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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Rhythm or Arrhythmia...?

~ wise man, wise words ~
Rhythm or arrhythmia is the question of the day. I am most fortunate because my days are spent doing those things of my choosing. Granted, it's mostly work, in fact, the overwhelming majority of my day is spent in work's work of my choosing, so I am blessed. I don't intend to ever retire and, when my time comes, want to die doing something useful in being of service to God.

Some days Rarely are my days spent thusly:

"I meant to do my work today ~ 
But a brown bird sang in the apple tree,
And a butterfly flitted across the field,
And all the leaves were calling me.
And the wind went sighing over the land,
   Tossing the grasses to and fro,
And a rainbow held out its shining hand—
   So what could I do but laugh and go?"
Even when I'm outside, enjoying the bounty of God's nature, I'm working...chopping thistles, mucking the barn, repairing fence, water proofing the porches, sweeping, checking the livestock water troughs, but always, always enjoying the weather, scenery, voices of birds, horses, sheep (neighbor's), cattle and wind. There is a rhythm to my days and, like most, I am a creature of habit. The night before going to bed I check my lists, cross off that which was accomplished, write in what needs to be done the next day. My very early mornings are dedicated to needs of house animals, then coffee for me, followed by devotions and a walk to the barn to tend to farm animals. After, I check e-mail, various businesses and then begin my real work...whatever that is -smile-.
A few days ago, I began mowing the pasture between the house and the hay field. This pasture has some steepness to it and wasn't long before my nerve left me and I called Andy. He's my help from last year but, this year, has been helping the neighbor down the road. He said he'd be here one day after work and today was the day. He showed up while I was across the mountain buying diesel for the tractor; I didn't want him to run out! Andy drives like he was born in that tractor seat, as do I when on flat ground -smile- but on hills, I'm frightened of turning over. I've known, or heard of, a few farming accidents already this year and don't want to be yet another statistic.
This week's housework is limited to shampooing rugs. Faith shampooed 9 yesterday and another 4 today; tomorrow we're going to begin taking out the rest of the Persian rugs for cleaning. My brother said, "You know you're Appalachian when you have rugs hanging on the fence." Some might look askance (perhaps even Dave) but the sun both dries and disinfects while letting them dry inside on the floor means they'll take days to dry. That's stupid and I hadn't bothered to consider what the neighbors might think until my brother brought it up. I mean, surely the neighbors have better things to worry/wonder/talk about.
Remember the tomatoes of last week? I canned 39.5 quarts of tomatoes and 9 pints plus 1 quart of sauce. I gave away 7 quarts to the woman who gave me the tomatoes and still have plenty for winter. I've already dipped into the spaghetti sauce and, frankly, if I get tired of spaghetti, it'll make dandy Bloody Mary mix, with or without alcohol.
Coming home I saw several deer, including this one being chased by the other. Not sure what that was all about, territory I suppose, but they were serious.
Eventually, the one being chased dropped over the hill and began wading in the creek. It was only there safety was found.
About a quarter mile away, this doe and her fawn grazed along the fence line. When she heard my car stop, she turned and watched me until they walked deeper into the grass.

There's a rhythm to my days that Dave would have called, "full of ennui" but I prefer to call "full of languor", that pleasant feeling of tiredness that comes from doing work I love. The children are no longer staying here and that's a good thing...for all of us. The time opened up by them leaving took as long as putting my hand in a pail of water and seeing the resulting space empty then fill...iow, not very long at all. There's always work.

I live a slow life; I am pleased to live a slow life and it's by choice. Dave and I lived slowly; we savored what we were able to do here on this farm. When we traveled, we traveled slowly and rented apartments or condos where locals lives. Hardly ever did we stay in a hotel...except for that memorable time when we stayed in the Hotel George in Kensington (his favorite section to stay), London. We'd been on a trip to Morocco, camped in the desert with the Bedouins and Blue Men or Tuareg people , visited a Berber village and Dave wanted civilization, with a capital C. So, he booked us at Hotel George and it was fabulous! What I remember most were the breakfasts...lush, extravagant, hot tea, scones, fruit, omelets made to order...ahhhhh... Breakfast has always been my favorite meal and I've always enjoyed a huge breakfast. When I've had a good breakfast, I can go the rest of the day, until supper, and not flag; well, not flag too much. Dave wanted to sleep in good beds with clean sheets, have a hot shower of indeterminate length, go to theatre (we saw Wicked) and, in general, have too much of a very good thing.

