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Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Saturday

~ back porch woodpile ~
Vicki's Grow Your Blog Party is here; giving away five gifts too!
Above, is the woodpile or what's left of it. Although autumn lingered...and lingered and lingered...the only really cold weather we've had was the Halloween snowstorm and since Christmas. Winter has arrived with all the sound and fury of a scorned woman and makes her presence known with high winds, low temps, icy rain, snow and sleet. If that's not enough, the sun is trying mightily to let his face be shown through the gray clouds. I wish he'd try harder wry smile.
~ Ranger, loaded with wood ~
Using my Polaris Ranger, I went to the barn where wood is stored and loaded the bed. The dogs thought it was all fun and games until they realized I was serious about hauling in a couple loads of wood. You know the old saying, "it's warm until the furniture is gone." Well, taking advantage of a beautiful day, I loaded the Ranger twice and brought, maybe, two weeks worth of wood to the back porch. I'll save the furniture for an emergency! grin
~ back porch wood pile ~
It's not stacked very straight but it's as straight as it's going to get. From here on out, it's downhill anyway; hopefully, this will last me a couple of weeks and then I get to do it all over again.

I had some dribs and drabs of yarn left and wanted to make a throat cozy. Our, meaning the dogs and my, bedroom is Very Cold and even though we pile together like a litter of puppies, it's still COLD! A few weeks ago, the bedroom thermometer read 48 F above zero. Trust me, I enjoy cold weather but 48 F above zero isn't all that much above every sense of the word! But, flannel lined nightgowns, wool socks and blankets almost keep me warm. What was needed was something around my throat. Anyone else have the problem of a cold throat means they have a sore throat in the morning? There were some mornings, I could barely swallow because my throat was so cold. I had some left over yarn from the pink hat ugh, I HATE pink! and thought I'd knit a throat cozy. The yellow was waaaaayyyy too large but makes a nice ear warmer head band; second from left is still too large so, using the rest of the left over pink as well as yellow yarn, I knit another throat cozy. This one is just right; fits over my big head but still small enough to encircle my throat without being too tight or too loose. So, if anyone wants a size large yellow head band...chirp. Likewise the smaller, child size pink headband and the pink hat. They're all up for grabs...leave me a comment and I'll randomly pick names on 1 Feb...same day as the other giveaways from Vicki's Grow Your Blog Party. When you comment, let me know which you want, please.
Now, I'm taking a glass of tea, a Vince Flynn book and going to the sun room where I'll spend the rest of the day, sitting on my blessed assurance. BTW, if any of you are familiar with the Mitch Rapp books written by Vince Flynn, it might interest you to know Bruce Willis will play Hurley in the upcoming movie. Mr. Flynn's website says they are still looking for someone to play Mitch Rapp. 

I've earned a rest, please agree with me! smile

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." ~ Albert Einstein ~

Today's Miracles ~ two loads of firewood on the porch ~ flannel lined nightgowns ~ a well earned rest ~ another beautiful day ~ healthy animals ~ warm boots ~ dog sweaters ~ the good guys ~


  1. Sandra,
    Am I the first to comment?
    Mitch Rapp is one of my favorite characters. I have read all of Vince Flynn books I think.
    So Bruce Willis is going to play him? I picture him differently. Remember, he is dark haired and kind of swarthy. Hmmmm....will have to see the movie.
    Get some rest and stay warm with those puppies!

  2. Yes-Yes- You have earned your rest! You had a full day and you deserve it. I hope you have a good laid-back rest of the weekend- xo Diana

  3. good grief, a am in awe of you. i hope that
    wood pile lasts all winter.

    bruce will make a fine harley.

  4. Good for you, getting it to the porch! here we are still under ice, not much snow but lots of ice yesterday, a slow bit of a melt today. Tomorrow we may go as high as 43 to 45! Warmer headed our way as the rain wings its way back! About all I read is Christian fiction, Amish mostly, sometimes dull but clean. Love the little pink hat! Could not wear it, but think it is divine!

  5. Mitch Rapp is my fantasy dream date so I hope they get just the right person to play him!

  6. Hi Sandra, I hope you are staying warm, with hot tea and a quilt as well as your book. What great exercise-getting all that wood to your porch. As for staying warm, I'm surprised the dogs aren't under the covers too. I never thought of a throat cozy before-but I tend to sleep warm. We haven't gotten that cold here. I love your knitted items and since I have 7 grand daughters, would love a chance at either the hat or the pink cozy. Thanks for sharing. Blessings on your day!

  7. I haven't read Vince Flynn...will have to look for some of his books. You worked hard with that wood and deserve a rest. I like pink and sure would love the little pink hat. If it doesn't fit me, I have two sweet grand daughters! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay warm!

  8. You have earned a rest and time with your book. I know what it is like to move that much wood. Done it. Our OLD farmhouse was always running cold, so we got a pellet stove. It is still very cold upstairs, but not the temps you're having. I feel like sending you a pile of blankets! Stay as warm as you can. I used to have a dog that would sleep under the covers at the very bottom of the bed.I could put my feet on her and keep them warm. The ones we have now would take over, so they have doggie beds.

  9. Know what...I truly admire you! Keep warm!

  10. Sandra, I'm doing the hints you gave for back and hip pain. I hope you are too, what with all the wood you're hauling and stacking. And I hope the bitter cold lets up soon. We're to have a warm up in TN next week so maybe it will reach you.

    I haven't heard of the Vince Flynn books but have written it down. We did see the trailer on t.v. for the Bruce Willis film. I know some of the other commenters put in 1st dibs on the pink hat for their granddaughters but may I toss my hat in the ring too? I have a 6 month old granddaughter who looks darling in pink. Well, she looks darling in anything, to be honest!

