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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chatting with Patrice, Number 150

~ l to r - Peaches, Dandy Man, DaniGirl ~
Patrice, Everyday Rurality, is hosting Chat Number 150...a milestone and, in the land of blog, that's a major accomplishment! Each Wednesday, she asks five questions, answers them and bloggers are allowed to drop in and do likewise. This week her questions, my answers:

1. Do you ever watch old TV shows or movies from your childhood or youth? I gave up sat t.v. and now only watch DVD's such as I Love Lucy, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Andy Griffith and the like.
What I'd like to see is Sky King and Penny...anyone else remember that one? I. loved. it. For some reason, it grabbed me...maybe it was the ranching and the flying or the fact a female had a central role... not really sure but I. loved. it. From out of the clear blue of the western sky comes Sky King!!!
~ Lightly, DaniGirl, Izzabella ~
2. Have you ever adopted a rescued animals? Sheep, horses, alpacas, dogs, cats, guineas, ferret, skunk, owl, my lifetime, I've either adopted a rescue animal or doctored a foundling back to health and released it (owl), paid for the adopted, picked up animals by the side of the road... I used to tell Dave we have a unicorn flying over the farm; we cannot see it but being as unicorns are the 'patron saints' of foundling, rescued animals, they know to come here for medical care and a meal. 

3. Are you good at keeping track of paperwork and records? Better than Dave (not saying much) and getting better because I have to get better. I'd love to take some kind of class but have no idea what, perxactly?!

4. What would you like the Magic Wendell Fairy to poof with his wand (thought that'd be hoof???) and turn into a treat for you. Any snack or sweet you would like...forget snacks and sweets, I'd rather have supper...meat and veg, please and thanks.
~ Izza and Tumbles ~
5. Tell me something interesting-please. The hay field yielded 22 and a half bales which I'm going to sell. It's not as many as last year but this year has been wet and chilly and the field hasn't done as well. I'm closer to having the house packed and will start on the farm. When God brings a buyer, I want to be ready! I'm getting ready to clean fleeces and will send them to the mill for spinning and weaving into blankets. 

It's been chilly here and one or two nights I've slept in a flannel nightgown. The night temps have dropped into the low 60's - high 50's and it's been wonderful sleeping weather. 

The county fair begins tomorrow and on Thursday I'll demonstrate churning butter. I'm going across the mountains to Rural Retreat and buy pasteurized cream from Duchess Dairy and their Jersey cows. Jersey cows have a milk fat content of about 18% 
When I was younger and visiting/staying with Aunt Bonnie, she taught me how to milk. It's not for those with weak hands; milking takes body strength but the results are well worth it. All my life I've helped or have churned raw milk but, for the fair, I'm churning pasteurized cream. When dealing with the public, it's best to be on the safe side...not that I'm giving up any of the butter, mind you. This year I'm buying the cream out of my own pocket and am bringing home the butter and buttermilk. Faith, and Becky, her sister, are helping me and they're being paid in butter but the rest is mine. 

Last year several people came to me and wanted to buy butter but it's against the law for me to sell it. Also, several wanted to buy my churn and were rather put out when I said, "Not for sale". Actually, some folks got downright rude when told, "This is my heritage and it's not for sale at any price." One person told me, "Everything has a price" and my reply was, "Maybe so but you can't afford it." yeouch! I'm not sure but don't think they enjoyed my response quite as much as I enjoyed giving it -grin-.
~ white tail deer ~
We've having a Senatorial election here in southwest VA. Seems the Dem who was in that position gave it up because his lawyer daughter of some eight years of lawyering was appointed a judge. One of them had to give up their job and the Senator decided it was him. There was a big ruckous when Daddy was offered a $100,000.00+ a year job...which he turned down because those ugly words "political graft" were mentioned along with an FBI investigation and the now former Senator decided to "pursue other options". The job he turned down was with The Tobacco Commission which was funded with $1,000,000,000.00, ummm, that's ONE BILLION tax payer DOLLAR$ and Commission positions are coveted, highly coveted. I mean, it's a lot of dough re me for doing little a nothing except tending meetings and handing out more taxpayer money to favored friends. 

