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Monday, June 24, 2013

Vitamins, SNAP, Big Pharm, Iris Scans

 ~ some of my daily supplements ~
Dave used to call me a cynic. I'd respond, "yeah, but a cynic is simply a realist with more information." He'd nod and smile knowingly. In yet another power grab, fueled, I sincerely believe, by filthy lucre, Senator Dick Durbin of IL, along with the FDA - who we know...heavy on the sarcasm... isn't in bed with big pharm companies...and if you believe that, I've got some swamp land under a bridge in the dessert to sell you! - is again introducing cumbersome, intrusive legislation designed to prevent you us from taking "supplements", aka vitamins.

Durbin states, "At most convenience stores, you can't make it to the cash register without encountering flashy advertising displays for energy supplements like Rockstar Energy Drink and 5-Hour Energy. These products, which market themselves as dietary supplements that offer a boost of energy, are foods and beverages taking advantage of the less stringent safety standards for dietary supplements under current law. When consumers walk down the aisle, they see products that contain potentially {emphasis mine} unsafe additives right next to beverages that have undergone FDA approval {oh yeah, that makes me feel safer}, but they aren't easily able to tell the difference."

Could the difference be, Mr. Durbin, the soft drink industry has spent untold millions lobbying the FDA for our elected representatives employees to turn a blind eye? Although, in the recent case of the "anti-obesity tax" wanting to, by law, ban the sales of oversized soft drinks, I have to admit...I'm on the side of the soft drink companies. The government, no matter what those elected folks think, does NOT have the right to interfere in our personal lives, that's not the purpose of government. Although they do, each and every single day and adding more insults all in the guise of "we're the government and we're here to help". Dear God, save us!

To read more about Durbin's intrusive legislation, click here and call and write your elected employees to vote NO.

The government food stamp program, called SNAP, refers to itself as "Food and Nutrition Service" and "the largest program in the domestic hunger safety net". Reallllllly? Do tell please, what part of soft drinks, chips, cookies, etc. are "nutritious"? If these ejits want to help, why don't they make it illegal for folks receiving food stamps to buy chips, cookies, sodas and other junk food? Why don't they make it illegal and then enforce the laws already on the books to sell food stamps? I don't care if people smoke or drink but I do a slow burn every time I see someone with a grocery cart lined with six-packs of soda, containing bags and bags of chips, dip and other junk, whip out their food stamps to pay. After paying with food stamps, they pull out a wad of bills to pay for their beer, wine and cigarettes. 

I don't care if people eat junk, drink, smoke or do drugs...I just care if they do it with tax slave dollars. Government programs should be in place to help folks but I'm just not seeing the help. Are you?

But I digress from the original point which are supplements. I'm rather amazed at the numbers of sheeple who pop pills, either or both prescription and supplements, without doing research. Just because some guy or gal has M.D. after their names means they know what they're doing...right? WRONG! It may, very well, mean they are in the back pockets of some pharm rep who promises trips, free travel, gifts, etc. Yes, that is correct: some, but not all, doctors accept "free stuff" in return for pushing writing 'scripts for some big pharm companies.

And, speaking to parents here...did you hear about a Florida school who hired, at tax slave expense because, hey! it's a school, Stanley Convergent (a "security solutions" company snort, chuckle, guffaw!) to take scans of children's eyes? Yep, close to 750 children were scanned before parents were notified it was "an option".  

Dave and I always said if we'd had children, we'd have to take turns going to jail. Do you realize iris scans, without knowledge or permission, is an invasion, as well as a horrible abuse, of our Constitutional rights? My advice to those parents: it's okay to get angry but then get a lawyer! A money hungry, willing to do almost anything, money hungry lawyer and contact the ACLU while you're at it. There's NO way I'd let the rats get away with this one. I'd sue the school, the school board, school superintendent, the principles, teachers, the company and anyone else I could name. If you don't stand up for your child, who will? It's your responsibility as a parent!

Civil rights are being violated on a weekly daily hourly basis and most of us are sitting on the sidelines with a, "Well, it's not happening to me" attitude. 

What can you do?

