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Friday, April 24, 2009

Fiber Arts Friday Carnival

Mary Martin, Lost Arts Guild member and friend, made this AAAdorable felted sheep. She gave it to me when she came to Sheep Shearing Day and I love it. From the heart on either side to the tiny bell to the tiny, tiny braided nose's Beautiful! Mary has alpacas and shearing day is coming up for her. I've seen alpacas sheared but never Mary's alpacas and am looking forward to visiting in early May.
Above, another felted sweater tea cozy; this one with Mickey Mouse on the upper right hand corner. The felted cut out hearts are being tethered, like balloons, with rickrack. Needless to say, it's a work in progress because I'm still not sure where it's headed.

The back side has stars in the top and the lower piece of tulle is being held in place with sea shells sewn on with yellow thread and different colored beads. The sea turtle is nose to button bearing a yellow star and held in place, again, with colored beads.

The piece needs a lot more work before I'm happy, I'm just not sure of the direction it wants to go. Time will tell. In the meantime, I'm working on baby quilts and have half dozen to finish and get to the babies. I've also got a bed size quilt that needs to be finished by end of April, a couple of pairs of pants to hem and more flowers, apple and other fruit trees and the herb and vegetable gardens to plant.

Thanks to hard work, sunny days and clean air I'm sleeping well these nights.

Blessings ~ friends ~ sheep ~ fiber arts ~ work ~ orchard ~ gardens ~ good sleep ~


  1. Don't you just love those projects that kind of take on a life of their own and guide you ..and don't you love to see where you end up with them?

    A good night's sleep is of more value than I would have ever realized when I was a bit younger!

    Has your home been repaired yet from the damage done by the water?

  2. Good Morning Kathy, life is full of projects...always! A good night's sleep is to be valued as much as a good name, don't you think?
    As to the house...noooo, not yet but we think we're going to get started in a couple of weeks. I'm MORE than ready!

  3. I just love that felted sheep. So rustic and sheepy~

  4. How fantastic! I love how cozy these are.

  5. Awww, the sheep is so cute and looks so soft. What a sweet gift for you.

    Your felted hearts are so cute, too. I'm glad you're just enjoying the process, not sure where your project will carry you. What a fun adventure! ;)


  6. I recognise that sheep - it's an Australian merino!!

  7. I adore your felted tea cozy's. I have the sweaters done but, I have lost my felting needle. It will appear one day. I want to thank you for coming by my blog for It's Etsy Day!
    You may contact the etsy twitterteam at

    Smiles, Cyndi

  8. Hello Emily, thanks for visiting and yes, so sheepy -smile-.

    Hi TexasRed - all sheep are cozy, eh? -smile-

    Hello Lisa, so much adventure in life when we stop, look and listen.

    Hi David - ummmm....I think the Merino are in the back pasture -grin-

    Hi Cyndi - sometimes I use a regular needle, takes longer but still works. I'll check out the etsytwitter much to learn...


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