Anyway, there are three men running...Mike Hymes, Democrat, Tazewell's favored son, Ben Chafin, Republican, Russell County's favored son and Independent Rick Mullins of Dickenson County. It's a terrifically important race because the Dems are in power in VA and should Mr. Chafin or Mr. Mullins win, it will skew the weight over to  the Republican side. Mike works in the coal industry, is a Board of Supervisor member for my district and he's a good man. As they say, "He's not from around here" but he's done himself proud during the time he's lived in Tazewell County. Mike did an interview where he wants stronger gun control and that seems to fly in the face of the Second Amendment, which, as a strong Constitutionalist, it bothers me a lot, but, other than that, I believe him to be a good man.

Mr. Chafin is a lawyer and the state current legislator for his district but I don't know him personally. I know his family and have worshiped in the evangelical church he and his family worship; they have a fine worship service and preacher. As a youngster, Mr. Chafin worked his Daddy's tobacco farm, something I've done as a teen on my uncle's tobacco farm. Working tobacco is a hot, stinky job (especially in central VA!) and my hat is off to anyone who has worked tobacco. Something else he and I have in common, we were the first in our family to be graduated from college, or in my case, university. A proud accomplishment! However, when I visited Mr. Chafin's website, I was dismayed to see southwest Virginia represented...minus Tazewell County.  
~ Izzabella and DandyMan ~
Mr. Mullins' Daddy was put into a wheel chair at age 28 when a coal mining accident happened. Mr. Mullins comes from a coal mining family and that's near and dear to my heart; bet you didn't know I'm a coal miner's daughter, grand-daughter, great grand-daughter and back it goes. My Daddy's people came to this country from Wales, where they were coal miners, and made their way to West Virginia where they went back into the mines. Mr. Mullins is a self-made man; he owns a funeral home, medical equipment rentals business, ambulance service and farm. He's also the owner of The Virginia Undertaker, a speed racking horse who has won two World Grand Championships and a slew of other championships. Aren't most self-made men hustlers and go-getters? Mr. Mullins is no exception to that statement!

When people ask for my vote, I have 4 questions I ask them:

1. Are you a born again Christian? 
2. What's your stand on abortion?
3. What's your stand on homosexual marriage?
4. Would you uphold the Constitution of the USA with your life, if need be?

As you might well imagine, I've heard a lot of waffling and you might say I have no right asking those questions. You're wrong. I have every right to ask those questions and further, to base my vote on the answers I receive. As a Christian, it is imperative for me to vote Biblically...not politically.  My view is not a World View, it is a Biblical View and my opinions count for naught; when I want an answer, I turn to the Bible to see what it says because that's what the Bible tells us to do; as a Christian (if you are a Christian) that's what you should be doing. God isn't impressed with my opinion and He's not impressed with your opinion; God is impressed with y/our desire to know His word and do what His word admonishes. Each of us, Christian or not, will stand at His throne on Judgement Day and, based on our response to His questions, we'll go to heaven or hell. 

Frankly, I don't think a man or woman should hold any elected office, but especially at a state and federal level, unless they've served in the military. I don't believe a man or a woman can fully understand what it means to serve unless they've first served in the military. There are too many men and women in elected office who think it's their right to be there. It is not their right; it is a privilege but some have forgotten they are employees of the people. Some of those elected officials treat We, the people like something to be scraped off their shoe. So, if you're a Christian, start asking hard questions of people who want your vote. Your vote is a precious privilege; men and women have died so you can vote so vote and vote wisely. Don't use that sad, sorry excuse, "Well, they're all rascals so what does it matter if I vote?" IT MATTERS! 

So, if you're still deserve a cold beverage. If you differ, you're invited to, politely, state your opinion and we'll have a civil discourse. 

Blessings ~ voting ~ American Curly horses ~ white tail deer ~ Patrice ~ unicorns ~ rescued animals ~


  1. I have just one memory about Sky King, apart from the plane...NABISCO! In my mind, Nabisco, the sponsor, became permanently associated with planes!

  2. Congrats on the hay all things come to those who wait I suppose is true:)
    Churning butter at the fair oh yes I would love to watch you do that.
    Coal miners daughter so you have seen what hard work does and does not do. I long line of hard workers I am proud of my hard working ancestors too.
    Take care and be careful packing all things come:) Hug B

  3. I remember Sky King, also Rin Tin Tin, Circus Boy, westerns, Andy of Mayberry, My Three Sons, Father Knows Best, and more.

    I bet your churned butter is delicious!

    Have a nice weekend. Your weather sounds wonderful!!


