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Monday, April 07, 2014

Quick! Advice Needed and $50 Giveaway

After posting yesterday, I realized Sabbath Keeping's post was number 1,000! It totally surprised me because it's like this:

~ not sure where I found this fabulous quote ~
To celebrate post number 1,000, I'm giving away a $50 gift card, entry rules at end of post.

I'm in the market for a smart phone and am getting either the LG G2, here, or the Samsung Galaxy Note, here. When I rent Thistle Cove Cottage, here, it's imperative I have the capability of Square and only a smart phone can handle Square. Currently, I'm using a Walmart phone that was bought on the advice of employees who assured me it used Verizon network. Trusting idiot me, believed them, even though I told them I only get Verizon, never AT&T, on the farm.

Their phone does not use Verizon, it uses AT&T. (boo, hiss, shame on those employees!)

So, I am being drug, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. (That is right, right?) 

Dave was the high tech geek. He would, 99 times out of a hundred, come to me and say something like, "Would you like an MP3 player?" and I'd say, "What's that?" He'd look at me rather sadly, go away and a few days later hand me a little something and said, "it plays music and you can listen to audio books." Well, he knew he had me at the "listen to audio books" part! The Christmas after his Mother died, he bought us Kindles; I had no idea what a Kindle was but if he wanted one, so did I. 
~ LG G2, photo borrowed from here ~
I narrowed down my smart phone choices to the LG G2, or the Samsung Galaxy Note. (I can "hear" Dave saying, "And if you get the Note then you've got to get the Galaxy Gear as well." Well alrighty then, if you make me!)
~ Galaxy Note and Gear , photo borrowed from here ~
The LG G2 is $99.00 and the Samsung Galaxy Note is on sale for $179.00 at HHGregg which seems a tad expensive (but I'm not claiming to know much about electronics) but, on the other hand, with all the Note does, it might not be expensive. The Galaxy Gear is more expensive and, would you say, probably more of a toy while the phone is a business tool. Anyway, the watch isn't a consideration just now...I'm interested in the phone only and it has to be Verizon network which both phones meet that requirement.

? for you...Do I have to purchase a Verizon network plan at the same place I buy the phone? Is it less expensive to go someplace like Sam's to buy the network plan? Should I buy the network plan at the same place I buy the phone?

To enter, leave a comment and answer:

*which phone you believe to be best and why
*where should I buy the network plan and why

Thanks everyone; your advice is greatly appreciated. If you're not a high tech person, another $50 giveaway is coming up next week and it's low tech.

Thanks for your comments; this post is closed as of 9 April 2014, 10:45 a.m.

Blessings ~ the wisdom of my readers ~ smart phones ~ Kindles ~ giveaway ~
C. S. Lewis ~ 


  1. Since I don't have a smart phone, I'm not much help. But we ARE on Verizon, and my husband is very happy with his Android Razr Max. It is very rugged, and he does take payments with it (but not with a Square).

  2. I don't even own a cell phone, and never have, but probably not so far off will have to get one, and let the and line go, so they tell me. my son has what is called a droid, he bought a 2 yr. verizon contract, which doubled from the prepaid card he was using from wally world, and already he tells me it does everything, but for some reason is not working exactly right. I can't help you with your answer, but I'd get the one that suits me now, and stay off the contracts if you can.

  3. Sorry I can't help you either, as at the moment I don't have a cell phone. My husband was the tech geek too, so I don't have a clue about any of this stuff.

    Someone will be able to help you though, and I pray you are able to make a decision soon.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Oh I have no advice at all I bought a flip phone and yes they still sell them no bells or whistles just phone calls and texts:) Good luck.Hug B

  5. I am not a tech person at all either-and where we live and our lifestyle now-we don't need one.
    I agree shame on wal mart for not checking and giving you the right information.
    good luck to you-I will check back next week for your low tech drawing lol

  6. Can't help you with your phone choice ... I have an iPhone. Chose it because my husband has one, and so do all of our daughters. It made sense to me to stick with the trend and iPhone it is. I CAN say that Square is totally awesome! Our society is becoming more and more cashless, and Square helps us little guys accept credit and debit cards without incurring the maintenance fees that banks want for merchant services accounts.

    That quote is totally accurate!

  7. I think you should go to Verizon and buy an iPhone. They are so easy to use and FUN!
    I'll help you figure it out.
    Don't over think it, though. Too bad you don't have 120 sixth graders to help you. They are fearless with phones!

  8. I still don't have a smart phone!

  9. If it were me, I would go with the samsung because there are a lot more of those in the world and the support is better both from them and from users. My daughter just got a samsung and she loves it. That said, if you want ease of use for a non-techie, the iPhone can't be beat. I know a lot of folks hate apple but they do make things easy for the user. I have an iPhone and I love how easy it is to figure out just about anything I need to do. I can't say the same about any other phone.

