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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lassie, 1994

 In 1994 the movie LASSIE was released to standing room only crowds in....where, where????
 Tazewell, Virginia! More specifically, the Cove area of Tazewell County where, you might remember, Thistle Cove Farm is located. In fact, that's our farm on the movie poster, in the distance, behind Lassie and the boy.
Ever since Dave and I have lived here, we've had people coming by because their kin lived here or they saw Lassie. The man that lived here before us, told us he would walk into a room and see people peering in the windows. They'd bang on the door and ask, "Is this the house where Lassie was filmed?" No, it's not; that house is a ways up the road, behind a locked gate. Its roof is visible from here and the barn where Lassie jumped out is more fully visible. The scenery is just as breath taking now as then.

Lassie was filmed in our valley and region in 1995 and was a huge hit. Locals were used as extras and Clinton, my neighbor was the shepherd who worked his dog, Bullet, behind the scenes in order to make Lassie look sharp. 

Last Saturday Tom R., from Asheville, NC pulled up in the driveway. He and his two cousins are related to the Whites who lived here during the early to mid 1900's. I gave them the oral history that had been given me, both right and wrong, and they talked about what they'd been told. Tom pulled a rolled up piece of paper from under his arm and said, "You should have this." It's an original movie poster and Thistle Cove Farm is dead center, between LASSIE and the caption, "A solid family hit if ever there was one." 

Isn't that fabulous?! Tom, a bear hug seems a small payment for such a momentous gift. I'm going to have it framed with some leftover hemlock siding we used on the stables, barns, scales and other buildings. It's already a treasure; thank you, thank you, thank you for such a lovely gift!

Blessings ~ Tom R. ~ Lassie ~ movie poster ~ 


  1. that is so cool. Congratulations, guess there are some strangers it pays to open your door for, especially bearing a gift like that.

    Was the farm named Thistle Cove before you did you name it?

  2. that is so Lassie and your countryside view is gorgeous.
    Blessed Lady, have a special week-end,

  3. How exciting. I used to love Lassie. Now I can say I kind of know someone who was, like, kind of involved with something that was.....I love your farm. That is interesting schtuff!

  4. TL, thanks and Dave and I named the farm; when we moved here, it wasn't named.

    D, thanks and hope you have a great weekend.

    D, it's a beautiful farm...LOVE IT!

  5. This story has made my day! How totally thoughtful and generous of Tom to share this special piece. xo

  6. Goodness, you are a real celebrity to me! How awesome! Your land is so beautiful and you are sch a wonderful person. I always come by to ask for prayer. You are kind and generous. Thank you and tonight I am asking prayer for my co worker Jessica. She and her hubby and three kids live with her parents and share one bedroom in a house too small for all of them. Her family is terribly difficult. Her husband is trying to acquire legal citizenship here and the process is difficult and very expensive. So pray they can get their own apt. soon. She is a very kind lady and works so hard. Life seems so unfair! But I would appreciate prayer. If you could also slip a small prayer for my son Jeremy too. He is up for a promotion and they should know who gets it this week. He could sure use the extra money as he helps my hubby and I a lot! Times are so tough these days. Thank you and I love your post. Hugs Anne

  7. So wonderful! I can't tell you how much this makes my heart smile :) So glad to finally visit, and the icing on the cake.. Lassie ;) Hugs from me to you.. Tammy

  8. Wow! Maybe you'll post a photo of it after its framed. What a priceless gift!

  9. That is a lovely story. Lassie was and is very popular over here in England. I've always loved it and so did all my friends. The countryside is just beautiful around where you are. You are very blessed.

  10. That is fabulous alright! What a beautiful gesture. :)

  11. That is so cool! How nice of him to bring you the poster! I used to watch "Lassie" all the time, great family entertainment!

  12. Hey, I didn't know your farm was famous! What a sweet gift for him to give you. I know you will treasure it.

  13. What a generous gift! I remember the 1940s version of Lassie. It was sad and I cried so much I had to be taken outside. Maybe I should watch the 1994 version. I think I'm braver now!

  14. Sherri, I'm still grinning.

    Anne, if there's any good in me, it's because of Jesus but thank you for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated. Your names have been added to the prayer list.

    Tammy, it was a great movie and a very good day.

    Sheri, I will post after it's framed.

    Star, it is beautiful country and I am blessed; God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

    Vilisi, it was such a thoughtful gift.

    Karen, it's still great family entertainment and I'm still a sap -LOL-.

    Vicki, Tom is so nice, it is a great fit.

    Donna, our whole valley is famous!

    Carol, move over sister; you and I will cry together -LOL-.

  15. That is so awesome! Thank you for sharing this with me. I love movies and what a nice gift you were given.
    Awesome family memory.

  16. I grew up there (Ward's Cove)so it's a trip down memory lane for me.

  17. Anonymous8:44 PM EDT

    Great article! However, I want to point out that Lassie was released in 1994 which probably meant that it was filmed in 1993, not 1995 as the article states.


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