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Monday, April 14, 2014

Get Nekkid

Did you notice I changed the header photo? More bulbs have earth sprung and it's still pretty even though the patch needs weeding. Once, someone told me, "Every time I see your header photo, those weeds drive me crazy." So I told her, "Feel free to come weed; weeds don't care who pull 'em from their roots." Funny...she never did show up.

Toyota had a recall so that meant taking two days to take the truck to Christiansburg, leave it and then go back to retrieve it. It seems like the past two or three weeks have been spent dealing with problems caused by someone else. Have you noticed, there are times when you're doing what you can to right someone else's wrong and they say, "Gosh, isn't it nice you're getting this done for free?" 


So, I smile sweetly (I like to think sweetly) and say, "Gosh, it sure is. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to afford it considering how much it's costing me in time and vehicle expense to bring the truck to Christiansburg to correct Toyota's problem." 

To quote Queen Victoria, "We are not amused" and I think that means both me and them. Oh well. Fiddle dee dee, boys. If y'all had done the job correctly the first time, there'd be no second time recall.

So that's how I spent my 61st birthday on Friday...dealing with Toyota problems that cost me a lot of extra money. Nope, I am not amused although I am a year older. Shazamm! 
~ Derrick Spangler ~
On another note, last week was full, I mean to say FULL of nothing on the schedule other than getting nekkid. And we did. Twenty-two of us are running around bare butt nekkid and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. The rest of us are I am taking copious quantities of Ibuprofen, liquid refreshment to boost said Ibuprofen, Epsom salts baths, Tiger Balm patches and rub, sleeping on a heating pad and, when all else fails, crying like a baby and bawling like a calf. 

Yes, it does help, all of it. I say this from vast actually does help!

Wednesday evening, Derrick Spangler, Lord Willin' Shearing, aka DNA Shearing, and his crew spent the night in their camper parked in the driveway. They ran an extension cord from the barn to the camper and I'm not sure how long they stayed awake because when I came back to the house, I went to bed. I'm two generations older than some of those young folks and I knew Thursday was going to whup me. At 6:00 a.m. I began my day with coffee and devotions then started breakfast. I'm a huge fan of breakfast and made buttermilk biscuits, pepper gravy, scrambled eggs and sausage with coffee and milk rounding out the meal. Eventually everyone ate then we all headed to the barn to set up for shearing. 
Derrick likes the sheep close and tight; he says it's easier on him. Chad, the young man standing on the left, helped jury rig a small pen. I'd put the sheep up on Wednesday morning so they were dry and already in the barn so no one had to chase sheep and there were no escapees...hurrah!
It might be a tad difficult to see but Derrick is laying over a padded U shaped holder. The holder is attached to the barn rafters and it helps support his back, a very good thing. 
Here's a better photo. The contraption allows him to move about yet offers full support.
Derrick not only shears sheep, alpacas and llamas, he also will trim feet and de-worm. Derrick...I love you, man! 
My sheep get pedicures; I get to pay for my sheep's pedicures. Me? I get no stinkin' pedicures but that's all right as I'm sorta funny about people I don't know touching me. Other than Derrick, Britney (his girlfriend) and Chad...I'm good with hugs from them -LOL.
~ Derrick de-worms a Merino ~
Derrick has been to New Zealand to shear and told me, "If you can't shear 300 sheep in a day in New Zealand, you get to go home." Good gosh! I'm not sure I could take pictures of 300 sheep in a day!
Sadie found a friend in Britney. Britney also helped me skirt fleeces although Derrick is a shepherd's dream. He skirts the nasties as he goes along...the tags consisting of manure, urine and lanolin, from the rear end, are sheared first, then swept to one side. When Derrick hands over a fleece, it's all good. Because I keep my pastures clean (meaning I spend hours and hours, days and days in the summer, chopping weeds with a stirrup or hula hoe), my fleeces are fairly clean of VM (vegetable matter). 
At the height, my small flock numbered 50; now, they are twenty-two and elderly. You may have read Carly was 20 when she died in mid-February. Dave and I used to laugh about our having "loyalty problems" as in, we were (and I still am) loyal to, sometimes, my detriment. Animals are put down only when it's in their best interest; it's never because it's inconvenient for me to take care of them. It's my job and a privilege to care for those lives on this farm and, for a variety of reasons, I expect to hear, "Well done thou good and faithful servant" when I see Jesus. 
Time to close and will leave you with more beauty; even with all the hard work, it's still a beautiful day on the farm.

Blessings ~ Derrick ~ Britney ~ Chad ~ nekkid sheep ~ tulips ~ daffodils ~ 


  1. The Bulbs blooming profusely are Gorgeous and I had to Smile about the Weed pulling Invitation part. Once, many years ago, my old car stalled at an Intersection and I was trying to push it out of the way by myself while an impatient guy behind me leaned on his horn. Finally I stopped, walked over to him and said I'd be happy to change places, I'd gladly sit and lean on his horn for him while he pushed my car out of the way faster than I probably could. Needless to say he didn't take me up on my offer and sheepishly laid off his irritating horn blowing. *Smiles* Nothing shuts a Critic up quite like a good Invitation to try to do it better or Help I always say! *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Loved you telling the gal she was welcomed to come and weed . . . Some people and ADVICE . . .

    Looks like a happy work day . . . tons of work with happy people can make for a very good day.

    Happy Spring, love your daffies and tulips too!

  3. I agree with you about the person who commented on the weeds. Show up and weed or shut up !

    Your shearer sounds like everyone who keeps wool sheep's' dream. Mostly pre-skirted fleeces right off the sheep...

