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Monday, July 01, 2013

Where's Snowden?

Does anyone else find it more than a trifle upsetting the focus on Edward Snowden? All over the web one can read "Hero or Traitor?" 

Let me be perfectly clear...

Why is it if a whistle blower blows the whistle on...say...Bill Gates...he's a hero and the government loves him? But, let that same whistle blower blow the whistle on the government...hmmm...just not feeling the love, people. 

The Christian Post puts it this way, "Loosely defined, a "whistleblower" is someone who hurts the other political party; a "traitor" is someone who hurts yours."  Ron Hart, who wrote the Op-Ed piece goes on to say men are more angry than women at the snooping and spying. Perhaps he thinks he's being cute when he says, "...women think it's nice to have a man listen to them." 

Well Ron...listen to this: I am a woman and I am NOT happy with MY government spying, snooping, listening, reading my private communications. And, using MY tax dollars to accomplish their nefarious deed!

What seems to have dropped out of the dialogue is WHY ISN'T ANYONE ANGRY AT THE GOVERNMENT FOR SPYING ON US..."FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE?" 

Seems to me DC Dems are calling for Snowden's head because it takes the focus off the train wreck headed our way that's called obamacare. Heck, even some Dems (Max Baucus) who voted for the dang thing (but didn't read it) are now saying, "It's a train wreck...". And, Nancy with her thumb up her head in the sand is still nattering on about how wonderful it's going to be. So, if it's so wonderful, why did you and the rest of the elected coneheads vote to exempt yourselves?  
If it smells like a lie, sounds like a lie, looks like a lie...

Rockefeller, another Dem said, "I am of the belief that the ACA is probably the most complex piece of legislation ever passed by the US Congress. ...It's just beyond comprehension." 

whut? This is a surprise???!!! What does Jay care? He's retiring and having voted himself and the rest of the elected officials employees out of obamacare, he's above the fray. The good news is, since WV, traditionally a Dem state, voted against Obama in the last election, perhaps they'll use wisdom again in the next election.

I know people in this largely Dem county who would vote for Lucifer if he was on the Dem ticket. Why? "Because my Daddy and my Granddaddy and my Great-Granddaddy were Dems and I vote Dem." That's as stupid as saying, "Because my Daddy...were Republicans...". 

Here, let me stamp your forehead with an S for stupid. I'm sick of low information people who tell me things like, "I just didn't like Ronald Reagan. I just didn't like him." When I ask "why" they tell me, "I don't have a reason, I just didn't like him." I asked, "Well, did you object to his foreign policy or his domestic policy or his economic policy or what?"

Honest to God, that person looked at me and said, "I don't know about any of those things; I just didn't like him." 

God help me, God help us all!

Mr. Snowden, I hope you're able to find safety in this cold world and I hope you're able to, safely, celebrate your 31st birthday on June 21. I hope you're able to, eventually, live a life worth living and not on the run. You're my hero because you stood up for the Constitution of the United States of America, all the while knowing, you could lose your freedom or perhaps your life should drones, or worse, be used against you. An Obama memo "claims that the president can suspend the Fifth Amendment without submitting evidence to court, without congressional oversight, and without making it's legal reasoning available to the public. ..." See here for the story on Americans being killed by drones.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the emperor is nekkid?

Some of you now reading don't like it when I go all political. You were warned that, should I choose, Monday's are now reserved for rants and..hello, hello, hello!.. today is Monday. 

Blessings ~ Edward Snowden ~ US Constitution ~ Russia, for providing 
asylum ~


  1. It's too bad we have to find out info because of a whistleblower, what is it the government finds the need to hide.

    California has a rep from San Francisco .... introduced a bill if a boy claims he is really a girl he can use the girls restrooms at schools. Issue began with a maybe 6 or 7 year old boy that claims he is a girl and was allowed to use the teachers unisex restroom wants to be treated like every other kid and use the kids restrooms. Would you want your child or teenager exposed to this, yes he will eventually become a teenager one of these days. So glad my kids are all grown and out of school. I was happy they were out before purple hair and body piercing ... I would be going bonkers now. I see more people opting for home schooling.

  2. Well... Sandra... I'll say that this is something we don't see completely eye to eye on. And I consider myself an educated voter, thank you very much. Not all Democrats are uneducated and unthinking. Same goes for Republicans. I do feel Snowden has compromised something important here. And so has the Government. The way I see it, this is a no win situation that will only get uglier from here.

    As for your rants... it's your space, your blog, your right to rant. I'm not offended, and I hope my comments don't offend you. Never my intention.

  3. I am in full agreement with you he is a hero and he did what he did for us. I can't figure out why people can't see that.
    I just hope he stays safe. You know that if they get him we will never see or hear about him again.
    I like your Monday posts.

