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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Ash and Roses, Chat Number 133

Oh mercy. Spring wants to be was warmer, sun shining and clothes hanging on the line. Dogs and I went for long pasture walk, not long enough due to that four letter word w.o.r.k. but still better than not going for a pasture walk. Dandy Man, or someone, managed to knock down a section of fence and he was standing in the alfalfa field, happily grazing, while everyone else stood on the other side and hated him. Tumbleweed stood in place A Very Long Time and when I went to check on her, her back leg was caught up in a piece of wire that had unattached. She's a sweet ole thing and stood quietly while I got her untangled; thank God for Curly horses! They are the sweetest tempered horses with an extremely calm disposition; I'd a been killed twelve times already with "regular" horses.

It's a trick, making sure Dandy goes back into the horse pasture while keeping the others from escaping. Copious amounts of sweet feed are needed, lightness of foot (for those of you who've seen me in person, stop giggling!) and prayers interspersed with Easy, Dandy, Easy...Please God, keep us all safe; don't let them run me over...Easy, Dandy Man, Easy... All safe and sound and the fence is fixed, not really, but best I can do for now. I NEED HELP!

Patrice, Everyday Ruralty, is hosting Chats, Number 133 and I'm playing along; her questions, my answers then I'm going to show you my roses. 

1. What's your favorite method of travel? Airplane, first class, but I've only done it once and that was an upgrade. I love to travel by train and cruise ship but, usually, travel is done by vehicle with me driving. 

2. If you wear jewelry, are you more likely to wear silver or gold? Both, either and often together. Who made up the stinkin' rule you have to wear silver OR gold? It's not brain surgery or rocket science, wear what you want!

3. How often do you wear sunglasses? Been wearing glasses for more than 50 years and now have those lenses that change when you're in the sun. Hate 'em. Would rather wear sunglasses but doc can't fit me correctly. I'd love to have that surgery to correct vision but if the doc messed up, I'd have to kill his first born...when I could see better.

4. Which would be easier for you to leave undone (for a short period of time), dishes or laundry? I can pretty much leave both undone indefinitely and with no apologizes to anyone. If someone doesn't like it, they are more than welcome to do both dishes and laundry. That would sure free me up to do something else on the 1,462,839 item to-do list.

5. On a scale of 1-10 (1-hardly any+ 10- house is full), how much clutter have you collected. Hmmm, between Dave bringing 25 years+ of stuff, me bringing 25 years+ of stuff and his Mother bringing 50+ years of stuff, I'd say the clutter scale is off the charts. 10 just ain't gonna cut it. I've given away a lot of furniture...bedroom suite, 3 chairs, bed with mattress and box spring and the bare space is hardly noticeable! Seriously! Dave was a pack rat but I'm a fan of history (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) so can't bear for stuff to be thrown away. Then, I have to find the exact perfect person/place for it to be, help I'm drowning in stuff...

Well, let's face it; I'm a big, fat liar. Don't mean to be but there it is; I'm a big, fat liar. I keep saying, I'm going to get around to responding to comments and, dang!, it's all I can do to post every now and again. Life is overwhelming and I'm drowning in keeping it all together. Today's to-do list wasn't manageable but I thought I'd get some of it done. HA and double HAHA as it didn't happen. Between spending a couple of hours on the phone with La Quinta Inn, trying to get them to honor their word, and working onbillsandthatpasturewalkand laundryandfencefixingandeverythingelse...sigh. 

