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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Define "interesting"...

Patrice, Everyday Ruralty, has another five questions making this 
Chat number 102!

1. Have you cooked any interesting dishes lately?

     Define interesting.

2. What question would you like to ask Wendell?

     Hay J wants to know how Wendell gets out of doing any work? 
     (Not that Hay J needs any tips; he's already the 
     Master of Laziness!)

3. Have you had any thoughts of Christmas yet?

     Ho Ho NO!

4. Do you make jams and jellies?

     Not this summer but I do have a lovely recipe for a Very Tasty 
     Blueberry Plum Conserve.

5. Do you have any board games that you enjoy?

     I am never bored!

Blessings ~ 30 bales of 5x5 dry hay put up! ~ beautiful day ~ a feeling of expectation ~ glass of cold water ~ breeze, cooling off the heat ~


  1. I'll bet you never are bored. You amaze me with all you do and all you care for. In fact, you make me feel plum lazY!


  2. I say the same thing, I'm never bored (OR BORING).

    love love love

  3. I've never made jam or jelly. I did however pick up my 2013 ornaments at Hallmark last Sunday so I guess I'm thinking about Christmas!

  4. My answer to question number one would be .... define cooked, LOL, it's to hot to cook and besides, I only have a kitchen 'cause it came with the house. I did howeve make a sandwich the other day that I loved as a child .... egg and black olives, yummmmmm.

  5. Loved your answers. And I am sure you are never bored. Busy, not bored ;)

  6. Oh, now you KNOW I have to ask if you'll share that conserve recipe. :-)

  7. Lovely post- I am never board either!;>) although I have been called a broad! Ho No Christmas thoughts here yet either- xo Diana

  8. Sandra- just thinking about you-- and all that your life is holding right now. I hope all is well- going as you want. Keeping you in my heart.

    Blueberry plum conserve sounds delightful--

  9. Congratulations on the hay! What a tough year the farmers are having up here, and I expect down there as well.

  10. I'm completely against being bored, can't stand to hear people say they are. And if they are, I bet you could find a few things for them to do!

    I am such a Christmas fool that I used to indulge in Christmas in July and drag out my Christmas files as a way to cool off. Now I try not to think about it, or even of autumn. I am trying to learn to treasure July and August.

  11. This is Wendell. Patrice sends a hello. You asked how I get out of doing work. Well, it's one of the benefits of being famous. Kind of like the Kardashians, but I'm worth more. I actually do some work. I mow the front yard, watch the pony, and help Patrice with her blog. Tell HayJ hello. Is he a Gypsy Banner? I love that look! Big Horse Hugs!

  12. i am glad you are never bored. ( :
    have a cool weekend.

  13. Cooking is not my forte, so, the only thing interesting about my cooking is you won't get sick.


    Sparky ~:)

  14. I had a brief thought of Christmas yesterday, because it was so hot here. An evening storm cooled it down a bit.


  15. How fun! Got a good laugh. Your blessings always make me stop and count a few of my own.

  16. Wonderful blessings- it is always a good thing to get the hay up!

  17. LOL I loved this....Has anyone told you , youre amazing lately? :)


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