  4. Gosh ... we need to learn how to think.


  5. I have been surprised at the people on both sides that are so angry about the gov. spying on us...But then they do like to add that it was Bush's Patriot Act. I was very nervous about that at the time and feared that it could be abused at a later date by another administration..Hello later date!

    I have been trying to look at the Snowden issue with wide open eyes and have been realizing that we really don't know what he is telling these other countries except that we have spied on them too, but do we know if it really was he that said that . We only saw him speaking when he was supposed to be in Hong Kong and unless I have missed something, we haven't really heard his voice or actually know for sure where he is..only reports of where he is and not from reporters that have seen him or talked to him recently. Please let me know if you have other information to the contrary. I am feeling like something else is going on. The President is acting odd about this (oh wait, that is nothing new) and now Putin is saying that Snowden can only stay if he quits telling on the U.S...sure. My hubby said that the Russians are horrid and will get all they can out of him and then kill him, end of story.

    I am happy that he told us about the NSA. I don't want him helping other governments but I don't trust our government to tell us the truth about this case either..It is all getting so upsetting. I trust very few agencies in our government at this point and believe that this spying on everyone of us will 'have' to end..the people will not stand for this..Our Constitution will be upheld.

    Have a wonderful Independence Day.
    God Bless America!

  6. SNOWDEN IS A HERO! I just hope he really is still alive and safe somewhere and not being used as a bargaining chip. I believe that Obama will use some means...any have him killed.

    The NSA needs to be dissolved. The CIA and FBI and the thousands of local law enforcement agencies are good enough. We don't need a version of the Stasi, which is what the NSA is!

    Now it has been revealed that the NSA has been spying on our allies as well. The European Union is fit to be tied.

    WHY can't people see that our country is in deep trouble!?!!

  7. Germany is up in arms because it transpires the US has been 'monitoring' billions of its (Germany's) phonecalls, texts and emails on. What right on earth does ANY country have to do that - especially without the consent of, or advisemnt to, the foreign government concerned.

    I think Snowden's secret info. is like a 'bag full of landmines' and the US government if terrified he's going to explode them in public - makes you wonder what they're trying to hide?

    Mind you, I suspect there's a lot of things any of the world governments would prefer to keep under wraps - society is like a house of cards, just about to come tumbling down!

  8. Agree....that's all I got.
    You said it all, already.


  9. You nailed this one on the head beautifully, Sandra.

    Have a beautiful 4th sweet friend ~
    TTFN ~

  10. I don't know who he is. It is a rare occasion that I see the news but I trust your opinion.

  11. Well said Sandra! And, oh good, I'm not alone in knowing that Snowden is, if not a hero, at least a Patriot. Poor guy just went about it the wrong way. There are lawyers here that could have helped him.

    BUT ..

    There may be a good reason for the running like he chose, other than lack of education on how to go about proper "whistleblowing" channels. When y'all get a chance, read this blog post at Hope 'N Change Cartoons. Hubby and I are also thinking that maybe Snowden has something dirty on The One (i.e. The Nekkid Emporer and Sausage Arms). Even Snowden can have stealth access the President's phone and records. Hmmmm. 'Course, nowadays, even if something additional comes out about our Muslim-And-Cheat, I doubt most young will do more than shrug. It seems that good is evil and evil is good. People have lots of info out there already to see how wicked our gooberment has become and they just don't seem to care. As long as they have their iPods and violent video games "What does it matter?!"

  12. Total agreement here! I wanted a t-shirt that said "Run, Edward! Run!". I commented to my husband that these days, people would think I meant the Edward in Twilight!Quick, Sandra! We need more "S's" for foreheads! :)I wonder how many regular folks feel the way we do. I have yet to talk to anyone who doesn't think he's a hero.

  13. TL, like you, I'd home school because I simply don't trust government.

    Karen, I was pretty clear people on both sides of the fence aren't using their brains although I didn't mention names. Yes, my blog and my rants but I've always welcomed opposing opinions as long as folks are nice. I think Snowden is a hero unlike the government who have betrayed We, the people.

    Farm Girl, thank you so much! I hope if folks don't like my Monday rants they'll either be nice or not comment.

    Glenda, they used to teach thinking in school but no longer.

    Sherri, it's insane the way the government is betraying us...over and over and over and...

    Sheri, Yes, he is a hero!

    Sue, I bet German is only the first in a long line of countries.

    Cyn, it's crazy insane.

    Marydon, wish I hadn't though.

    Debbie, he's the whistle blower hero who told us the government has betrayed us.

    Sparky, yes, he did go about it the wrong way but he's young.

    Patrice, love the shirt idea!


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