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Thursday, July 04, 2013

God Save USA...Russians Are Coming...

Hope you're having a wonderful July 4th holiday; please watch 
to hear and see a stirring tribute to Star Spangled Banner

It puts to shame those poor white chicks, fat and skinny, who, supposedly in the guise of "art", mangled that same song. I feel sorry for their captive audiences; no escape from either the embarrassment or their screech. Anyway, those young men of Madison Rising give a stellar performance, one to watch again and again and again...hoorah!

The Lady is receiving visitors again; just in time for July 4th!

Did you hear obama and his entourage are spending $100MILLION tax dollars to party in Africa but canceled the Marines fireworks display tonight in DC? Apparently, sequestration only applies to us and not o. He and his ilk can party like our money isn't going to dry up but we cannot celebrate signing the Declaration of Independence on our Country's birthday, July 4th. boo hissssss!
Obama wants to spend $7BILLION of OUR tax dollars to "bring electricity to Africa". BS, bo. What about bringing electricity to American Native citizens who don't have electricity? 
Lastly, doing something is better than doing nothing. This holiday weekend, join me and others who are signing a petition asking Congress to defend the 4th Amendment. The Internet Defense League and more than 30,000 websites have joined in; how about you?

OH! and about those Russians...FEMA and the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry have agreed to and signed papers to hire 15,000 Russian troops to "provide security" at USA events. This doesn't sit too well with a lot of people, myself included! Russian troops on USA soil, telling USA citizens what to do...? What in Hades is going on???? Isn't that illegal according to Posse Comitatus Act?

Blessings ~ nothing is happening that God isn't allowing ~


  1. It is insanity gone to seed.
    God help us.

  2. What's going on right now is truly frightening, indeed. No high level American representatives (Democrat) went to Margaret Thatcher's funeral, but O sent 14 individuals to mourn the death of Hugo Chavez. What's going on couldn't possibly be any plainer.
    I'll continue to pray for America.

  3. what in the world? this sounds like
    a silly movie. the russians?

  4. I hadn't heard about the Russian thing..what next?!

    I heard they cancelled Ft. Bragg fireworks too..I guess they didn't think that Special Forces deserved it.

  5. I hope that includes the Russians providing security for all Obama trips .........

  6. Unbelievable the way the world is going ... I totally agree with Donn @ Brynwood Needleworks & Farmgirl Cyn. Such a sacrilege the way this BO's catered to by the most evil of this world ... & sinful the way our nation & troops are snubbed.

    Hope you are doing well, Sandra.
    Big loving hugs,
    TTFN ~

  7. I get sick to my stomach every time I read the latest news. I have no idea when the insanity will end and the American people wake up. I fear that we are past the tipping point of no return.

  8. On a positive note loved the Star Spangled Banner!

    I'll wait to see how Americans feel about Russian Troops on our soil! Don't think that will go over very well. At least I hope not.

  9. thank you so very much for your kind words of encouragement and your prayers for my health,
    PS, I strongly encourage you to keep pointing out the shortcomings of those involved in trying to subvert the Republic to that of a socialist empire.

  10. We're definitely in that time when good is called "evil" and evil called "good".

    BTW, I recently saw a bumper sticker that read "Frodo failed, Obama has the ring."

  11. More 'good news', 'ey? I guess it's just more "love" from this PO(TU)S. [/sarc] I'm ever so glad we're all heavily armed and ready for a rumble here in the South.

  12. I played it...........
    I like it sung the way it was written and sung by the Marines.
    Happy weekend.
    I still love you sweetie, just not a roc and roll gal, too old I guess.

  13. Cyn, you hit the nail on the head!

    Donna, prayer is all we've got left.

    Lea, it's the truth, click on the links and read the sad news.

    Sherri, the world belongs to evil but we've got prayer and God on the side of right.

    TL, after Putin shunned obama, I'm thinking there's no love lost.

    Marydon, doing okay and, slowly, moving forward. love to you and Harold.

    Donna, fear is an easy trap to fall into, I do it far too frequently.

    Lisa, I hope enough people stand up for what's right or else we're all lost.

    Kurt, thank you for your words of encouragement; much appreciated.

    Kathy, love the bummer sticker, LOL

    Yvonne, that lead singer is HD Navy; I love it when young folks are Patriots.

  14. Blessings 2 u!
    I hadn't heard about the electricity thing for Africa. Not very happy about the 15,000russian troops on US soil. Aren't some of them already here training??? in 2010ish Hum....interesting times we live in.

  15. Deanna, yes, they've been here for a while - KY and TN - training and WHY IS THAT EXACTLY?


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