  4. Oh yes, I remember Sky King. Like you, we aren't TV folk but I do like the Andy Griffith re-runs from the library!

    I have to comment too, about your butter churn. Good for you for demoing, but it's really a sad state of affairs when folks think that money will get them whatever they want, and then to be rude about it when they don't get their way! I've long maintained that money is a poor standard of value for many things. Your churn is a case in point.

    As far as voting, I so agree we should not be voting politically. Politics has become a huge competitive sport, having nothing to do with the state of the nation or the good of the people, and everything about beating the other side. Pathetic. But then, I doubt very many people have a moral standard for anything anymore. Good for you Sandra for sticking with yours. (And I'll take a peach smoothie for my cold beverage of choice. :)

  5. What an interesting post! We were driving through Virginia a couple of weeks ago and you live in beautiful country! I'm with you on forget the treat, give me a meal anytime! That is so cool that you can make butter!

  6. I love your ZEST and wish I was at the county fair to watch you churning butter. Loved your reply to . . . everything has a price . . ."
    Churn away and enjoy . . .

  7. My grandfather worked for the coal mine in Stone, KY.

    My grandmother grew up on the farm that was a land grant from the king to our family. They grew tobacco.

    My family still lives in TX, they noticed the change with border illegals last fall. Took the media awhile to catch up.

    Wish it were me, able to buy your farm. Just the thought melts my ...everything !

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  8. I agree with you about serving in the military first.
    I also think it needs to be someone who then has become a very successful CEO and understands business and finance quite well. And how important trickle down economics is.
    That combination would probably give us someone who was capable of knowing what needed to be done.

    Very smart of you to be getting your home ready to sell before you put it and the farm on the market.
    Your farm sounds like it is a wonderful place, and your kind heart with animals must have also brought some wonderful energy to your land.

  9. I agree with you about serving in the military first.
    I also think it needs to be someone who then has become a very successful CEO and understands business and finance quite well. And how important trickle down economics is.
    That combination would probably give us someone who was capable of knowing what needed to be done.

    Very smart of you to be getting your home ready to sell before you put it and the farm on the market.
    Your farm sounds like it is a wonderful place, and your kind heart with animals must have also brought some wonderful energy to your land.

  10. I'm still reading and will skip political talk and tell you how much I love reading about farm life. It seems like a lot of hay to me... (o: my husband does all of our paperwork, it is a goal of mine to learn more...our dog Bugsy is a rescue...I love Andy Griffith!

  11. I was actually having my cold beverage WHILE reading so I am fine, lol! :)

  12. I'm glad you are going to churn at the fair! Way to go, getting all that packing done, Sandra!

  13. Amen! I agree with your statement. God isn't impressed with opinions but with our desire to know his word and how we obey it. Love your blog and I am always uplifted by your boldness. I pray for that boldness in the Holy Spirit. Thank you for sharing life with us. Julie

  14. I wholeheartedly agree about serving in the military - what in the world can someone know how to make decisions unless they have been there.

    As far as the bible, I hate to admit that I don't read as much as I should. But, I feel my faith in our blessed Lord has saved me from myself many times.

    I no longer watch much tv at all, and do love all the programs that have been mentioned. My oldest brother and I, when kids, loved going to the Saturday matinee watching all the cowboy movies. In fact, one time we watched two of them to the point that when we walked outside I fainted right then and there. :)

    Bless you, Sandra. I wish you God's blessings on the sale of your place.


  15. I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding serving in the military before taking office.

    I am not a religious person in the biblical sense, although I am spiritual and believe in doing right by and having respect for my fellow man and the beloved creatures and planet that sustain us. For me, there are too many hypocracies in organized religion, too much separation encouraged, too many different beliefs, too much self righteous attitude that one specific set of beliefs is the only correct belief. This is especially true of the religion I was raised in. And for that reason I don't believe any one religion should regulate the way a country is run. I believe in the separation of government and religion. So to use it as the decision making tool in my vote and who will get it ... it's just not a factor when I choose a candidate. What is a factor is if I believe that individual truly has the well being of the country as a whole on their agenda. If their ideas are sound, if they are capable of working across the table, of seeing both sides of an issue, of debating without malice. I will also admit in recent times I have been wrong in my assessment (sigh). But it had nothing to do with religion.

    I know you feel differently and I respect your view and your right to express it. I am not saying my way of seeing these issues is the correct way, it's what works for me.


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