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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

~ Cove Road ~
I was going to do a post on Monsanto, and will yet, but time is of the essence lately so will join Patrice today. This is Chat #96! Folks, it takes work and imagination to keep something up for 96 weeks...that's almost 2 years. Patrice, you're doing an incredible job, thank you.

For those who don't know, Patrice asks five questions and participants give their answers and also link with her blog, Everyday Rurality. It gives folks a chance to visit new to them bloggers, a chance to visit with old friends and have a bit of simple fun...always a plus!

1. When it comes to vegetables, which do you use more often - canned, frozen or fresh?  Generally, I cook seasonally, meaning I use what's in season first and then use my own vegetables, canned and frozen. I do purchase and use a lot of canned beans and corn but that's the extent of canned purchases.

2. Do you sew? Yes, but not well. Mainly I quilt and do textile fiber art and mending. It seems there's always mending to be done.

3. Do you have a common fear, such as the fear of heights, spiders, snakes, small spaces, flying, etc.? I'm afraid of heights and, every chance I get, go high to test myself; I especially like flying in small planes and helicopters. Since someone attempted to rape and murder me in the 1980's, I tend to be claustrophobic and hate small spaces from which there appears to be no escape. But, God is gracious and merciful and has healed me emotionally but the physical scars I'll carry for life. 

4. Is there anything you recommend for cutting the grocery bill? The same thing that works for cutting the grocery bill works for cutting extra pounds...don't serve meals from the table; serve them from the stove and counter. When food is in front of us, we'll tend to have seconds or thirds but when the table is cleared of food, our bodies are better able to recognize when we're sated. 

5. Tell me about something that made you happy over the past week. I'm not so much happy as contented and each day finds much of the same...watching the sun rise while sitting on the back porch having devotions, giving the dogs treats, tending to the animals, walking to the mailbox. Someone told me they thought it'd be extremely lonely here but it's not lonely to me, it's enjoyable solitude. I know I can't live here forever and I'm going for sensory overload while I can. In thinking further, two things that made me happy were the inside and outside painters finishing and the house looks wonderful! It was well worth the fuss and bother.

Blessings ~ a beautiful home ~ Gypsy came home ~ Patrice ~ contentment ~ a peaceful valley ~


  1. I sure had a pause when I read your answer to #3! I'm glad you were not murdered, because I'd sure miss you at chats. How terrible. I don't think I've ever seen anything on that in your blog before. I guess you wouldn't like small spaces. I suspect I'm afraid of them because there is no place to escape, but I do not have a specific incident that made that fear, as you do. Bless you, dear. That's something big to live with. I agree with you on the last answer when you mention contentment. I think it is far more valuable than happiness and far less fickle. :)

  2. Hi Sandra!
    Giving the dogs treats. I love that. I gave our grandpup a rawhide bone and she went right to work and buried it in my back garden. Our son Jeff said, "I've never seen a dog do that in real life."
    I am enjoying the birds. They are frequenting my three feeders and I feel so honored.
    I am so happy that the painting turned out so well. Yay for progress!
    Have a peaceful day, sweet sister.

  3. again - evidence that you need to write a bio - or at least a fictionalized based on life story book - Sandra you are truly one of the most interesting people in the blog world!
    and yes - content more than happy - I can understand the distinction and most days find myself contented

  4. I like all of your answers. I am glad that you are comfortable with solitude. It is a special kind of gift. I am learning again about it. I think it is like making peace with oneself. Learning to live quietly sitting at the feet of the Lord.
    It just doesn't happen easily.
    It is work just like every thing else.

  5. Sandra, I too paused when I read the answer to number three....that is enough to frighten one as well as to give you nightmares for the rest of your life. Thank God you were ok and are here to Remington us that indeed God is good, gracious, kind and always there for us.

    Happiness means so many things to people but I find that as I age it is the simple things, time with family, the moon and the stars, snow falling softly on a winter night, and the antics of my pup.