Einstein was a smart man but he never knew Dave.

Yes, I am a blessed woman; my life has been full of love, laughter, travel, good food and all those things that make memories worth remembering. Lately, grief has visited and it's been difficult but remembering good times and praying, a lot, has made it easier. I even dreamed about Dave; we were in an airport, somewhere, and he was trying to figure out our flights. Usually dreams are strange, disjointed and this was no exception. In the dream he went ahead, leaving me in the terminal while he "sorted this out, wait here for me". 

I'm still waiting, Dave.

Blessings ~ travel ~ interesting countries ~ K&K Hotel George ~ Kensington ~ London ~ Morocco ~ Dave, always Dave ~


  1. I love the phrase, "full of languor",and what it means.... "that pleasant feeling of tiredness that comes from doing work I love". I am going to remember describes me and why I love staying busy...I love being outside during the warm long days...I know many would think I am crazy but I prefer the heat, sweat, garden and flowers of the outdoors.. I love to mow!! You are ahead of me.. 39.5 quarts of tomatoes.. That is great..I am so sorry for the grief you have been experiencing.. It would be a difficult thing to loose one you have enjoyed so much with..I am so glad to hear that prayer is a help to you.. it is a powerful thing to have conversation with a almighty God.. Have a great week. enjoy your labor.. Blessings!

  2. I imagine the sorting and packing has brought back many memories; that, along with the waiting weighs heavily on you. I do remember you daily in prayer.
    Glad you have someone to help you with the mowing. I wish you a good night's sleep.

  3. Hello Sandra:

    What you describe here as the 'rhythm' of your life coveys so well a picture of your days spent working but mainly, and hopefully, at the things which you enjoy doing and which, in their own ways, bring you rich rewards.

    However, we should like to think that there will come a time which will afford you a little more in the way of relaxation and perhaps, on occasion, more choice with your time.

    Love and fond memories as always.

  4. Creative writing is one of your gifts . . .
    There are many . . .
    Sweet dreams Sandra . . .

  5. Hi Sandra,

    Your daily chores and how you take them are awesome. Your writings are so "Inspirational" I love reading and thinking of you! I know Dave is watching over you with "Blessings" for you!
    The hay fields here are also being moved for another crop in and gardens are growing good, we have had so much rain. I am still just trying to plant my lavender, very late but it was on sale.
    Your rugs are fabulous, I adore seeing the clotheslines in use here for clothes and many have planted grapes on them.
    Hard to believe summer is here and going to be gone soon enough. We had a really cold winter and I hope better this year.
    It is good you have help for the farm, enjoying the animals and why you are there is a memory.
    And you are also worldly, I have only been to Canada! We stayed in condominiums usually with timeshares. Also loved traveling USA and living in an RV for a few years.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  6. Dear, dear Sandra ~ I love the way you write, and reading what you write. Wisdom, wit, life, love, laughter, beauty and work.

    I laughed right out loud with this line ~ "I'm still waiting, Dave."

    We will be reunited one day, no more waiting.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  7. Beautiful beautiful remind me that my days are still quite wonderful even as I slow down..I needed that today Sandra! xo E

  8. Incredible post, Sandra. Love, Love, Love it. , I think I tend toward the guy in the poem at the beginning. Not much structure now that the kids are gone. So much free time, I have no problem filling it, but don't know if what I do would constitute work. Although I do seem to look around and see productivity. My garden is thriving. My house is fairly clean. My paperwork caught up. Fresh food in the fridge. I do like to putt - and there is that reading that captivates me.

