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Friday, June 28, 2013

New Boots

These Merrill shoes have been in use for ten, or more, years. They are my morning barn "boots", easy to slip on/off, comfortable and I use them to run to the barn, make sure everyone is doing all right, feed the barn cats and come back to the house. 
As you can see, they are a mess! The sides are split, soles are coming apart and they, long ago, ceased being water proof.

I'm funny about footwear; they have to do service for years and years and, as long as they don't leak too badly, I'll keep them. The Merrill's have gone beyond the "leak too badly" point and need to be retired. I was just waiting to find a replacement pair and think these Sperry Top Sider's fit the bill. 

I think they'll be easy to find in the dark morning hours, are easy to slip on/off, are water proof and should last a while. There's no way they'll last as long as the Merrill's but can't have everything.

These last couple of weeks have been busy, lots of work...chopping thistles, bush hogging, cleaning out barns, mowing grass, weed eating, fixing fence, putting water sealant on outdoor furniture, cleaning house, laundry, remembering to eat...we're all busy, aren't we?  

Tonight, the skunk came back in broad daylight! and the dogs went to investigate. At the last second, Sophie realized it was a skunk and veered off unfortunately leaving Sadie in the spray path. Yes, once again, Sadie was sprayed but through no fault of her own! She was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time but I'm not sure she understands the fine nuances. Actually, neither do I; the stench is rather strong this time 'round.

That shotgun is looking better and better although my brother tells me a head shot is best for allowing the skunk to keep from spraying. I hate the thoughts but I also hate living with a 110 pound dog that smells like skunk spray. 

There's not much joy on the farmstead tonight.

Blessings ~ I didn't get sprayed ~ only one dog was sprayed ~ new boots ~ old boots that lasted years ~ lots of work accomplished lately but means no time to do fun stuff ~ 


  1. Love the new boots .. and I think we are more and more alike ..I wear my shoes till they are on their last leg too ... ooops no pun intended !

    Yes if you decide the skunk must go .. a head shot is most definitely what you want ..not from the experience of being on the end of the gun ..but from our neighbor who came over and helped us rid the skunk ..that kept coming up to our French doors and watching us eat dinner .. "NOT GOOD" .. and I found the little sweetheart one day hidden inside a bench when lifting the lid it's sparkly eyes were starin back at mine .. I never ran so quick in all my life ..LOL ! .. within an hour our neighbor took care of the little critter as we were quite concerned it was just a bit too friendly ...His thoughts exactly .. a head shot was the only way otherwise the stink would be worse than ever.

    Good Luck with you little black and white cutie and here's hoping the smell on Sadie goes away quickly ..

    Hugs ..Sara

  2. I love your new green boots, too! I have an idea for your winter boots. I am going to buy some, too. Many outdoorsy people in the Pacific Northwest wear them. Here's the link:,default,pd.html?start=1&q=romeo%20work%20boots

  3. I don't know if you have tried this before, but it works. Both my dogs were sprayed last week and I asked for help on my FB page. Got this over and over. 1 qt. peroxide,
    1/4 cup baking soda and a T of dish soap. It's amazing how fast it worked! I only washed each dog one time and it does work. You have to leave it on as long as you can, at leat 10-15 minutes. But you might have to do it again, with a bigger dog. It sure is nasty, that skunk stink.

  4. LOVELY new boots! Those are so cute. I'm thinkin' I need a pair :)
    Sorry to hear about the puppy and the skunky. I agree you need to get that thing outa there. That smell is misery. But ... on the bright side ... those boots!!!

  5. Wonderful, Sandra! I bet that sprightly color will give you just a little extra oomph in the morning, too. It will be nice to have dry feet for a while. :-)

  6. I think your new boots appeal to the fashion part of us too! They also are happy boots. Not to put your old ones down though!

  7. Oh- there is not much worse than a dog that tangles with a skunk. I can remember those days on the farm. I remember using a tomato juice bath on Lucky (who was NOT lucky) to get rid of the scent. I don't remember whether it worked though.

    GREAT boot/shoes. Love Sperry products-they do wear well- xo Diana

  8. Love your new boots, so bright, I might even be able to find those before coffee. Much nicer than my big black clunky boots I am wearing in the heat due to not finding and killing the rattlesnake yet.

  9. I wonder if mothballs in strategic locations - maybe hung in old stockings or onion bags? - would deter the skunk at all? Maybe worth a try, if you can keep them safely out of the other critters' reach.

    I've discovered a clear relationship between my proximity to a spraying skunk and my reaction. If you are really close to fresh skunk spray, it may actually make you vomit.

    The last time Piper got sprayed I found a recipe online for a simple peroxide "shampoo" mix that worked really, really well! I think it was peroxide, Dawn, and bicarb, but I'd have to google to find out for sure. It had an immediate effect (yay!) but for weeks afterward rainy weather would bring out a slight whiff.

    Another thought: if you have a chance to turn a hose on the skunk, that might do the trick!