Roses. Yellow Roses. Aren't they beayoutiful?! Stateside, Dave used to bring me yellow roses and when we lived in Hawaii, he'd bring Pink Minks. My favorites but terrifically difficult to get in the Appalachian Mountains of southwest Virginny.
~ start with good help ~
Anyway, I use this old McCoy vase which is, probably, as old as me and I'm getting ready to get older, and cut the roses to fit...each one with a trifle difference in height to add interest (dang, sounds like I know what I'm doing!) A big bamboo bowl is filled with water and the roses cut to size while being held underwater (help help I'm drowning!!!).
Cutting them underwater means the water, not air, is sucked up through the stem and this means they'll last a tad longer than if air cut.
The roses are, immediately, put into a vase of clear, cool water where about half a packet of chrystals (their spelling, not mine) are added. You can use aspirin or white vinegar but I use the stuff that comes with the flowers. When that's gone, I'll use ground aspirin. 
 Here, are all the stems which are thrown into the yard (recycling, doncha know) and the water poured onto my house plants. (Speaking of, need to get them off the back porch in case of frost tonight.)

The wood stove needs cleaning but the bucket first needed to be dumped of ashes. Old timers say to put the ashes near fruit trees to help stop fruit borers from ruining the fruit. 
Make sure not to get ash ON the fruit trees but pour between the trees. I think ash will scald the bark, that's why you only want ash on the ground.
This chore was done when the wind wasn't blowing so hard; that means the three minutes between noon and 11:30.
Last and least, I took a selfie. Which I find difficult to even type...who on earth comes up with such silly names...a selfie?! GAG! Anyway, Yvonne was talking about a good haircut and thanks to Sarah, of Rock, Paper, Scissors in Tazewell, I've got a great cut. About six months ago, I wanted short hair...BIG mistake but I've made it she cut it short then shorter and, as usual, I've decided to let it grow out. Again. My life is so dull, I think getting a haircut is exciting. So, I was in the bathroom, looking into the mirror (is this tmi?) and thought, take a picture! So I did. My favorite cut and my favorite cut on me is a bob because, Bob is always right, isn't he? Bob's are easy to care for...just look at the above picture which was taken upon rising from my bed and without being brushed...Sarah, ye done good...the cut is rather timeless and classic in style and, when mine finishes growing out, will look even better. Now, if I could just do something about that wattle...

Blessings ~ pasture walks ~ good haircuts ~ Sarah of Rock, Paper, Scissors ~ yellow roses ~ pink minks ~ Dandy Man ~ Tumbleweed ~ 


  1. Hi Sandra, What a great post of life on the farm. Love it and so happy your horse is okay and so sweet to hold still while you freed him. Love your hair cut. Yes, Bob's are good. I had one for years too but now with the heat of Texas, longer is better for me to pull up and be cooler.

    Got your email and I will for sure do some visits. You are so sweet to pass on the info.
    Wishing you a blessed evening.
    Enjoy the nice weather and be blessed my friend.

  2. Blessings 2 u! Cute cut and I completely understand about haircuts being entertainment. Going to the grocery store is my social life. grins.

    May you have a beautiful Spring and fresh flowers all the time,

  3. You are just too dang funny!!! I'm so glad you stopped by and visited me so I could return the favor...I've enjoyed your answers!!! HOPE the rest of your week is awesome!

  4. Getting ready to get older to me means that there is a birthday in the mix. And Dave usually treated you to yellow roses and now you are doing the treating. Gorgeous piece of McCoy Miss Sandra. I liked reading your care of the roses . . . to be honest, I like listening to you and the stories of your life.

    Happy you enjoyed a pasture walk, even though it also meant some work.

    Happy Birthday Sandra . . . I hope you'll tell me/us the date . . .

  5. Happy Birthday
    Sandra, whenever it really is! And I sure hope that Tumbleweed is not hurt by the wire. I am glad to know she was so calm about the whole thing.

  6. Look at those crocuses in your banner picture! Oh my! Love the yellow roses and the spunky stories you shared. And you look good in the bob hairstyle.

  7. " I can pretty much leave both undone indefinitely and with no apologizes to anyone. If someone doesn't like it, they are more than welcome to do both dishes and laundry. "

    I like you!!! And, hail to hair that if you forget to brush it, it still works.

    The roses are beautiful. I now know to cut them under water. Makes sense.

  8. Such a great post Sandra. You can never have idle eyes when out walking over your property. There is always one more thing or animal to attend to who is stuck somehow or garlanded with some branch or blackberry vine or something.