    Anyway, going back to read this again. So enjoyed it. Thank you.

  9. Thinking of you Sandra and wishing you blessings...sorry you've had some sadness lately. Hugs!

  10. Are you really sure you want to leave? Gosh, the farm sounds like Paradise to me. I'd live there in a New York Minute if I was about 40 years younger. You know, before everything started to hurt. *grin*

    I wish I could take away the pain of temporary separation for you too. If I had that power, I'd do that in a New York Minute too. I mean that. I pray that you'll have a good day anyway. Hope you hear good news about finding a buyer soon. ~:)

  11. Yes, I have those funny dreams where my Bob pops in. My dreams have always been kind of weird and disjointed. In one he was trying to get our two granddaughters ready to go somewhere with him, but then he walked out the door and drove off without them. He loved them so much and didn't want to leave them in real life. But we don't always have control over when we leave our loved ones. I rejoice knowing that he is in a glorious place with his Savior. God will keep him safe until we are all reunited. God bless you, Sandra. :)

  12. Glad you have some help with your mowing. Your "slow" life sounds so satisfying, but not sure I'd call it slow, sounds like you're busy. But I know what you mean about doing satisfying work that is meaningful, it is not as exhausting as work that you don't like. Blessings to you, I still have you on my prayer list.

  13. Your banner picture is Summer with a capital S :)

    I know what you mean about doing all the time but doing what you want to be doing. Tiring, of course, but it's a better kind of tired, I think.

    I admire your carpets on the fence! Good gracious, it would never occur to me to think anything about someone hanging their carpets over a fence, except maybe, "I ought to get on home and do some housecleaning!"

  14. Sandra, this post is achingly beautiful, full of tenderness. Thank you for posting on my blog because now I have found your blog. It is a treasure! In my heart, I am a farmer but alas, life didn't turn out quite that way. I will be reading your blog now.
    I will be staying for a week at Sunset Beach, NC in September. It would be wonderful to meet you.

  15. Ennui? - not you.
    I do love that dream. Very sweet.

  16. Your love for Dave isn't limited to time or space. It is.
    You're a good worker, Sandra. You're healthy and strong. Meeting Jesus in the morning like you do, fills you with fuel.

  17. So much to think about in this post. You've done a lovely job of capturing the detail and the feeling of your life.
    I began my blog as a way to help me deal with the changes and emotions of selling our home in Louisiana. I imagine that continuing your blog will be cathartic for you as you prepare to make changes.
    Dave was a lucky man.... he'll be waiting too!

  18. Your life is busy and blessed. I am sure that Dave's spirit is with you. Hold dear those precious memories until you are reunited. ((((Hugs)))

  19. What a gifted life!

  20. no wonder - Mr. Albert Einstein was a genius. that is a great quote. i am writing that down now. so perfect!! thank you for sharing. ( :

  21. I enjoyed reading about your days. I thought of Gladys Taber when I read it.

  22. I hadn't read this post, until you mentioned in in a comment on my blog. I loved reading it.....I love that your days are slow, and full of work that you love. Yes, that's exactly what I want, and what I need.

  23. Your dream made me heave, a split-second before the tears came. Oh, Sandra! ♥

  24. I like breakfast best too, and always have it, at least eggs, toast, relish, hot tea, OJ.
    When I was driving away from your place, down a narrow lane in the valley, a deer came slowly out into the road from the left and trotted along in front of me as if to lead me along. After about a minute, he drifted back to the right and into the brush. So funny :)
    In myself, I prefer to have only my own schedule, my own things to do, but family activities dictate (or rather interrupts) my doings each day and throw things off. Even right now, I can hardly type b/c my husband and son are talking, and their conversation confuses my brain as I type! I prefer a slow, quiet day, as you do. I love a day when my planned activities occur slowly, easily.
    Nothing wrong with rugs on the line -- they are beautiful, aren't they? How are they uglier on the line than on the floor? It simply shows that you clean them. Would people rather that you not clean them? Silly. I think they look lovely in a new setting, against the green of the trees and grass.


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