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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cove Life

Today was breathtakingly beautiful. The sky reminded me of New Mexico, with wide sweeping vistas, white white clouds and the only sounds were song birds, horses, cattle, sheep, dogs and, rarely, a vehicle going from there to somewhere else. We're so blessed to live here, to be surrounded by the beauty of God's creation and the sounds of His universe. And nothing else. How many people live with so much noise in their lives? How do they stand it? Have they become so immune to noise they don't realize it threatens to drown out His voice? I shudder.

The Eastern bluebirds have been nesting for several weeks and I delight in watching them. Unfortunately, they don't realize I mean no harm and, even though I'm some distance from them, they still dive bomb me.
Here, they bring food to either their young or, most probably, the mother on the nest; I'm not sure because I won't look in the box. Time will tell. Evenings find us on the front porch to relax, enjoy the evening, catch up with each other and drink a glass of wine or port. This has been a tradition for many years and the dogs have always enjoyed the day's end as well. Abbie watches over her kingdom, making sure all is well in her world.
The hummingbirds have been back for a couple of days so today I put out feed for them. We enjoy watching their antics, listening to their chatter and keeping out of their way as they race around the porch. Generally, we'll have half a dozen, perhaps more, by early summer. Today, we have two but anticipate more.The two feeders hang on the front porch and I'm entertaining notions of hanging more. Aunt Esther has half dozen feeders, some are liter soda bottles, and she has three dozen hummingbirds visit her every year. Hmmm...more feeders, more hummng birds...that sounds about right.

On the way into the Cove today, we came upon some horses being moved from pasture to pasture. The older boy, riding bareback, was at the back of the herd while a younger boy was walking at the front of the herd. For a while, all was calm as Dave and I slowed to a crawl to stop traffic from racing up on the lads. As they neared the curve of the road, where you see the curved dirt road in the distance, they came upon another pasture of horses. Mayhem ensured as the horses in the road began racing to and fro, calling out to their kin. The pastured horses raced along the fence line and I was concerned the boy leading the herd would be trampled. He had one horse with bridle and halter but the rest of the horses were loose and excited. The older boy motioned us past so we didn't see "the rest of the story." I do know how timid I am in a herd of horses; after all, they are animals and even when handled daily, can become excited and knock each other about. A small human doesn't stand much chance.
Life in the Cove means seeing something different, yet much the same, daily. No matter how much time we give ourselves to get to town, something can always happen to slow us down and remind us what little control, really, we have over this thing called life. Sheep, horses, cattle moved from pasture to pasture mean we creep and crawl until it's safe to pass or the animals have reached their new pasture. Deer or other wildlife crossing the road mean we slow to allow safe passage, tractors driven on their appointed rounds also cause us to drive more slowly.

Farm time is, I believe, more closely aligned to God's time than any other time. People living in cities or urban areas race by the clock while we move to the seasons. Country people have a rhythm that's dictated by the calendar and, pretty much, we have certain things that need to be done on calendar time, not clock time. I don't get very excited about clock time as there's very little I do that's dictated by the clock. As long as I get to the feed store, post office, library...iow, town, between 8 and 5, Monday through Friday, I'm good to go. Church is always Sunday and every now and again there's something special like a community meeting or supper. Generally, I awaken when it's light and go to bed a couple of hours after dark. Unless, of course, like last night when I drank half a gallon of iced tea during the day and the caffeine kept me awake all hours. -smile-

Because Dave and I choose to keep farm time, we have time for ourselves, for contemplation, reflection and enjoyment of our blessings. My days are spent doing those things that give Dave and I an excellent quality of life - gardening, working in the studio, quilting, knitting, spinning, working the horses and sheep, keeping house, baking, cooking - all things that bring not only good food but also enjoyment and pleasure into our lives. Time is made to write notes and letters, telephone and e-mail family and friends and, yes, enjoy a glass of wine on the front porch.

Blessings ~ farm time ~ Cove life ~ horses ~ birds ~ wine ~ calendar time ~


  1. too cool!!

    so nice to meet you - and right now -
    the grass looks A LOT greener -
    if you kwim!!

  2. What a beautiful blog you have!

    I'm not sure, but I think you have swallows, not bluebirds. I also have both, and the swallows will take over the bluebirds nests. My bluebirds won't divebomb, but the swallows sure do! I can't hardly work anywhere near their nest, so I put a big straw hat on to do any gardening near them!
    I put hummer food out a couple days ago, but so far haven't seen any.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I was thinking the same thing, your bluebirds look like my swallows, but that does not mean they are not bluebirds...we don't see much of our native bluebirds here, but have swallows nesting regularly in the birdhouse in front of our picture window.

    Your days with Dave sound like my days with Jim when he is able to be home...and farm life is most definitely NOT the way the majority of Americans time their day. I cannot remember the many times I have headed to town dressed in skirt and heels to be on time for appointments only to discover a sheep with a stuck baby, or sick farm animal, etc..and have to attend to that, only to be late to my appointment and arrive with manure on my heels and hay in my hair!And my city sisters and friends do not understand and mutter under their breath about my 'lateness'....and the reaction I have is that I might one day decide to NEVER have any town appointments!

  4. Good Morning Anne Marie, thanks for visiting, please come in person -smile-. Doncha love spring when the grass has that touch of yellow? A friend calls it poisen, pisen, green.

    Good Morning Cindy, swallows eh? That sure explains the dive bombing. Last year we had bluebirds so I thought, hoped, we'd have bluebirds again. I'm going to put up more boxes, perhaps the bluebirds will come back. Thanks for visiting, I so enjoyed visiting you!

    Good Morning Kathy, thanks for the tip...swallows not bluebirds. sigh. At least I got the "bird" part correct!
    City folks understand the eating, drinking, clothing part of farming a lot better than the "how it got there" part of farming. The animals ALWAYS come firstm over everything else; farm emergencies come first, last and foremost...always.
    Oh appointments vs. sitting on the porch, glass of iced tea and looking down the valley. Gosh, and people think it's a difficult choice? O My!

  5. I just revisited your blog and was hoping you would please visit my blog too, and maybe share it with your friends. Also, leave a comment on my Mother's Day Give-Away Post to have a chance to win my book.


    Barbara owoh

  6. Anonymous2:56 PM EDT

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know I have a couple of awards for you on my blog....

    Hugs and All My Best!!!

    Just A Gal...


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