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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This Life is Urgent

"One must have the capacity for happiness
 in order to be fully aware of its absence."
~ C. S. Lewis ~

Blessings ~ our 19th wedding anniversary ~ 


  1. May your heart be filled with beautiful, loving memories on this day of your anniversary.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Prayers for you. I know Dave loved you with all his heart and is watching over you always. My heart aches for you and rejoices in the love and happiness you two shared.

  3. May God comfort you in your grief.

  4. May memories of your days together help sustain you on your journey. Know that you're in the thoughts and prayers of those who love and admire you. Hugs across the miles, dear friend.

  5. Congratulations on your 19th Anniversary, and many more!

  6. Lovely quote, and a bitter sweet and sad time for you I would imagine-hugs to you.

  7. Congrats to your anniversary - so great to have someone dear to share your life with! Have a fantastic week ahead!

  8. Sending you a BIG ((HUG)). My thoughts and prayers are with you. That is a lovely quote.

  9. God bless you, sweetie. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  10. We go through a dark night, the night of faith. The mystics say, the dark night ist very hard to bear. It is the night before the soul will be connected with God, her Lover. The dark night is the only way to find HIM. We have to forget all, what we know and then God will fill it up with HIMSELF.

    I am so sorry about Dave.

  11. I pray that God is comforting you right now. Bless you my friend.
    (I do apologize for missing this earlier. Gotta mini-drama going on here but you are present in my thoughts not matter what's happening in our lives.)

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  14. Loneliness and loss, memories of what was, and what isn't, are very painful.
    My enormous empathy.
    Sending hugs and gentle thoughts.

  15. hugs, prayers of blessings, tender thoughts, peace along your most difficult journey.

  16. Hi Sandra,

    May your Anniversary be blessed with Beautiful Memories of you and Dave's life together ..

    The older I grow the more I realize that life is not so long even if lived into old age.

    We must grasp every moment and find joy in the life that God has given us. Although that's not always easy.

    Have a Beautiful and Blessed week
    With much Love

  17. Lovely quote . . . may memories "gift" you with joy and love . . .

  18. Wishing you lot's of good memories, that's something you can't lose. Cherish them. Sending you a loving hug Darling. I know what you are going through.

  19. What memories must be flooding through your mind. Hopefully lots of smiles and laughter through the tears, reminders of a life well lived. Praying for you.

  20. How I wish your Dave was still here for this special 19th anniversary. I hope you found a way to celebrate his love for you, that lightened your load and honored each of these years.

    Sending love and prayers from Chicago, dear Sandra.


  21. As you walk through your journey may you be blessed by sweet memories, a heart filled with love from being loved. For in the end I know you will be together again.

  22. Blessings to you Sandra. May our Lord wrap His loving arms around you and comfort you during this time. May beautiful memories sustain you, and hope fill your heart as you know you will see your loved one again, where there is no more pain.

  23. Rainey, thank you.

    Mary, glad to see you've got this comment thing figured out -smile!

    Mildred, thank you.

    Donna, thank you so much. Just when it seems things are better, along comes a date that reminds me of the loss.

    Nancy, thank you but I'm afraid the anniversaries are ended when Dave died in 11/11.

    Lynn, when it seems to get better, another date comes along and wham! Maybe not back to square one but back, nonetheless.

    Martina, it was indeed!

    Debby, it seems Jack Lewis has the best quotes for all of life's adventures.

    Donna, thank you

    Grace, thank you

    Dori, thank you and you're right...God will fill the emptiness with HIMSELF. when we get to heaven, it will be all about Jesus and God; having Dave there comforts me now but heaven is all about the Father and Son.

    thanks, Annie, I need them all.

    Sara, you're so right, life isn't long and, when lived well, is too short indeed!

    Lynn, memories and photos are SO important; in the end, that's all we have.

    Yvonne, thank I told Lynne, memories and photos are all that's left.

    You're so right...a life well lived!

    Glenda, thank you...

    it's a daily thing and, some days, more daily than others.

    Deborah, thank you and, like I've written above, memories and photos are all that's left but when it's a life well lived, hopefully, it's enough.

    Never apologize to me, Pam; life is like a tornado sometimes and all we can do is hang on and pray. I keep thinking it's going to get easier and then a "date" comes along and I'm slain, all over again.

  24. awww. happy belated anniversary. :)

  25. oh, i just read on your sidebar that your husband has passed. i am sorry.


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