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Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Thrifting Antiquing Kit

ADDED NOTE: Sandra, my SC friend and S2 as Dave called her, reminded me a magnifying glass is ever so useful in my kit. She's correct; thanks, Sandra, one has been added!

For years I've been saying I needed a little kit to take with me when I visited thrift stores, auctions, consignment or antique stores. Here it is! It's jam packed with little goodies to make it easier for me to make wise buying decisions. It's small enough it can fit into a purse or, better, my backpack which is what I try to carry so my hands and arms are left free. My camera is also part of this kit but lives in its own little case and hung around my neck. I'm sure to have forgotten something but, for now, it's perfect. You'll need to look carefully as I took these photos on my Chinese checker board table. I've got my skates on and am beavering away on the Preparedness Training book so am slinging up this blog entry in the hopes of giving my thrifting kit a trial run soon. The Muse has been lashing away at me with her whip and I'm encouraging her mightily! grin
From the upper left corner...a small notebook with pen to keep measurements, sizes, styles, colors, fabrics, make notes, etc. Next, a red mag light to peer into dark corners and drawers. The yellow sticky pad and black magic marker are used to write SOLD on something to keep others from wishing in vain and to prevent me from having to make several trips to the cash register. smile 
Continuing clockwise: several packets of eye glass cleaner for my eyeglasses and to clean glassware in order for me to better see scratches, imperfections, etc. A red-tipped magnet allows me to tell if something is metal...or not. Scissors take small, out of the way snips of fabric or yarn so I can run outside and do the burn test to ascertain fabric content. Wool will only smolder, it won't burn; everything else will burn. Above the scissors are wet ones to clean my hands. While I dearly love to shop at thrifts stores, I always feel in need of a shower when I leave. The anti-bacterial wipes give me the feeling of cleanliness. 
Above the wipes is a screwdriver with two different sizes of flat head screw driver and two different sizes of Phillips. 
Lastly, a tape measure on a lanyard. The tape measure has a button so it can be stopped in place; very helpful when I'm not shopping with a friend to lend assistance by holding the other end of the tape measure.
That's it; if you have a suggestion for something you find necessary, please let me know.
By the way, the 1 Wife to Widow blog has a new post. I'm telling you, the Muse is working overtime today! smile

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." ~ Albert Einstein ~

Today's Miracles ~ snow! ~ ice ugh ~ the sun is shining even though I can't see if for the clouds ~ safety when going to the barn to do chores this morning ~ fire in the wood stove ~ cookies, recipe tomorrow ~ 


  1. Oh wow. You are SUPER organized!!

  2. Wow! What a great idea. I have a couple of those things tucked in my purse but nothing like this! You are SOOOO smart- xo Diana

  3. Great idea! I never thought about it but many times I've wished I had one of the things in your kit. Hugs!

  4. All of the items are something I've needed at one time or another when browsing the thrifts. Great idea!

  5. What a clever little kit, Sandra! Yay for the Muse!

  6. that is a very well-thought-out, prepared preparedness kit! wow! you have it down to a science!

  7. GREAT JOB!!!! May you find many a super buy.

    Happy day to you and may February be FANTASTIC.

    God bless,

  8. Your preparedness kit is very impressive! I have a backpack for my camera gear which helps keep my hands free for shooting. As for a purse, I've scaled down to a small one that is a cross body bag, again, to keep my hands free. A small thing but so helpful!

  9. Good kit! You are a serious thrift/antique shopper. I bet sellers give up and quote you a good price because they know you mean business!

  10. Hello Sandra:
    Well, quite clearly we just throw ourselves on the charity shops completely ill prepared!! You, on the other hand, seem very professionally equipped with this pack of essentials. As in so many things, our hearts often rule our heads but that can lead to expensive mistakes.

  11. Lisa, it's more that I've needed all these things and never had them all in one spot. Now, I'm ready to **thrift**! lol

    Nana, isn't the small things of life that which makes life easier?

    Jill, little things make our life easier, eh?

    Nancy, now, I'll always be prepared...except for $$. lol

    Karen, yep, the muse is lashing me onward!

    TexWisGirl, yeah and it's only taken me 30 years!

    Deanna, hopefully a super cheap buy!

    Gail, it's the small things that smooth our path.

    Dewena, that's funny!

    Dear Jane and Lance, The better prepared, the less you'll pay or so I hope!

  12. I'm impressed. You are really very prepared. I tend to stop on a whim and have nothing.

  13. Elizabeth, the one thing I neglected to mention is a magnifying glass; every so useful! And, Sandra, my friend, reminded me; thanks Sandra.


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