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Friday, June 07, 2013

What Could Go Wrong?

Have y'all been following the latest on the NSA (National Security Agency), FBI, Obama and Verizon? Or, Obama, NSA and Skype, Facebook, Gmail, AOL, Apple, PalTalk, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo? In my opinion, the Constitution has been trampled on by all President's since before I've been voting. Oh sure, they've all had such good reasons...war, terrorism, peace, profit...the list makes me gag. It's like saying there's a war on drugs. Dave used to say, "The more times someone says something the better the likelihood it's all a lie." Have we heard the truth in our lifetimes? I submit the answer is NO, unless you've been reading your Bible. Orders have been issued to invade privacy, ignore Constitutional rights and now that they're being found out, the spin cycle is in action.

The Washington Post reports that PRISM, in place since 2007, is a direct invasion of our privacy AND A FELONY except, until yesterday, the public knew nothing about it. Seems we believe Microsoft when they state, "we respect your privacy". Ummm, what privacy would that be, Microsoft, because you were the first to sign up for information mining with PRISM. 

You think because you're a liberal, voted Obama and "aren't doing anything wrong" you're safe? Or do you think you're safe because  your mobile phone supplier isn't Verizon? Think again, poppet, because denial isn't a river in Egypt. This information is either being gathered, or in process of being gathered, from ALL communications companies.

For years, Natural News and InfoWars have reported on data mining, information gathering and our Constitutional Rights being trampled. Obama is good with all this and says, "secret NSA surveillance is a critical tool in protecting the nation from terrorist threats" as reported in The Guardian. The Democratic chair of the Senate intelligence committee, Dianne Feinstein, said the Verizon court order has been in place for seven years. "People want the homeland kept safe," she says and I add, "Yes, safe from YOU and your ilk."

Lest you think I'm anti-Democrat (which I am) you must also know I'm anti-Republican. The cretins have sold us out and there's not a man, or woman, among them who won't sell their eternal soul for filthy lucre which, news flash, they won't be taking with them when they go to hell. Or heaven should such a miracle happen.
Bush and his minions put The Patriot Act into action and it's been used since to commit felonies, ignore the Constitution, run rough shod over We, the People and, IWB (idiots we be), we've been allowing it. Republican Jim Sensenbrenner is "troubled" by the revelations of the Guardian. Sensenbrenner is also one of the authors of The Patriot Act and now the chickens are coming home to roost. He says he's written Eric Holder, Attorney General (hasn't he resigned yet?) to question "if US constitutional rights were secure." 

HELLLLLLO, let me help you with that, Jim. No, our rights are NOT secure because the Constitution is no longer secure and it's due, in part, to YOU and everyone who signed on with Bush's The Patriot Act. Rarely, are the ACLU and I in accordance but in this instance, we're on the same page. According to the Guardian article, the deputy legal director at the ACLU, Jameel Jaffer said, "From a civil liberties perspective, the program could hardly be any more alarming. It's a program in which some untold number of innocent people have been put under the constant surveillance of government agents.
"It is beyond Orwellian, and it provides further evidence of the extent to which basic democratic rights are being surrendered in secret to the demands of unaccountable intelligence agencies." 

The Guardian article states Verizon gives to government spy agencies *the phone number of both people on the call, *the geographic location of the Verizon phone user, *duration of call, and *unique identifiers which allow the phone to be tracked. 

This information may be used by the NSA to reveal *your name, *home address, *social security number, *driver's license number, *credit history, *employment and *criminal history.

People, these are felonies and Obama says, "it's justified". The abuse of power is rampant and justified by our elected officials. David Rockefeller, Bilderberg member, said, "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." For more about the Bilderberg organization, see herehere and here.

Dear God. Have mercy. 

Blessings ~ GOD, He's our only hope ~

P. S. Vic, MonkeyWrangler, says check into the following for encrypted information and storage: Moxie Marlinspike's TextSecure and Red Phone are now operating as Whisper Systems. Also, PGP now GnuPG

P.S. 2 Moxie Marlinspike's recent article speaks to insecure communication, tools such as Red Phone and someone in Saudi Arabia who seeks assistance with a "surveillance problem". Marlinspike is light years ahead of me in the high tech department (for one thing, he helped write the code for Twitter) and I don't claim to understand 80% 90% of what he's saying. I do, however, understand enough to know I don't like this brave new world. I don't like it a'tall.


  1. Where to even begin on this???!!!!

    This morning, I find out that it is our credit cards, online photos, emails...on and on it goes. Next thing you know, they will 'interpret' our photos, emails and phone conversations into something illicit and we will wake up with a drone outside of our window ready to take us out...Oh, wait..they will first consult with the IRS just to make sure we are on the 'enemy list'.

    We bought a private email account but don't want to use it with anyone who has the free accounts, yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.. so we will continue to use our free accounts until others decide to purchase also. Actually I don't know if the private ones are safe either.

    I was a staunch Rep. until I was shocked that Bush had apparently had a LOBOTOMY and lost his mind!!!!

    I'll stop ranting now since this is your blog after all not mine.


  2. Howdy from the Kansas Flint Hills!
    Interesting reading.
    Still learning a great deal.

    I think I have been having growing pains since last summer when I was wondering who would be I feel ill.

