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Saturday, July 12, 2014

This Magic Moment

~ the view from my window, this magic moment ~

Did you notice the header photo changed? It's such a beautiful scene I wanted to show it again...go ahead, drink in all that wonderful beauty. Take huge gulps until you're sated, filled to overflowing with the wonder of God's holy creation. Marsha, aka Splendarosa, asked, "How can you bear to leave?" The answer is, "I can't but it's a different season of life now and needs are being dictated by age and the desire to be closer to family. I want to serve a huge meal with parents, siblings, nephews and their families gathered around. I want to be a Titus woman to my family and want to use my remaining days more wisely than they are now being used. And, truth be known, I want to be closer to creature comforts like museums, theatre, opera, restaurants, book stores, etc. When Dave was alive, he was my family and our lives were filled to overflowing with each other so those "creature comforts" weren't missed. Besides, we traveled often and to far flung places and it seemed we'd return from one trip only for him to say, "Where would you like to go next?"

So, until I move, I drink deeply from the stellar views surrounding me, take lots of photos and enjoy this magic moment

What Passes For Entertainment Around Here

Across the road there's an alfalfa field that has always proved too tempting for cattle. One reason it's easily accessible are the fences...or what passes for fences. Last week, a cow went through the fence and was hastily followed by a lot of friends and, I assume, some family. As they all look alike, Black Angus, it's a pretty safe assumption, don't you agree? Anyway, late Thursday afternoon, someone pulls up in a farm vehicle, opens the gates, dumps minerals and salt on the other side, then rounds up and pushes the cattle through. By 9 p.m. that same night, the cattle returned and were grazing in the field.  And who said animals are dumb?

This morning, four drivers showed up, including a small car, and they all proceeded to round up the cattle. I should mention the cattle don't belong to the owner of this field and for most of the 19+ years I've lived here, this scene has played out time and time and time and time...again. Often, I've wondered why not repair the break in the fence but hey! what do I know, I'm only a "hobby farmer".  This morning, after the cattle were pushed into "their" pasture and the gate closed, I heard the pounding of a hammer. It seems someone (finally!) decided to fix, or at least jury rig, the fence but my money is on the cattle...I give 'em until dark to make their way back into the alfalfa pasture.

Remember Levi Lilly? He's the kitten, here and here, rescued from the barn owls and has grown into a sleek, handsome boy. He's also a murderer killer and likes to hunt for his meals which is totally unnecessary as he's never hungry. Cat food is always available, set out away from the dogs, so Levi is hunting from instinct and not survival. In this photo, he looked up from a warm morning meal and is letting me know is not the best time for a photo op.

Of an early morning, I've been deer watching. In and of itself, that's a wonder because the deer are anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 mile, or more, away. The photos are a bit fuzzy but this little fawn has been romping around Mother, wandering further and further afield but never too far for Mother not to have him/her in sight. 

This buck or stag, as they're called other places, was in the back pasture. He's a fine specimen and I hope he's able to successfully hide come hunting season. I've never understood the desire to have a deer head with antlers hanging on the way...and I come for a family of hunters! The men folk in my family have, mostly, hunted for food and that I understand but trophy hunting...not so much. 

Speaking of's time to return. Last November I was in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and thoroughly enjoyed those weeks. It was quiet in Northern Ireland but The Troubles are threatening to flare up again and that's something else that totally befuddles we use our religion to hurt others by trying to force them to comply with our ideology. Somehow I find it very difficult to see Jesus in people me when that happens.

Lately, I've been thinking of a return European visit, perhaps eastern Europe this time. I adore Budapest and the Hotel Thermia Palace in Piestany, Slovakia is my favorite among all spas. 

So! On July 18-25 I'm going to Europe; want to come with me? I haven't decided where but it's going to be with Anita at Castles, Crowns and Cottages and is entitled 

Europe: Simply Irresistible Link Party.

It might be one of the places already mentioned or it might be London or Corsica or Florence or Barcelona or Tiblisi or Yerevan or Hipat Monastery or... hmmmm. Me thinks it's time to take a whirl around my photos in order to begin working on my contribution.

Make sure you return on July 18; until then, it's a secret but it's sure to be another magic moment...