    I hope you have a wonderful Sabbath rest tomorrow!

  11. Your woodpile is very impressive. Ours is shrinking and in need of replenishing even tho we have not had much cold this winter. Today it's up to 54*. It promises to get cold though after the weekend.

    About the sore throat in the morning....for me it is because I'm a mouth breather. Disgusting, I know, but that's why I sometimes wake up to a sore throat. I think 48 degrees is awfully cold for sleeping. Do you wear a nightcap too? You should!


  12. As always you work harder than any two people I know (now that Skip isn't here) warm, cozy
    Don't know the Vince Flynn books

  13. I'm glad you are going to wear a throat warmer! That's too cold, Sandra! Brrrrrrr!

  14. Oh my, 40-some degrees in the house is mighty chilly! I freeze in our kitchen (no heat) and it stays in the lower 50s - but it gives me a good reason to bake everyday! Have you ever tried fleece sheets? We tried them last year (before we got heat for the rest of the house) and they were amazing! Enjoy your day and stay warm.

  15. Oh, Sandra, you work so hard, my darling. Now, about those books. I love those books. I've almost been afraid to tell any of the girlfriends for fear they would laugh me out of the group, but now I know there are other "ladies" who also like the author and his character. I've read every single one of them, and was delighted to hear there would be a movie. Bruce Willis will be perfect in that role, I think. Now, who should play Mitch? Channing Tatum's too young I guess. Matt Damon already has Bourne. How about Leo DiCapprio?
    The books are good companions, ones I cannot put down. And, I do love the author, he has a good story of his own personal life. xx's

  16. Sweet blessings to you. You are one hard working woman! Stacking Firewood takes some muscle power. It's been a few years since I did this. Great exercise and being prepare for cold weather is smart.

    I'm ready for Spring....please hurry.

    God bless.

  17. I too have a woodstove, and it hasn't had much rest this winter - I have gone through at least a cord and a half so far. For the last month the dogs and I have been sleeping on the sofa in front of the wood stove. It is glorious! When I feel a little chilly, I wake up and throw on more wood. My grandmother used to say "a wood fire is like money in the bank."
    During Hurricane Sandy a tree fell on the corner of House of Beautiful Dogs and it's all cut up and waiting for next winter - it was a hundred foot tree!! Luckily it only hit the corner - the roof still isn't fixed - I used the insurance money for the tree - and had them cut it to 18" lengths (some still needs to be split)t. I need a truck like yours to haul the wood - I have one of those little carts. Keep warm! Love, Linda

  18. Hello Sandra:
    Gosh, you really deserve a rest after all that log moving. We cannot imagine how you have the energy and strength to do all that but know that you really must put up your feet for a fortnight as you obviously deserve it!!

    We are concerned that you are not keeping warm enough and really urge you to think about ways of increasing the temperature. What about an electric blanket for the bed?

    Take care of yourself!

  19. You absolutely deserve a rest. I read two whole books this weekend and I didn't even haul wood LOLOLOL Rarely do that and today have to get busy!

  20. Heating with wood is cozy but it is a lot of work for sure.

  21. We don't have a barn, but we have a friend with contacts. Last weekend he brought a truckload of wood and a young gentleman to unload it. All Steve had to do was help with the stacking and pay the young gentleman. $50 for a cord of wood will last us until spring.

    Stay warm!

  22. Everything is a miracle. :)

  23. I hope it's warming up for you...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  24. Charlotte, no, Bruce Willis is playing Hurley...Mitch's boss, the cantankerous old man. I just finished Last Man Standing...great!

    NanaDiana, my rest didn't last long enough, grin.

    Lea, that wood pile *might* last 2 weeks then it's back for more.

    Annie, reading is a good thing; especially if it's Christian based.

    Vicki, wonder who will play Mitch? Tom Cruise is playing Lee Child's character, Jack Reacher, which is QUITE a reach.

    NanaNor, send me your snail mail, you won the head bands.

    Debbie, you won the hat, snail mail please and thanks.

    Patrice, I sleep warm, it's just my throat was cold. It's very hard for me to turn over because the dogs are sleeping almost on top of me. They keep throwing off their blankies. -grin-.

    Loretta, it takes work but I do stay warm. I love my old farmhouse but it's a ton of work to keep up and warm.

    Dewena, send me your snail mail and I'll knit your grandd. a pink hat. Our warm spell didn't last but it was good while it did!

    Jody, I've often thought of a night cap but have yet to do it. the first winter we were here, I wore a toboggan to bed and shoveled snow from inside the house to the outside!

    LindaSue, I love to work, what can I say -grin. Flynn books are good patriot and furious and good guy always wins, in the end.

    Karen, it is a trifle cool - grin!

    Hey Holler...just wanted to say that -grin-, yes, I do have flannel sheets, wool blankets and socks and wear a cami under my nightgown. I stay warm enough but my throat was cold, no longer!

    Marsha, I think Leo is too much of a pretty boy. Mitch's character is world wise and weary which Leo isn't. But I'm not sure who could play Mitch...?

    Deanna, spring is a ways away here. We've got 3 inches of snow, high winds and low temps; spring is a distant memory -grin-.

    Linda, all that firewood sounds lovely although I'm sorry it was a pain to get.

    Jane and Lance, I stay warm, it's just my throat that gets cold. I have wool blankets and socks, flannel gowns and an electric heater. It's an old farmhouse, sitting on a hill and catches every stray bit of wind that blows.

    Jill, sometimes a book says READ ME and ya just gotta obey!

    Sandy, would rather heat with wood than coal because wood is cleaner but coal is warmer. oh yeah, that makes sense...not! -grin-

    Art and Sand, what a blessing!

    Bo Art, you're right...EVERYTHING is a miracle!

    Teresa, it'll warm up in time.


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