*write your elected officials representatives employees; hold them accountable and let them know you're watching what they do. 
*show up at political events
*engage your rights as a tax paying citizen
*to find your Senator, click here
*to find your Congress rep, click here
*if you're a Christian, you need to know about the ACLJ
*read an e-news report every day; some good ones: Alliance for Natural Health, Dr. Mercola, Natural News, Drudge Report

In the future, Mondays are going to be reserved for political commentary; I can't afford to get this het up but once a week. grin

Blessings ~ a free country still, sort of ~ ACLJ ~ ACLU although it pains me to admit it grin ~ civil rights ~ Drudge Report ~ 


  1. Sandra ..

    We couldn't agree more with all you wrote. It's just unbelievable what these "employees" are getting away with. If we went back to the day that political seats were volunteer and not paid ..I bet ya a lot of these guys and gals wouldn't be interested in the money making political machines they are driving.

    If America doesn't wake up we are going to find our selves with no freedom's and no right's of anykind ..

    They are after the children of this world because brain washing starts with the young who know no better and it is up to parents to make sure that that doesn't happened to their children.

    Thanks for the info .. we get e-mails everyday with this info. and wondered if anyone else did ...

    Have a great week ..Sara

  2. I'm so glad you decided to limit your "het" up time to Mondays because I have to admit, lately I've been worried about your blood pressure LOLOLOL I totally agree with you on this one - just how stupid do they think we are not to be able to tell the difference between USDA and non-USDA approved? And it's usually the USDA approved ones you have to worry about anyway LOL I have so many friends who just take whatever their doctor tells them to take. My doctor knows better than to prescribe anything to me until I've researched it thoroughly on the internet! But I do truly think that there is a third factor involved here with doctors - they mostly know so little about nutrition and other things that may help besides drugs that they just do the standard thing and prescribe whatever is the drug of the moment. Some evidently just don't care to research the new "better" drugs that come out - they just prescribe them. When my dh started taking blood pressure meds, they gave him an expensive new one and when I asked why he couldn't take and old standard - they said it would be fine - they all worked the same way LOLOLOL The old standard cost 1/4 of what the new drug did LOL Anyway, just like with everything else in life - buyer beware. There isn't much of an excuse not to research with all the technical options available today. Now you stay well and don't think about politics the rest of the week! Hugs!

  3. Just listening to the ads of what some of these approved drugs will do to you. I mean who in their right mind would take something that " may cause death,"
    I can't believe how far it has gone in such a short amount of time. In California we have a false economy. The food stamp part is what if fueling the grocery and food industry. What happens when that goes south, there will be a revolution on our hands. My DIL said her next door neighbor' husband makes 80.000 a year and she went down to see if she could get on them. They never asked for a tax return, a proof of her family, nothing just gave her a card. So now she gets free groceries.
    Something is wrong with this picture.
    Yeah, I bet once a week is enough to get mad about a subject. :)
    I am so glad I have someone though to ponder this crazy world with now.
    Have a nice Monday.

  4. In a world today where information and misinformation are both equally available, to the extreme of overload, the wise person will always research for themselves. Even our pastor, a globally-known, expository preacher - best of his generation - will say "don't believe what I preach simply because I'm preaching it, STUDY FOR YOURSELF" Amen!!

    Back in the 70s, I was dating a man who had worked for a drug company as a pharmaceutical rep - one of those guys that takes the 'free samples' to the doctors. What he told me has stuck with me. Most(not all) doctors know nothing of the drugs they're prescribing and what little they do know is from the pharm. rep. who is a SALESMAN for the pharm. company. The PDRs are encyclopedic thick so what dr. is going to sit and review as it's outdated as soon as they get it.

    Blessings to you.

  5. 'Tis a pity the ACLU cannot see that the 2nd Amendment is perhaps even MORE important than the 1st Amendment.

  6. And don't get me started on the latest 1,000 page immigration bill that is being considered by the gang of eight! Another nail in the coffin of what used to be the USA...

  7. Now here I was having a calm, quiet morning and now I'm fired up! I SO hear you. I just wrote my congressmen a week or so ago and I aim to do it again.

  8. Hello,

    Thank you very much for the lovely magazines.They arrived.:)
    I just post about it on my blog.


  9. My mother calls it "The dumbing down of Americans". I read you blog because I like you and like my Mom you are informed which keeps me informed! So thank you! I'll be popping in on Mondays!

  10. Great post! I'm glad there are still some people-like you- that THINK! There is a mess out there, and some folks are too busy paying attention to what Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, and those type people are doing. It's crazy...

  11. My sentiments exactly! Great post and so true!


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