    Thank you for sharing yourself, Elizabeth

  6. Feeling sort of stunned here but I think your answer explains a lot about the courage and determination you have and your faith in God. I too thank God that you are here today but I'm so sorry this was something you had to go through once.

    I'm sure you want us to also remember your other answers so I'll think about the pleasure you get from seeing your freshly painted house. Paint makes such a difference.

  7. I grew up with canned but now I choose fresh whenever possible. I did some sewing in HS but not much since. So sad to hear about that attempted rape/murder.((HUGS)) That's a great idea on serving food. I think a freshly painted house would make me happy!

  8. Dear Thistle, I sent my now 3 favorite-sentences to Gelia and Carola, good friends of mine and spiritual women. Here their answers:

    egal, wann man eine message von dir anklickt, es kommt immer wieder erfrischendes, befreiendes, und seien es 'nur' diese herrlichen sätze zum thema 'älter werden'! thanks!
    (refreshing, making free, these spendid sentences according the theme of becoming elder! thanks!)

    Hübsch, kann ich brauchen!
    (Lovely, I do need them!)

  9. I (we) mean the Proverbs of your last "Sabbath-Keeping"

  10. OH, my Lord - Monsanto! Some say here, Monsanto made our big rain in the last days to give us more resistent plants :) :) :)

  11. I learned more about you today, Sandra. The chats are always a good way to get to know one another better. Wishing you a peaceful evening.

  12. Sandra-What a wonderful post this was. I am so sorry that you were victimized those many years ago-but I am also glad that God lifted the burden from your heart and gave you peace.

    I, too, love solitude but I don't often get it. I am pretty self-contained and sometimes wish I had more time to myself-to sit and dream.

    I hope you have a wonderful evening-thanks for sharing YOU! xo Diana

  13. I agree with LindaSue, you should write a bio, and also, include lots of pictures of you and Dave in your travels, and your farm.

    I learn so much more about you when I read your posts, and always enjoy my visits here, even if they challenge my thinking , maybe especially because you often challenge my thinking.

  14. I'm with you regarding contentment and happiness :)
    Didn't you pick up a serger on your thrifty travels? I'd love to know if you find it helpful, They look so complicated to me (my machine is an old straightstitch Featherweight), but I suppose they must be useful since so many projects seem to require them.
    Congratulations on the painting - that must be SO pretty and satisfying!

  15. You made a really good point about serving from the stove or counter. I always put our food out on the table, and so I guess that does make everyone more likely to take seconds (although we do have to cut our teenage son off!)

  16. Hi, sweet friend. I am now on bloglovin' to follow if you wish.

    What a share today ... #3 is so disturbing but glad you are healed. What a horrible thing to have happen.
    Unbelievable these things occur. So glad you are here wtih me.

    I love my peace. We eat from both the stove & table, depending on my mood.

    This week is wonderful. We had Mackenzie for 4 days, yesterday was daughter's bday & tomorrow is hubby's bady ... Sun. we leave town.

    Hugs of love,
    TTFN ~

  17. I like these chats.

    Wow, #3 is scary! I'm ALWAYS armed (and not just with my short Irish temper ... lol). So far haven't even come close to that one except one time while driving on a lonely road in Jax. Had a guy try to force me off the road. I pulled my .44 mag out and let the perp see the profile. Off he went like a scared rabbit! "You done picked on the wrong white girl there my friend," I muttered at him.

    I think eating at home helps to save money. Haven't tried any diets. I don't care anymore. Just eat what I want, within reason, and stop when I'm full. Fortunately, I can't eat much anymore. Age seems to have curtailed my appetite. ~:)

  18. Sandra-- I had no idea you had such a near tragedy in your past. God bless you for moving past this and sharing so much with us all. You are a blessing to so many--

    The photo is gorgeous- what a beautiful piece of heaven is your home here on earth!! I can't begin to tell you how I've carried you in my heart these past few days--



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