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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

YOU need to know...

Are you familiar with HomeGoods store? It's part of the TJMaxx and Marshall's chain and focuses strictly on goods for the home. It's a fun store and their website has a fun design personality test. I'm The Traveler with a Touch of Country. It says "The Traveler is curious about all the corners of the world, whether she's visited them or dreams of going. She welcomes stories into her home through the finds of hidden bazaars and curio counters the world over. She doesn't just look forward to her next trip; she lives abroad in her own home everyday." Click here to start your Stylescope design personality test.
Yep, that's how it is here on the farm; each room is filled with things Dave and I picked up all over the world. We didn't start traveling until 2008 but, since then, I've managed to visit twenty-nine or thirty countries. When the traveling bug bit, it bit hard smile.  

His Word is a Lamp Unto my Feet, Glenda Hancock's Pinterest page is a blessing. I don't know Glenda but appreciate the work of her hands and heart. 

Susan Branch, my, almost, daily dose of happy is found here. A visit with Susan always leaves me feeling happier and more cheerful.

A Bowl Full of Lemons is a site I recently found and the author is doing a incredible 8-week study on Emergency Preparedness. I don't live in an earthquake, tsunami, tornado or hurricane alley but I like being prepared. Lists interest me, being prepared interests me more and I highly suggest you check out her site for Emergency Preparedness as well as Home Organization, Budget and other fine articles. She's an advocate of a cash life and did an interview with 

Dave Ramsey. Dave was a millionaire before his 30th birthday and lost it all before his 30th birthday. He and his wife had two of their three children when he declared bankruptcy and since then, have built a multi-million dollar company. Late last year, I took Dave's Financial Peace University and those classes taught me so much. Some of you know Dave, my husband, died suddenly and unexpectedly, in November 2011. We knew he was sick but thought he had another six months to year to live so we thought we had time to prepare. We were going to sit down on a Monday, me with my three-ring binder and he was going to tell me where everything was, what I needed to know, etc. He died on Saturday morning and I spent 2012 learning about finances, budgeting, buying property, taking care of vehicles, animals, the farm, the house...doing it all! Without the good advice and wise counsel of people like my lawyer, CPA, financial consultant, friends and family, I surely would have sunk. I've been working on a book, compiling all those hard won lessons learned since and started a blog here. That first year, grief ruled my life and the blog wasn't kept up but the information is still good and can help save you time and money. "Death comes to us or for us; it's best to be prepared." My goal is to have the book ready by April and, I think, will e-publish first then see what happens.

For a free download of Dave's Guide to Budgeting, click here.
I cannot suggest strongly enough that you find and take a Financial Peace University series of classes; it will be one of the best things you could ever do for yourself and your family!

St. Paul's Church in Auckland, New Zealand has some fabulous videos that tell the Christmas story in a fresh new way. Click here for an Unexpected Christmas.

Women Reaching Women is a Gospel for Asia program. It sends women to minister to women in areas like South Asia where 50,000 female children are aborted each month!

Click here to visit the Innkeeper by John Piper.

Last, but certainly not least, please don't forget Vicki's Grow Your Blog Party which is happening 19 January. She's been working on this party since June...amazing!...and it promises to be the biggest thing this winter. 

Today's Miracles ~ great weather ~ strength to do the work God has set before me ~ a great night's sleep ~ healthy animals ~ Vicki at 2 Bags Full ~ Financial Peace University ~ A Bowl Full of Lemons ~ Pinterest ~


  1. Good morning...thanks for all of this information! We are Dave Ramsey fans too..debt free as of last summer (mortage included!) I am joining the "Grow Your Blog Pary" and plan to go to that store website and see what my style is later today! Thanks for your always interesting blog! Enjoy your day.

  2. Oh I love checking out the links you leave. Thank you for that. Have a nice day it is nice and warm but still snowy here. Hug B

  3. I always enjoy checking out links that other bloggers enjoy! I also enjoy Susan Branch's blog. I actually just found her blog a couple of weeks ago, but it's so cute and refreshing! And we are Dave Ramsey fans too. We used his program to pay off our school and car loans several years back. Thanks for sharing the link to the "grow your blog" party. I signed up to participate.

  4. OOoo -- THank you for this, this morning, dear :) So many nice things to enjoy this morning. I like that Pinterest spot, following now. Refreshing my memory on the blog party, need to work on a post for that. I've had some new followers/commenters lately and I need to visit their blogs regularly. And ... no surprise here, I adore traveling too, always have. Have not traveled much since I married, what with the kids and cost and all. But in younger days i went to Mexico about 6 or 7 times, to Poland twice, traveled around Europe after college. Also ENgland with some students a few years back. We should be traveling buddies someday, if the opportunity arises!

  5. Good advice and some great links!

  6. Thank you for these links and info. We always thought we'd travel when the kids were grown and gone. But with our spread out family, by the time they were all grown and gone--and gone the second time around--we liked our own bed too much to be as excited about traveling. But I am the world's best armchair traveler!

  7. I used to listen to Dave Ramsey daily on the radio. He is so wise. Lots of useful links here, so thank you for that! I'm going to check out the blog party link next. Take care!

  8. Thank you for sharing.
    I appreciate your post.

    Winter blessings to you,
    d on the prairie

  9. Hello sweet friend-- you've shared some incredible links here-- you put so much research into your posts-- I appreciate you for this!!

    Thank you for sharing info about the party!! I'm working day and night loading in all the blogs-- we are approaching 300-- thanks to sweet friends like you!! Yes-- it IS going to be the biggest thing this winter!!!


  10. Debbie, you're welcome and glad I could be of assistance. Dave Ramsey is great; he's learned the hard way and is happy to pass along his hard won information.

    Buttons, you're sure to enjoy the blog party...going to be FUN!

    Amber, good for you, going debt free; it's the only way to live!

    MK, traveling buddies sounds great; I do love to travel!

    Leslie, it's always enjoyable spreading around some good news.

    Dewena, there are only a few more years of travel for me then it's armchair for me as well -grin-.

    Gail, hope you're joining up with Vicki's blog party...sure to be great FUN!

    Deanna, thanks for visiting; hope you're going to visit during Vicki's blog party.

    Vicki, your party is going to be great fun; thank you SO much for all of your hard work!


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