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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Lower Back Pain Relief

This is a quick post, no photos, but the information is fantastic! Steve, my brother and I were talking last night about his on-going back pain. He'd been to a chiropractor who was either a charlatan or smoking some serious stuff and, after x-rays, told him, "crushed vertebra, bulging discs, months of healing and you must come to me twice a week." Yep, you guessed it; those twice a week visits for this year were going to cost north of $5,000.00. Steve said, "I'll think about it" and went off to think evil thoughts of her instead. 
Well, maybe he didn't, but that's what I'd have done! This chiropractor had just opened her business and was giving away the first two visits free. Ummm, I believe that's called shady business practices, don't you?
So, Steve goes to another chiropractor, who has been in business more than three decades, and this man talks to Steve, does a few minor adjustments and says, "You're having hip pain, aren't you?" Steve confirms and the doctor says, "Well, if you do what I tell you and do it faithfully, you'll only need to see me one more time." 
*Each morning, before leaving the bed, lie on your back, pull your heels up to your buttocks, close as possible and touching if possible, then lower both legs to the right, to the left, to the right, to the left. Do this a dozen times, going lower each time.
*When walking up stairs, don't walk straight up but zig-zag up.
*When you rise out of a chair, first, raise your head a couple of inches and look UP. 
I've tried all these things, albeit only since last night, and it's amazing! It is helping my back pain and I anticipate more relief as I do these simple exercises more faithfully and for a longer period of time.
If you're having lower back pain, you try these three exercises and let me know if they  help you. 

Today's Miracles ~ good night's sleep, again! ~ warm house ~ dog treats ~ quiet ~ electricity ~ hot coffee ~ flavored creamer ~ 


  1. Hello Sandra:
    this all reads like very wise advice to us. Indeed, the exercises that Lance was advised to do following his back operation are very similar to these and they do make a huge difference. Targeted exercise is very much the answer we believe to the relief of lower back pain and so much more acceptable than painkillers.

    Pleased to know that this is working for you. Take it easy!!!

  2. Anonymous7:07 AM EST

    Good Morning, Thank you so much. John suffers terribly with back/hip pain. I'm headed to his room to catch him before he leaves bed to try these. Hope you have a good day.

  3. Sometimes the simplest answers are the best!

  4. Wise words. I do think I've developed some bad habits in the way I get around and have found that simple exercises strengthen my back muscles and lessen my pain. This is worth trying!I've always been afraid of letting anyone 'adjust' me, though some people swear by it. The thing is, once they go they seem to need to go back constantly.
    I didn't know you had a brother!

  5. Thank you, Sandra! I'll keep this advice in mind. I occasionally have lower back pain too. Glad your brother ignored that 1st doctor!

  6. WOW! Good to know!

  7. Just read this off to my husband. We will try this for our chronic hip pain.

  8. My back and hips sometimes give me trouble, so will definitely try to remember these exercises. My office is upstairs, so I go up and down stairs many times a day. Can you explain what zig-zagging means, exactly? I can envision at least two methods, and am not sure which is correct.

  9. Do you know, Sandra, I've had rotten hip pain since before Christmas and I'm off to try this right now!! Looking up...

  10. Thank goodness he got a second opinion! Thanks for the info. I know several people living with lower back pain.

  11. Great advice, Sandra, thank you! I'm going to start right away. Please thank your brother, too.

  12. I will be trying this ! I see lower back pain is common, and imagine chiropractors make a LOT of money off people desperate for relief. This plan seems pretty cost-effective to me, especially since the cost is in practical things we can do for free.

  13. Yay! Tricks for less pain! I like it!

  14. Sounds like good advice. Hope it helps others too. If nothing else it should help us all to stay more limber. That's always a good thing!

  15. I've had such awful lower back pain from all the sitting I've had to do at work this year and driving back and forth to and from NC so often. Thanks so much for the suggestions - I will start them tomorrow morning for sure!

  16. Interesting to read these exercises. I've had back problems and my chiropracter said similar - especially the getting out of a chair. I have found this stretchvery helpful too:

  17. These sound interesting. I'm going to go have a try at zigzagging right now.

  18. Hi Jane and Lance - anything to help with the aches and pains of farming!

    Mildred, hope the exercises helped John's back pain.

    Leslie, these simple exercises really do help; it's amazing!

    Debbie, back exercises do help the back but they have to be done. That's the hard part for me, especially the way I stand from my chair...hard to remember!

    MK, the exercises have helped me, especially when I remember to do them -hahaha-.

    Karen, I enjoy putting together things that might be of help/interest to other people.

    Dewena, hope the exercises helped.

    Michelle, zig-zagging means to Z up the side to the other so you don't walk straight up; doing so relives pressure on the spine.

    Mags, did the exercises help?

    Gail, in my family, we tend to be suspicious -grin-.

    Carol, you're welcome and hope it's helpful to you.

    Kathy, I'm all over free and no meds for decreasing pain.

    Pom, tricks for pain free and NO meds...yay!

    Glenda, pain free is good, pain free and no meds is better.

    Sparky, limber is good, pain free is good and no meds is better.

    Jill, how are the exercises helping your back?

    Dormouse, will watch video when I go to town library for their bandwidth...thanks!

    Garden, the hardest for me to remember is rising from chair with head lifted up. Usually, I just grunt and go. hahaha

  19. This is interesting, I have saved the exercises so I can do them daily.
    At the moment I have 5 herniated disks and have started Pilates recently, that seems to have reduced the back pain.

  20. My back also puts me in problem sometimes with pain. I do also practice some exercises for my Back Pain daily. Also its advisable to sleep in a firm mattress that will help in relaxing.

  21. thank you for your brothers exercises. I am going to try them. I have lower back pain.

    I am sorry to hear of your husband's sudden death in 2011. We draw strength from our Lord ; His Presence and Love substains us.

  22. Really? These simple techniques work? Treating back pain cost me a lot, from consulting a doctor to undergoing treatment. I've relied on inversion therapy after my friend told me about it. It helped relieve my back pain, albeit slowly. I will try these exercises, alongside my therapy. I guess it will help me recover from back pain faster and more effectively.

    Shaunna Schumacher

  23. I guess Steve was right to have gone to a reputable chiropractor instead. Hm, I never knew that simple stretches and changes in physical movement can help lessen back pain. This is such valuable information! I will definitely try this to see how effective these methods are.

    Gracie Dew

  24. It’s a good thing you found another chiropractor who has been in the practice for decades. With his credentials and experience, you will know that every penny will be worth it. And it’s nice of you to share the exercises on how to alleviate lower back pain. I suggest that you asked for your physician’s advice before doing the exercise, especially to those who had gone through an accident or surgery.

    ~Hendrik Imbier

  25. Anonymous5:26 AM EST

    I like the way you write that this is a quick post but fantastic. I agree to that. Fantastic to know more about back pain. This post and visiting my Seattle Chiropractors helps me a lot.

    Best regards,


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