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Friday, April 10, 2009

Post Script, April 10

Have you read/heard about the 98 year old Italian woman, buried underneath rubble for thirty hours and rescued yesterday?

Seriously, this is no joke. Recently, there was a terrible earthquake in L'Aquila, Italy, a city of about 70,000. L'Aquila is in central Italy and the name means "the Eagle". It's a college town within medieval walls in the wide valley of the Aterno River and surrounded by the Apennine Mountains.

Marie D'Antuono, age 98!, lay beneath the rubble of her home for thirty hours. Her home was a few miles from the epicentre in the village of Tempera. While waiting to be rescued, she kept her hands, and mind, occupied with crochet. No, make that crochet! After being pulled from the rubble, she answered questions and then, before leaving for hospital, asked for a comb as her hair was a mess.

Yes, I can only imagine! -smile- The Italians have a saying "bella figura" which means, roughly, keeping up appearances. I wonder if Mrs. Bucket could have done as well? Do you get the reference?

Blessings ~ Marie D'Antuono ~ crochet ~ rescue workers ~


  1. Sounds like she has learned to put her hands and mind to good work after almost a century! To think she has survived 2 world wars and an earthquake that brought her house down on her! She could very well live another century so it makes perfect sense for her to keep herself looking fine.

  2. I think so too, Kathy. I bet she prayed a lot while waiting to be rescued.


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