  10. How to deskunk a dog:

    Things You'll Need

    ¼ cup baking soda
    1 qt. 3 percent strength hydrogen peroxide.
    1 tsp. Dawn liquid dish soap

    Mix baking soda, peroxide and dish soap in an open, widemouthed container such as a bucket.

    Wet your dog's coat with warm water.

    Put plastic gloves on and apply mixture. Massage thoroughly into the coat.

    Use a washcloth to apply carefully to the face.

    Leave on for 3 to 4 minutes. Rinse well with warm, clear water.

    Wash off with dog shampoo.

    Rinse with water and repeat if necessary.

    Read more:

  11. like the bright new boots - waterproof more important in your climate than mine. Enzymatic cleaner really good for dog and skunk interaction - oddly enough feminine hygiene products often work well - when we lived in Colorado our rat terrier tangled with a skunk - despite our best efforts with tomato juice and all took a long while to quench the stench - my housecat was SO disgusted with stinky dog - would walk past - pause and then make a "covering my poop" motion all around the dog!! we roared with laughter but poor old Corazon was miserable - she'd gotten so close she had an actual yellowed stain in middle of front chest - with drip pattern to it! Poor doggy and poor poor Sandra!

  12. So sorry about the skunk but I am in love with your new boots!

  13. You definitely won't have to look hard to find those boots. I hope they do the job and last for a while. They certainly don't make things like they used to nowadays. So sorry to hear about the skunking. Yuck! Best wishes, Tammy

  14. My son shot our skunk and I had to pay $200 bucks for someone to come out and take the thing away cause my neighbors were having fits. No one lives on top of me... The smell was atrocious after 2days no one could stand it any more... I now use a spray I get at Agway that keeps the varmints out of my yard....

  15. Nice boots! I should get a pair like that. I've been wearing old sneakers that are super comfortable (I have sensitive feet) and are definately not waterproof.

    Yeah, go for the head shot on the skunk. Just pretend it's someone you [cough] don't like. It's very therapeutic. ~:)

  16. The old boots need a proper burial! Perhaps a tombstone and some flowers. ;0)

  17. I am badly needing new boots ? shoes to quickly put on and endure what the wear & tear of my daily chores. I am going to look for these.

    Skunks ? Oh no !

  18. I wore those Sperry Top sider's for years on our boat. You can't go wrong with Sperry! Have a great Sunday,

  19. Those are cute boots. I didn't know Top Siders made anything like that. Glad you didn't get sprayed.

  20. Howdy from kansasland!
    I love your boots.
    It's too bad that they don't last 50 years. That'd be getting your money out of them....grins. It sounds like you gave them a run for their money.

    I don't know what I'd do about that skunk. I saw one years ago when we lived on the farm. Freaked me out that it was out in the daylight. Never came back.

    Smile on,

  21. Ah, you know I love the color of your new boots.

    I think the skunk would put be over the edge.

    Glad you are remembering to eat.


  22. Try tomato juice on your dog. Mom says it works. I love your boots maybe I can ask Santa. Busy here to!

  23. Yep, that skunk would be a goner in my book. We had to shoot one when we lived on our acreage because it was wandering around in broad daylight and our dog thought it was a cat and wanted to chase it.

  24. Sara, these boots are rubber so won't last as long as leather but still work. Skunk stories are cute...when they happen to others -LOL-.

    Karen, LOVE those boots you showed me. Usually, I buy LLBean's but forgot about them when I saw these GREEN boots -LOL-.

    Kris, thanks for the recipe; hope it works.

    MK, those boots are really cute, aren't they?

    Gretchen, dry feet are always a plus.

    Dewena, easy to find when it's dark too -LOL-.

    Diana, they're rubber so won't last as long as leather but still cute.

    TL...maybe not *before* coffee LOL!

    Quinn, I'm just trying to pretend they aren't here...not working so far -grin-.

    Vic, Dawn is good for a lot, that's what I use for washing fleeces. Thanks!

    LindaSue, the smell wasn't "too" bad and now, a few weeks later, it's still faint. I feel sorry for Sadie -LOL-.

    Debby, they are pretty cool boots; thanks!

  25. Tammy, they're rubber so don't think they'll last as long as leather but they are cute.

    Jane...oh my gosh! I would have bagged the thing in a trash bag and taken it to the landfill. Yeah, my brother told me a head shot would prevent the skunk from spraying.

    Sparky...great advice, thanks!!

    Little Miss...maybe recycle them as planters, ya think? -grin-

    Kathy, they were only $29 at TJMaxx but if I'd thought about it, I would have ordered a pair of LLBean boots...those things last a decade!

    Yvonne, hope these last a long time but they're rubber so not sure.

    Charlotte, glad I didn't get sprayed too...nasty smell!

    Deanna, I'll be lucky if they last 5 years -LOL-.

    Glenda, knew you'd love the color; it's way cool.

    Lisa, I've used tomato juice but it doesn't work all that well; the smell goes away in a week or two.

    Donna, I keep waiting for Levi, the cat, to figure it out. Levi keeps stalking but hasn't done anything yet.


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