    May you have a pleasant week-end even though there is so much being exposed for us to digest.


  3. Look for Moxie MarlinSpike's apps for your phone. RedPhone and TextSecure. They come highly recommended by a friend in the IT biz...And then there is PGP.

  4. Sandra, I didn't know about half of this. I'm learning from you & I will follow up with all your links. I must say when I went ballistic over Benghazi last year I had more comments supporting my view than on any other post. Maybe it's time (& you're already done it) to quit being pretty & sweet in our blogging and start being MAD! Of course, we'll be targeted then as well. But, know what? I do not care. The ones of us who have some sense need to speak out. the pres is the ultimate terrorist as far as I can tell. (lower case intended).

  5. A great article.... I do have Verizon.. the best thing you can do with your privacy is not to have a cell phone, land line, internet.... I guess we all have to live like the Amish...then no one will know nothing about us. .Because everyone would be living off the grid....What would the government do then? IF everyone went silent... they would go crazy... It's a shame we can not trust no one in Washington D.C... ugh... Everything that spews out of their mouth is utter lies...

  6. The new cameras at intersections are tracking any device in the car, and photo recognition software.

    The camera/software company pays for the new intersection lites and provides some of the data free to local police.

    They sell the rest of the info.

    Now we know it's going to Utah too.

    I got interested in the intersection cameras when the little town near me got them at EVERY intersection. The town has NO money.

    Found 2 articles about them and now the Utah stuff.

    Ooooh la la. We're in for a bumpy ride komrad.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  7. It is scary when you really think about it. But China listening in scares me the most!

  8. I think we had better buckle up and pray for the LORD to return. And start shouting from the rooftops that Jesus is the Savior so our friends and neighbors go with us when He returns. Bad times are coming I'm afraid, but I am going to squeeze the joy out of today.

  9. I'm a Democrat at heart, however I am disgusted with all forms of politics lately, no longer for the people, the whole process so totally corrupt, and the issues in your post say it all. We are F-cked. Pardon the filthy word, but it fits.

  10. Gosh, I've got Verizon...I hope they've enjoyed my conversations with my kids (When are you coming home?) or my husband: Do we need any bread? Did you get a bottle of wine? Or my friends: When do you get off? Can you come by for a drink? LOL, cause if they've spent money to hear this then they truly ARE stupid. I say we must vote out everyone currently holding office. Not ONE of them has our best interests at heart, or cares anything about our country. It's digressed into a bunch of special interest groups trying to screw the government and the taxpayers out of every bit of money they can get from us, and yes it IS a crime!!!

  11. Yep, I figure if any level of the gummint wants to put me in detention, they've got all the info they need, radical that I am (translate: don't agree with their take on things): Jesus Christ is my King; I will fight for the Constitution; I am against abortion; I regularly purchase chocolate, cheese, and red meat; I own a gun. I'm sure there are many other things about me that could get me arrested, but those are the ones I know about (new laws being made every minute, you know!)

  12. We really think the Patriot Act was a mistake. And now matters are even getting worse with the governmental abuse. Makes me ill. Instead of monitoring my e-mails and internet usage, how about doing some good, old-fashioned profiling and go after the radical Muslims who want to kill us?

  13. Sadly this and more have been going on for years. Everyone in the country is monitored, from your email, your computer, your phone, your car, where you travel, etc. I guess this is our new way of life. And you hit the nail on the head, there is not one person in Washington working for us, they only go to make money.

  14. I completely agree! Obama, Holder, Janet Napaltano, Reid, Pelosi, etc. etc. should all be impeached and imprisioned. And thanks to a very update-to-date and equally politically astute cousin, we've known about this invasion of privacy for a long time. I absolutely DESPISE President Bush for all the unconstitutional things he did and the Senate / Congressman that went along with him. He was not a good President. Both Bushes where nothing but a couple of Country Club Republicans, no different than any libtard Democrat. That is why I am now and will remain a Libertarian ( We are not screwed. We are ANGRY!!! Ladies, it's time to join or create a TEA Party in your area. Get busy! Get active! GET ANGRY! DO SOMETHING! Don't just let these people win. Women hold civiliation in our hands. Vote for the Right people. Pay attention. I hate politics too but "evil wins when good people do nothing" (paraphrased).

    There. I've said my piece. Sorry to hog up your blog Sandra. :) Thanks for the vent. You are a treasure my friend.

  15. Sherri, you have my permission to rant on my blog when it's gross abuse of power such as this!

    Deanna, the truth shall set you free. And, more than likely, make you madder than a 2-headed snake.

    Vic, thanks for that; have updated the blog post.

    Marsha, we're deep in double digits for impeachment offenses, starting with Bush!

    Lisa, I don't doubt the government keeps tabs on the Amish as well.

    Tara, what you say is TOO TRUE!

    Lottie, government is government and I trust no one's government.

    Susan, I'm ready to go but I'm not homesick. I pray for God to take care of me here and now -grin-.

    Karen, trust no one, especially government employees.

    Midlo, funny how the emphasis is being taken away from THEIR crime and put on the whistle blower.

    Chipmunk, we're in the same camp.

    Donna, the Patriot Act was a power grab, a Very Successful grab.

    Elizabeth, the more someone says something is true, the better chance it's a lie.

    Sparky, AMEN!


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