Blessings ~ travel ~ Europe ~ stag and fawn ~ Hotel Thermia Palace ~ Anita ~ Castles, Crowns and Cottages ~ 


  1. Anonymous2:54 PM EDT

    Magnificent view of your farm. I totally "get" why you are moving; been at that point myself. Levi has surely grown! Doesn't mind giving you a piece of his mind, either!!! I saw twin fawns in our neighbor's yard last week. So very sweet. Wishing you many blessings this weekend.

  2. Fun travels, Sandra! I think you will love living by family again. I admire you for wanting to serve them and be there for them.

  3. Thank you, Thistle, for this explanation of your new aims.

    The header-photo is phantastic! Your farm looks phantastic, too!

    I wish you a very fine and inspirating and happy and healthy trip to Europe!. Who is looking after your animals in this time? I think, you have very good friends, who will do this in a good, right way.

    I also cannot understand people hunting animals just for fun or collecting pieces of them.

  4. Have a good trip, are you going by yourself?

  5. The farm and the views are so fantastic. You and Dave made a real home from the rubble that once was there. I can understand how it's time to move on. It's a personal journey you must make. When it's time, the Lord will open the doors, and nothing will stand in the way.

    Yeah, I don't get the fighting over religion either. Disagreements are one thing, but my philosophy is after witnessing to someone with the truth of salvation by Grace, if it's not accepted, live and let live. The muslims don't believe or teach that. That evil "religion" has made the world a very dangerous place. Fascism is becoming rampant again too. Do be careful in the travels.

    God bless. ~:)

  6. Wonderful views.
    My stray cats also have food available at all times, but I tell them I appreciate when they do work for their keep.

    Thanks for sharing the news about the party.
    I have never been anywhere, but I'll stop back and live vicariously through the posters.

  7. I find myself doing the same thing; drinking in the green woods and meadows around my home. You never know how long it will last. I think you are moving for many good reasons. I understand completely. If only I could get all my kids in one place!
    Your European trip is a virtual one? I'm not sure I understand how it works, but have fun! :)

  8. Yes leaving some wonderful things to go to other wonderful times/people/places- not all bad. I'm thoroughly enjoying my new life - well not thoroughly since I've aggravated my damaged left knee with all the lifting and moving - one would think we were in our frisky forties instead of sedate sixties! Europe in mid summer - weather is changeable and so is exchange rate! Looking forward to your pics and I don't begrudge Lily cat the hunting - for such a time as this (when rodents appear) cats are born!

  9. BTW I understand the European visit to be a virtual trip - am I correct? I'm doing a virtual walking tour of Switzerland with the pedometer site of which I'm a member.

  10. You have a wonderful outlook on life and know where you are in life. I wish I could pop over into Europe. Perhaps some day I will be able to go there again. Blessings to you. Once again your header is gorgeous!!!

  11. Dear Sandra ~ Such spectacular views you are blessed with. I can understand it being hard to leave, and your desire to move closer to your family and other things.

    Your 'trip' sounds interesting. It makes me think of boxes of slides that I have from our 3 years living in Spain, and our European 60 day trip to 11 countries by Eurail. That trip was in 1973, we were oh so much younger then. :-)

    Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  12. Beautiful view from your window!

  13. Oh yes my friend-- I totally get it-- your reasons for wanting and needing to move. No other words needed-- understood.

    I'm very excited for your upcoming trip- I hope you have a wonderful time.. You are so blessed to have these opportunities. Take lots of photos to share with us!
    Love, love

  14. Ps-- gotta love the cow story. My money is on the cows too!

  15. Oh, so so beautiful!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my place and your lovely comment. Blessings on your new adventure and may He keep you safe and may you experience and drink in His majesty wherever you go!

  16. Sandra - I haven't visited in such a long time. But, when I read that you'll be leaving the home that you and Dave shared; I wanted to wish you well. I certainly understand. And, I pray that when it happens, you'll be as happy there as you've been here.

    God bless you.

  17. Dear Sandra, So many changes in your life-I've had a hard time keeping up with my blogging friends but so glad I read this post. I'm excited that you will be starting a new season, in a new home. I wonder if you'll sell your livestock; surely you'll take your pets/dog with you. How in the world did I miss your Ireland trip? You may recall I am 100% Irish-all my grands came over from the old country. Never been there but am hoping to get there in the next year or so. My roots are in the south but my love for Jesus ties me to the north. I hope you have a wonderful trip to Europe and can't wait til you get back to hear about it.
    Hugs and blessings,


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