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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Make Mine Real

When someone gives you a bag of lemons, you make lemonade...right? This wasn't how I was taught to make lemonade but this is how a lazy woman, short on time and long on hand pain makes lemonade. Everything I do requires hand, wrist and arm strength and my hands, etc. take a daily beating. Anything I can do to circumvent or alleviate pain, I do and, sometimes, that means wearing wrist/hand supports on both hands. Truly attractive...not but, a lot of days, so very necessary. 

All the lemons were washed before being cut into quarters. In smallish batches, they were piled into a blender along with a couple of cups of tap water. My tap water is delicious but if I had to drink city tap water...shudder, gag, choke, cough, sputter...ugh. I'd rather use bottled water because I don't like the taste of bleach and no matter where I go, I can always, but always, taste bleach in city tap water. 

Once the lemons were crushed and chopped they were put into a China man's hat which is what I grew up calling this apparatus. At the thrift store, when I was buying it,  a woman said, "Oh, you've got a ricer." I replied, "Well, I've always called it a China man's hat." She looked like one of those prim sorts who had fallen prey to the PC know the type...pursed lips, disapproving look on her face, looked like she'd been sucking lemons. 

Anyway, I digress. I smiled and said, "I started out calling it a China man's hat and since it's going to live at my house, that's what it'll continue to be called. Her eyes looked like Morse code...blink. blink. blink. blink get the idea. 

The lemon water mixture was pushed and pressed to give up all the juicy goodness collected in the glass bowl beneath.

Each time, all the lemon water mixture was encouraged to give up everything except the bare dregs of lemon peel and rind.

There's a couple of pictures missing...the one where more water was added (to taste), the photo where the lemonade was poured into a big round pitcher; the photo where I made simple syrup. Hmmm. What can I say except ooops.

Simple syrup is in the glass jar on the left while the leftover lemonade is in the milk jug on the right. Simple syrup is a nice, easy way to let everyone sweeten their own drink (lemonade or tea) as much as they want. To make simple syrup I mix 2 cups boiled water with one cup of sugar and stir until dissolved. Keeping it in a glass bottle in the refrigerator means it stays fresh and is an easy pour.

The Aladdin plastic drinking vessel is my new favorite. Although I'm not crazy about drinking from plastic, nor am I crazy about broken glass or condensation. This drinking vessel doesn't sweat or break and, when filled with water several times a day, is one way I trick myself into drinking 64 ounces. 

My lemonade isn't as clear as when the lemons are pressed so their juice is released. My version is also a trifle more tart than the other way but, to my taste buds, it's far superior. There's ever so much more flavor and nary a seed to distract the indulgence.  This lemonade was a rare treat and was served with freshly baked shortbread. I would show a photo of the shortbread but it's gone...all gone.

Lemonade is best consumed with friends and this friend is Mary Katherine, from Through a Glass, Darkly. She and her lovely daughter, Julia, stopped at the farm on their way from somewhere to somewhere else. Did it dawn on me to get a photo of she and her daughter? No and I must admit I'm ashamed to admit it. Julia, please forgive me!

Meeting blogging friends is a blessing and for we Christians, gives a taste of what Glory will be like one day. I know most of we happy Christian bloggers will never meet this side of the veil so when it happens, like this visit, it's joyous indeed. Mary Katherine and Julia, many thanks for making me a stop on the way; thank you for your gift of time.

Blessings ~ fresh lemonade ~ simple syrup ~ Christian sisters ~ blogging friends ~ Mary Katherine ~ Julia ~


  1. Anonymous6:14 PM EDT

    The lemonade looks so good to me! So happy you enjoyed a special visit.
    Your description of the lady at the thrift store tickles me...yes, I know the type!!!

  2. Your lemonade has me hankering for some.I had bought a couple,also oranges,my mom used to combine them both to make a drink,plan on doing that in the next couple of days.So glad you had a nice visit with your blogger friends,Phyllis

  3. It really is a blessing to be part of the blogging world and meet so many nice people. When you get to meet each other in person that truly is a real treat.
    The lemonade sounds like a great way to make a nice glass of a refreshing drink. I like the simple syrup idea too.
    Blessings, Catherine

  4. Great method, but I'm thinking squeezing the juice out had to be tough on your hands. And arms. (I'm thinking you are tougher than me.)

    I get to meet a fellow blogger later this summer while I"m traveling. Can't wait. I feel like I will know her so well.

  5. I used to have a

    China Mans hat just like yours wish I still had it for so many uses. I know what you mean about city water, when daughter's were showing sheep and goats at fairs in 3 different counties we had to put molasses in the water to get them to drink it, raised a few eyebrows when inspectors did their clean pen checks, always had to explain why my girls had "dirty" water in their buckets. Take care, send me some of your cool weather.

  6. I can always, always taste the bleach in city water too. Yuk! Love your lemonade making way. And I like the idea of allowing others to sweeten up their drinks with simple syrup rather than making it all up in one whack.

    What fun to meet MK!

  7. i luv lemonade and this looks delicious.
    So good on a super hot day.
    Blessing to you!

  8. lemonade looks yummy
    I have one of those china
    mans hats what a great
    conversation piece for people who have no clue what they are :)

    wish i knew how to follow as I love your blog

  9. My mouth is watering reading about and looking at your photos of your lemonade.

    I am jealous that you got to meet MK. Wow, how nice that must have been. Love that picture of the two of you. I met one blogging friend about 8 years ago, it was a treat.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  10. I'm going to be visiting with Bennie and Barb tomorrow...I'm sure you will be mentioned! haha :)

    Where will you be relocating...any closer to me?

  11. Well water Lemonade the Thistle Cove Farm way . . .
    I'll be there!
    Looks/Sounds . . . soooooo good!

  12. I wish I was there to enjoy a big tall glass of that cold glass of lemonade with you!! We would get some visitin' done. And if we never meet this side of the Jordan, that's O.K. I know we will meet in heaven. What blessed assurance! Blessings my friend :).

  13. I've never thought about doing that with my lemons and I have a ricer. Not the china man's hat type but it does the same thing. I am going to have to try this. I squeeze lemon in my water everyday!

  14. How fun to make lemonade for a blogging friend. My grandma called your chinaman's hat ... an applesauce maker. It does make great mashed potatoes, too.


  15. Now I need a glass of lemonade! I do have lemons and that may be my treat for tomorrow.

  16. My mouth is watering like Lorraine's! I like the idea of the simple syrup for customizing the sweetness. When I have company next month I will try this!

  17. Not a fan of Lemonade but that does look like an excellent way to make it. I much prefer homemade foods. We try to always refrain from processed. The Chinaman's Hat term must be raaaaacist now. These misguided folks are everywhere. Maybe we should stop calling it the White House? As a proud member of the Pissed Off-English-Irish-French-German-Native American-Libertarians I am deeply offended.
    Luv ~:)

  18. Hi, dear Sandra! We are back home :) I loved that lemonade, and the simple syrup is brilliant :) I want to try that blender method too, but I don't have the "hat" - haha! It was so very lovely to be there with you. My only complaint is that we had so little time. Please give all the animals a greeting and a hug from their Auntie MK. Esp. Sam Spade.


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