    It's always great reading other people's tips on preserving roses that little bit longer.
    Enjoy the pleasure they bring!


  9. You made me laugh , a lot ! Especially #5.

    I still can't bring myself to cut my hair short, it's so out of control most of the time that if it were short I might look like Einstein ( without the smarts ).

    Be careful Sandra, there's no one to discover you out in the pasture for a while should you be hurt.

  10. Thank you for your comment in my blog.

    You and the roses are beautiful.

  11. Hello Sandra:

    Such a fun [in so many ways] and informative post in which you permit your readers to have new insight into your life and character; we have much enjoyed discovering things previously unknown!!

    Cutting roses under water is entirely new to us; we shall adopt it forthwith [or at least when we next have roses!!].

    Take care.

  12. Enjoyed reading your answers! Yellow flower looks beautiful!

  13. You crack me up with your approach to laundry and dishes left undone. lol The tip on cutting fresh cut roses is interesting,and I did not know this. Do you know, if adding Clorox is good to add to the water of fresh flowers? I do that, when I remember. But, aspirin? I'm gonna have to keep that one in mind. Of course, I don't have any in the house anymore since my GI says that's a big no-no. Don't worry about replying to the comments. We all have been where you are on this score. It can be overwhelming. Oh yes, the purple and white tulips together in your field look so pretty together. I am so happy that spring is here!

  14. Dear Sandra ~ So good to read this post! I feel like I am right there with you.

    Last night I did 'most' of the dishes, not all. Laundry is washed and dried on the lines, brought in but not folded and put away. :-)

    I loved seeing the flowers in your header photo and I love the photo of you. My hair is long and usually in a braid, and in the summer clipped up off my neck.

    I so enjoy visiting here. You inspire me with all that you do.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  15. P.S. I clicked on the link for Pink Minks and wowser! Those are so unusual and beautiful!

  16. Thank you for the link, my friend. I am so glad I don't own a chateau that needs renovation. It looks like the bureaucrats in France are more fun than ours in the States. Ugh! No thank you!
    I wish I could come and help you. Not that I WOULD be of any help...but I could keep you company while you work! LOL!
    I love that photo of you. Now I have a face for my prayers.



  17. Surgery can be your friend. It was my 40th birthday present from me to me, and it's one of the best things I have ever done! Dr. Whitten, TLC, also did Tiger Woods, is superb ... and he's in Richmond. One day, get up the guts and have a consultation.

    Bob is great on you. Reminds me of what an Australian friend of ours says ... "Bob's your uncle." I have no idea what that's supposed to mean, but it always sounds so cheery and appropriate when he says it.

  18. Great post and hair cut, yellow roses= birthday perhaps? I'm just back from a visit with my Mother in Law, 87 about to be 88 and that is also years of accumulation, a LOT of memories,a lot of stuff and last year she was able to part with one of my hubbies first birthday gift toys!!!

  19. Fun post to thoughts are random here....selfies? Not sure I like the term either, but it is fun to see you too! Fun to picture who goes with the writings. I like to travel by car, I get to see more! I never wear sunglasses, but should. And never feel guilty about not commenting. I am trying to keep blogging guilt free and fun! I admire your uplifting spirit!

  20. Dang Girlfriend, you are too busy by half! You need help (and I don't mean the head-shrinking type). *LOL* I always enjoy your adventures.

    I mostly hate modern life and the term "selfie" is yet another reason why. It sounds, I don't know, suggestive. *cough* Good pic of you though but now I want to cut my hair too. ~:)

  21. Enjoyable reading Sandra, and I'm so glad the horse was not injured by the wire!
    In case you don't see my response to your comment about my possible travel whirl, thank you SO MUCH for your very kind suggestion! Much appreciated :)
    Enjoy your haircut! There is just something oddly bolstering about feeling that your hair looks and feels nice...or so I vaguely's been ages.

  22. Your roses are beautiful! I used to have yellow roses, too. They were called Graham Thomas and also Republic of Texas.