  10. I can relate but can't offer much help. I have an iPhone which seems to be a bit easier to learn to use than my daughter's Galaxy was. Good luck! Hugs,Terri

  11. Bwhaha! I'm not entering nor will I be of help here - we just barely got new phones that have a slide out thingy so we can text without hitting the numbers each fourteen times LOLOLOL Good luck on your search though and let us know what you decided upon (just in case I ever decide to go high tech LOL). Hugs!

  12. I had a Samsung phone for 3 years and it was pretty good but it was becoming a dinosaur and was getting really slow. I now have a iphone and am loving much better than an Android phone to be honest.
    I don't know much about Verizon, just know that they charge much more. I use Ntelos and it's unlimited everything: talk, text, and data. And I can use my phone for internet service for my computer, which means I don't need an internet provider. I've been with them for 7 years now and don't any complaints. So, if you have Ntelos in your area, I would go with them.
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  13. Between those two phones, I choose the Note. We almost got Note 2's last year when we upgraded. The screen was huge and the image quality stunning. It's really more of a "phablet" than anything. *phablet = phone plus tablet.

    The phones we got were the Galaxy S4 ones instead, since we could still wrangle them into a shirt pocket, and armor was available for them.

    As long as you can get to Android 4.4 or simply avoid 4.3 JellyBean you should be fine on a Samsung. If you like to store lots of data/images on your phone, the Samsungs are nice as they still allow a micro SD card to be used which will give you many gig more storage.

  14. I'm not one to give advice on phones. I got my first smart phone a few years ago. It was a Droid 2. My husband upgraded recently and called me to ask if I wanted a new phone, it was a great deal so I said okay. Well this is a Samsung Galaxy S III and it's pretty nice. What I don't like about new phones is that I was all use to what I have and now I have to learn all over again.

  15. You're WAY outta my comfort zone here. I have no clue what is being discussed. I have a luddite cell phone that only makes calls. Nothing else. (Like it that way). I only recently upgraded all my computers to Windows 8 from XP because I HAD to. (also kicking and screaming) I'm not the one to ask such advice from. :) Good luck! Hope you get the equipment needed at a low price.
    And congrats on the 1,000th post. I don't know where I'm at. I'm so hopeless.
    *ha ha*
    God bless. ~:)

  16. I'd say go with the less expensive phone.
    And see if Verizon will give you a deal at the store with a new contract.
    I am NOT high tech, but I got a FREE iPhone5c with 32GB for FREE with my new Verizon contract about 10 days ago...and it is TERRIFIC. I didn't think I could do the touch screen, but it's a piece of cake and easy learning curve.
    If you do get an iPhone, let me know and I will pass on some excellent tips from my daughter that save lots of $$.

  17. The note because it has a lot of cool features and I want one!

    I really don't think it matters where you get the plan from as the prices seem pretty fixed, but you usually get a better deal on the phone if you get the plan when you purchase it. (littlesillysally at gmail dot com)

  18. I've avoided smart phones like the plague. All I want is to call people and text a little. I'll use my handy dandy laptop for everything else. (And, yes, I'm still doing the "hit 2 three times for the letter c".)
    Okay, I'll wait for the low-tech giveaway... ;)

  19. Ha-ha Your post gives me a chuckle. There are those of us happy folks out here who are not 'into' the latest technology. We only recently updated into the early 21st century our landlines. I own no cell nor any of the 'pads' nor the filmless cameras. My one claim to the tech age is the Kindle that DH gifted me with a couple years ago --it is now out of date, of course. My DW has broken down after 20 yrs, but I'm not going to replace it. I'm happy and free and unencumbered. :-) Enjoy whichever phone you choose!

  20. I'd be the last person to give phone advice...I wish we still had a landline! (I have an iphone...a hand me down...very nice, easy to learn, but like I said,I'd rather have my landline back)

  21. I'd be the last person to give phone advice...I wish we still had a landline! (I have an iphone...a hand me down...very nice, easy to learn, but like I said,I'd rather have my landline back)

  22. I think either of them are fine. It is really a matter of getting confident with their features. Good luck.
    mrsrodjac at hotmail dot com

  23. I am not a phone tech, just a vet. tech and goatherd. I have a Samsung Galaxy 3. My first smarter than I am phone. It is pretty cool and would most likely be more appreciated if I went down the hill to Redding and took the class Verizon offers. But I didn't. And yes to Verizon because on our 42 acres of Paradise by Mt. Lassen ATT has worthless service. And yes I know I am not in the running but thought you would like my opinion anyway.

  24. WHAT"S THAT?
    we must be related, I am always saying that.
    Happy Easter,

  25. I believe that the network plans are the same no matter where you buy your phone. For convenience, I always buy my phones at Verizon, where I have my service. And I've only owned 3 cell phones in my entire life, so it's not like I'm any big authority, LOL. My last phone was an LG and it serviced me well for about 5 years or so. My latest phone is an iPhone and I love, love, LOVE it. Of course, I have an iPad and iMac, so everything is integrated, and that is really important to me. And there are much more iPhone apps available than android. And the apps are important to me, particularly the photography ones.


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