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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award and freebies

Mandie, Life in the Craft Lane, has the above, free, on her site. She's a talented gal and seeing how it's April 1st, this seems to be appropriate!

One Prim Girl is having a fabulous giveaway and you've got until 15 April to enter and, hopefully, win.

You Can Make This
is giving away a Janome Marie Osmond Quilter's Companion sewing machine. How cool is that?! Hope I win this one...hope you do too!

Now for blog news...

There are those who proudly proclaim their blogs are award free; God love 'em. I'm not one. I get excited over beautiful sunrises or sunsets, kisses from Dave or the animals, the sunshine streaming in through the windows on Sunday morning, a handwritten note from a friend...the list is endless.

Sara of Sweet Magnolia has given me a Kreative Blogger Award; thank you, Sara. According to the rules, I must say seven things I love and then pass along. If you're reading this, please consider yourself a Kreative Blogger. You are appreciated for the heart and artful blogs you keep, for allowing me to enter into your homes, dreams, photos, lives. Thank you so much. Please take the button, put it on your blog and then...pass it along, pay it forward, share the blessing.

Seven things I love ~

1. The Trinity and the Word but especially Salvation

2. My family - Dave, Jim and Gladys Bennett, Steven and Donette Bennett, Stephanie and Walt Townsend, Jerry Wayne Jr. and Dustin Williams,

3. Thistle Cove Farm and all the animals living here - dogs, cats, sheep, horses

4. Friends - near, far and in Blogland

5.Good health in part due to good food prepared well and nourishing to both body and eye

6. the work of hands and hearts that love God

7. Hope...I love to hope and find comfort in my belief God is in control.

Blessings ~ 1 through 7 above ~ giveaways ~ hope ~ Sara ~ good health ~


  1. Hi there Sara gave me this wonderful award as well..:) thanks for stopping by my blog...yours is wonderful as well.I love your photo header..beautiful!! love your farm...and all the yummy goodness that goes with it...

  2. It is obvious you are thankful for all you listed! The 7 things you listed are why I keep reminding you ( not that you need reminding ) that you are very, very rich! Rich in the blessings only God can bestow!

  3. Good Morning Cat Nap Inn Prim, thank you for visiting and for your kind words. Come back often.

    Good Morning Kathy, yes, God blessed me with a thankful heart and I am grateful to Him for all my many blessings. Rich, very, very rich as are we all who have Jesus.

  4. Seven things I love~the Lord's saving grace, my husband,my children, my other family members, my beloved friends that I do not take for granted, all of my senses,my working organs. Life is precious.


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