    I'm a big fan of history, too. :)

    Have a great week!

  23. Yeah for yellow roses. My birthday gift to me this year was tada a bare root yellow rose. I love love love them and they are goat candy. No really if you have an under the weather goat offer rose bushes. If they downright refuse call the vet you've got trouble. Happy birthday and yellow rose day to you. Love the Bob and the selfie (most certainly made up by someone under 25) is wonderful. I however don't photograph well so I will resign myself to admiring those that do.

  24. Yellow Roses are my favorite, being from Texas.
    Debating on a short hair cut, for the wedding. Scared I can't manage it. You have so much on your plate, glad you found time to smell the roses. Love

  25. Oh yes.. lovely yellow roses to someone that surely does deserve them. If I knew your address, I would have loved to have sent some for your birthday, myself. Take care Sandra.

  26. Enjoyed the lively post! I remember getting horses back into the pasture many times over my 33 years of marriage. They always fall for the sweet feed trick! ;)
    I wouldn't worry about not answering all of your comments. Blogging should be fun, not a burden!
    Pretty roses. You DO sound like you know what you're doing!:)

  27. Sandra-- these posts are always fun- count me in for the first class air travel!

    Love love love your new hair cut-- you look 10 years younger!!!

    Gorgeous roses- yellow is so splendid:)


  28. I earned my wattle so I'm keeping it!!

  29. That's a cute selfie. :-)

  30. Hi CelestineMarie - the days are good and if I could grow my hair without getting headaches, I'd do it. Unfortunately, the longer my hair grows, the more vile the headaches.

    Yes, Lynne, I was 61 on the 11th and, a lot of days feel every bit of it.

    Thanks Vic - Tumbleweed wasn't hurt, she's a nice, calm mare who got into another jam last week but no injuries. I was 61 on the 11, thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Jody, the bob has been cut again and is looking even better. I just love a good haircut!

    Oh, I brush my hair...with my fingers and it works rather well especially as I can't see the back - LOL!

    When I'm not working, Suzy, I'm working -LOL-

    Glad I made you laugh, Kathy. I make myself laugh daily LOL. Yes, being here alone is worrisome, if I should fall or get hurt, the outcome could be terrible. I'd love to have long hair that I could screw up in a knot or wear in a French twist but I get such vile headaches when my hair gets too long. dang.

    Hi Jane and Lance - any woody stem should be cut at a slant, underwater in order to preserve it longer. Hope y'all are doing well!

    Romi, thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm!

    Jane and Lance - cutting any woody stem at a slant under water will preserve it a tad longer.

    Windup, thanks for visiting the farm.

    Cathy, my approach to work is the same all 'round...might as well make it fun. I've heard folks add Clorox to their water but I figure city tap water has a lot of bleach in it already, why add more?

    Pink Minks are my favorite flower, they are breathtaking! Doing most of the day's work is a very good thing; the rest will hold 'til tomorrow.

    Andie, I'm selling my "chateau", hope someone wants to buy a beautiful farm. You're so funny and could keep me company any time...come on down!

    Donna, when I move to central VA, I'll get an appointment, thanks for the name.

    Anita, I really don't like the name "selfies"...sounds a tad smarmy to me. Bless you for your kindness toward me...truly appreciated!

    Pam - Yes, but gave away the sheep/alpacas so things are slowing down a bit. Trying to get the farm listed with WSJ and would love to move this year. My hair has grown out more and another cut...looks so much better!

    Suzanne, my roses didn't last as long as I'd like so won't buy them again. it's time for the common flowers...they last!

  31. Goatldi, how's your rose doing? I've never planted them but know goats love multi-flora roses.

    Yvonne, did you cut your hair?

    SueK, love the thought and thank you.

    Lisa, for the most part, blogging is fun, it's time that's the bandit. not enough of it or rather too much to fill it.

    Vicki, thank you and the hair cut has grown out more and been cut again. It looks even better.

    Diane, you and me both!

    Gretchen, thank you!


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