Mom

~ Sophie and Abbie ~
Any time I'm gone from the house, even for twenty minutes, the two Jack's rush to the upstairs window, plant themselves there and wait, anxiously, for my return. I'm sure Sophie has separation anxiety; her human Pa had cancer and died and her human Ma had to give away all the animals. Sophie has been here seven months and she's still a bit anxious. Abbie, my heartbeat, just misses me and I miss her. Already.
~ Sophie howling ~
Sophie will howl, throwing her head back and letting loose with a vengeance. Abbie uses her energy to wait and that's to be expected, she's, at the minimum, 17 years. If I'm home, the dogs are with me, no matter if I'm mowing, gardening, tending to the horses, cattle or sheep. Today, I mowed and that takes me about four hours if I don't mow everything or five or six if I do mow everything. The dogs sit, watching, as I go 'round and 'round on the mower. They act bored to death -smile-.

After mowing, I did some computer work while waiting for the heat of the day to dissipate then planted fifteen or sixteen tomato plants, watered them and weeded part of the garden. I've got a good crop of weeds as well as some volunteer tomato and corn plants. My days aren't too exciting but that's okay. The steady work, the fresh air, sunshine, the animals are healing and I am being healed. God is doing His work.
~ Miss Emma ~
Miss Emma has disappeared and I figure a fox must have gotten her. A fox or an owl but, probably, not a coyote as they don't come too close to the house and barns. Miss Emma was a sweet girl who found a home here after I found her in the middle of the road. She was so little and starving; I figure her mother had been killed and she was a mite of a thing, waiting to die. Instead, she came home to Thistle Cove Farm and lived here happily. She is missed.

There's so much to tell you...we had a Cove Trail Ride and people came from all over to ride their horses for four hours and then have a picnic cookout. We've had a Bingo Benefit for our Cove VFD and that was hugely successful...thank God! All those tales will have to wait...but they are worth waiting for, especially if you like normal -smile-.

Blessings ~ power steering on the mower ~ volunteer plants ~ a wagon to carry water to the garden ~ friendly, four legged companions ~ volunteers ~ 


  1. Hello Sandra:
    What a comfort [and also, of course, a responsibility] the dogs must be to you and how lovely that they are always to be found close by. We are so sad to learn that Miss Emma has disappeared as she looks so pretty and, as you know, we are especially fond of cats.

    The Cove Ride seems to have gone very well and we are so pleased. It is good to know that you are allowing things to happen in your life - all part of the healing process.

    But, oh dear, several hours of grass cutting cannot be such fun but at least, as you say, it takes you out into the fresh air. As if you did not have enough!!

  2. I love "normal". And those dog faces in the window!! Frasier is exactly the same way.. my husband says if he could crawl under my skin he

    I am listening to the drone of the lawn tractor right now as my son goes round and round.. it takes about four hours if he does everything here.. including my grass riding "ring" in the hay field.

  3. I always like to read about your dogs...:o) they are so lovely animals... true friends!!!
    And I am so glad that you find comfort in their love!
    Mowing for four hours??? Wow!!!!
    I hope you take care of your self!!!
    Thank you again, for this post!!!

  4. Sandra, how do you do all this? Or is this a "city girl" question? I couldn't do all that without collapsing I'm sure. Oh yes, all dogs do this, I think. But, we are their life and I am so happy about this. Poor kitty, I know you are stressed about this...she is really lovely. But, maybe.....

  5. I'm so sorry to heart that your sweet Miss Emma has disappeared! It sounds like she was well loved and cared for while she was around though.
    Your Jacks are quite loyal, aren't they? very good.
    I can't imagine mowing for six hours- talk about an idea far removed from my own life. In fact, I don't mow at all due to every inch of my little property filled with garden! It must feel so satisfying when you are done! :)

  6. I can't wait to read and see about your goings-on! And I am sorry abut poor Emma. I hear the Jack Russels have so much energy!! We have friends whose Jack ate holes in their walls!

  7. I love it that you are finding bits and pieces of normal.

  8. Oh you kindred spirit! If I mow 'everything' (that should be mowed) it takes me about 8 hours ~ a full days job and way too much gas. So I've cut back to doing 2/3 of it ~ down to about 5 hours. And the old John Deere is getting tired, too! Hope it hangs on for this season, then perhaps a new one!
    Your Jack Russels are so great! I've always wanted one, but not sure I have the energy to match them. But I would like to get a Border Collie someday ~ that would be when I get my 'someday' sheep! :~D ...and goats...and llamas...and cows again! Think I'll forgo the horses ~ trying to get a shoer here that doesn't charge a fortune is next to impossible.
    Oh, so sorry about Emma! She was so sweet!
    I've had volunteer tomatoes before but never corn! Guess it is just to cold and wet here in the winter for them.
    Hopefully the rain will hold off tomorrow so that I can get my mowing done ~ I will be thinking of you and praying for continued healing of your heart, my friend!
    And will say a little prayer for Miss Emma's return, too!

  9. I'm so sorry about your kitty. My aussie takes off for the stairs when I leave so he can watch me out the window. Like your dogs, he is with me constantly when I'm home. He's 8 and I've already began to have anxiety about losing him. That's the downside of loving, isn't it. I used to have a horse and miss riding. My legs won't assume that shape anymore! :D
    Yes, I like normal.

  10. Awww, poor Kitty. :o( I'm sorry.

    I'm glad your two Jacks have each other. At least they can keep each other company while you are out enjoying the sunshine.

    Sounds like a productive time.


  11. Love the faces peeking through the window. So sorry about your kitty. I hate it when unknown things happen to furry loved one.

    The trail ride sounds very cool!

  12. Man I hate it when a cat goes missing and I just know a predator got it. I am sorry about Miss Emma.

    Those 2 dogs are so cute peeking out the window looking for you, while you work outside in the heat.Sounds like you're getting a lot done, really. Why not though, with 2 dogs supervising?

    Normal is nice.


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