    I know what you're talking about with the ibuprofen and such because a day of working with my sheep leaves me needing a hot bath , aspirin, and a sleep-in the next day , lazy thing that I am. But what a joy to see freshly shorn sheep and a pile of wool as prospective spinning & weaving possibilities.

  4. I love seeing your new header picture and didn't even see weeds, I just saw the long view with beautiful tulips in the foreground. The nerve of some people. That was really rude of her to say the least.

    Wow, you did start out with a wonderful breakfast! What a lot of work was accomplished too and what a cool tool to help the shearer.

    I have used Tiger Balm both strengths. Used them on my dear husband too.

    I have two wonderful Therma-Paq clay therapy pads. You can either heat it in the microwave or put it in the freezer. We bought two of them one large and one small when hubby was ill. They work great!

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  5. I like the heade-photo VERY much! The flowers are so hopeful. Without coldness and darkness such lovely flowers could not flourish in their right time. Resurrection all around.

    I also love the photos of the sheep. Good place for them.
    Thistle never does stay lying on the floor!

  6. Happy belated birthday Sandra. Sorry about the inconvenience of your truck. That's frustrating! Love to see your sheep and Sadie. I drove John to Atlanta yesterday and I am sitting with a hot pack around my neck/shoulders - the traffic is a pain in the neck!!!
    Love you.

  7. This was a very interesting post, Sandra! I love seeing the sheep-shearing. It has been awhile since I've been there to see it. God Bless you this Holy Season.

  8. What a crazy busy week at your house.
    Happy 61st birthday. I am a few months ahead of you.


    ps. no spring flower here yet ... but snow yesterday.

  9. A classic pic of Sadie, basking in the sunshine and attention! I know that look so well...

    Hope you recover from your trying week, and from the hard work with the sheep.

  10. Since I didn't have to break my back doing any of the shearing chores, I can say that it was fun to see photos of the whole event. And yeah, I get might miffed about being inconvenienced for somebody else's mistake. The dentist was the offender in recent days. The original form for my new bridge wasn't done correctly. So I was called back in for another fitting. Time, gas, and aggravation. I asked for a discount for my trouble. Gosh, he sure did get insulted, but I met his indignation head on. He wouldn't budge on giving me a discount as an apology, unfortunately. It may be time to find another dentist. It's one thing for a service person to get uppity, but when they put their fingers in your mouth too - GAH.

  11. Dang, girl friend, I'm tired just reading this post! I admire how dedicated you are. I would have to be on serious drugs to work like that again. There was a time, though, I could work circles around most folks. Not. any. more. Thanks for sharing your day with us. ~:)

  12. I want to come eat breakfast with you! What a full day that must have been - I've about done myself in just doing 16 hours of gardening in one week - never again! LOL

  13. All the problems and recalls in both Hondas and Toyotas kept us from both those brands (which we've had all our married lives) when we had to replace our last car. Ended up with a diesel VW Jetta, which I pray will last me another 15-20 years!

    Slick system with the shearing, and nice to have help with the skirting. I haven't had a chance to scissor-shear the three sheep the shearer left OR skirt any of the rest yet….

  14. I was lauging when I read the weed pulling story.. You are so right.. weeds do not care who pull them... Sheep shearing is all new to me...It seems to be a great time of fellowship and hard work.. As you talk about Derrrick, the shepherd helping and how you take such good care of your sheep as a shepherd reminds me of John chapter 10.. the good he shepherds us... The bulbs are just beautiful.. we are expecting a freeze tonight...I am just hoping it does not get as cold as predicted. If so, we will loose much of our fruit trees...bulbs and vines.. Hope your week is wonderful... get some rest...if you can on that farm of yours.. Blessings!

  15. weeds are everyone's friend, except for the person who has to pull them, they like to party everywhere and spread out doing it! love your flowers!! so great you have the sheep job finished, good for you on being a compassionate owner! hugs, and blessings!

  16. Happy Birthday! I am SO glad you were born! You make me want to be a better person. Thank you for that.



  17. Hello Sandra:

    Well nobody could accuse you of being idle. And that, perhaps, is a concern of ours for we really do think that you do far too much and have too little time for yourself without the pressure of things requiring your attention either on the farm or, as it would appear, on account of Toyota!!

    Take care.

    Kellemes húsvéti únnepeket! xxx

  18. My prayers go with you and Steph. Regarding your previous post, I had to laugh. I have enough trouble cleaning house, tending the garden, etc. I can't imagine tending sheep!!!! Hugs.

  19. Oh I love this post sheep shearing is something I would love to see some day they made it look easy.
    Belated Happy Birthday.
    Even though it was a tough day for you I LOVE LOVE your words "Even with all the hard work, it's still a beautiful day on the farm". I can so relate. Your garden is beautiful. HUG B

  20. The header is lovely. What weeds? ha Some people only see the see the weeds in life.

    Wow. I wish I could hang around while sheep shearing ... and help if I could. I just love that lifestyle. Thank you for sharing.

  21. A shearer who skirts as he goes! He's a keeper. Probably not very many second cuts either. I guess you don't coat your sheep? I know some folks do but never having had sheep, I don't really have much idea of which is best or why.

  22. The few times I've seen sheep-shearing, I have been riveted. Your diligence about tending your pasture made me remember the time I got a really good deal on raw wool that turned out to cost me hours and days of picking out foxtails and washing and washing and washing....I was so peeved at myself.


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